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Daily Archives: April 26, 2014

Dengan rasminya tutup blog?

Sebenarnya saya saja test market. Sengaja tak menulis dalam jangka masa yang agak lama di blog ni. Saja nak tengok respon kawan-kawan. Saja nak “mogok”…. hahahahaaa…
Ada yang kata saya takdak idea. Saya jawab, tak jugak. Idea ada, tapi dicurahkan di tempat lain.
Ada yang kata, saya makin malas. Maybe. Mungkin sebab saya rasa ada segelintir pihak yang sebelum ni “take things for granted”. Tak semua, tapi ada.
Ada yang tanya, apa dah jadi dengan blog ni? Saya jawab, saja. Saja-saja saya tak update blog. Ni blog saya. Saya punya suka la nak update ke tidak..kan? Heheheeee…
Ada yang mintak saya menulis semula. Saya jawab, insyaAllah…
Ada yang kata kat saya, “tutup blog je lahhhh!”. Saya jawab, ikut suka saya la nak tutup ke nak bukak ke.. heheheheeee…
Ada yang kata, “ikut suka haji laaa”, saya senyum ja bila kawan-kawan kata lagu ni…

Sebenarnya saya memang busy sangat lately. Ada idea, tapi saya salurkan ditempat lain. Saya mungkin malas sikit nak update blog sejak kebelakangan ni sebab letih. Kerja dari pagi sampai tengah malam. Kadang-kadang sampai pagi…
Memang saya saja tak update blog ni. Saja tak update blog sebab tak cukup jari, tak cukup tangan nak menaip sana sini… Tak macam sesetengah blog yang ramai admin. Memang sebelum ni ada yang volunteer tolong update blog, tapi atas beberapa sebab, saya terpaksa tamatkan perkhidmatan depa…
Tutup blog? Mungkin nanti, tapi tidak dalam tempoh 10 tahun akan datang ni…heheheheee…
Hakikatnya? Ikut suka saya la… kan? kan? kan? Heh! Lagi pun saya tak kejar “hits”, saya tak kejar ranking, saya tak kejar glamour dan saya bukan blogger upahan mana-mana pihak. Semuanya ikut suka saya la nak tulis atau tidak…
Tapi jangan risau. As promised, saya akan tetap menulis jugak. Dan yang paling penting, blog saya ni menolak sebarang bentuk fitnah, cerita tipu, bohong dan seumpamanya. Kalau ada silap, boleh tegur dengan niat membina dan secara sihat… saya sanggup mohon maaf kalau saya silap atau salah.. no problem.. 
Yang penting, tulis demi ibadah. Demi Islam, Melayu dan Tanah Melayu… itu tidak pernah berubah dari dalam hati saya… okay? Sampai ketemu lagi.. wassalam semua…adiossss…

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Assalamualaikum and greetings to all readers..As promised (albeit late), here the next chapter of my ‘Jerejak’ series. As usual, many many thanks to ‘tenagakuda’ for helping improving the story.

Oh yes, for those who haven’t read the “Manusia Harimau” novel by author S.B Chandra, you may download my softcopy collection  by clicking HERE.

Also, the following are the previous chapters of my ‘JEREJAK’ series.

P/S: Comments are always welcome (actually, desperately required hehe..)

CHAPTER 1 TO 5 (in .Doc format) 










Author: Afterdark
Improvisor: TenagaKuda

It’s been half a day since I left Dato Pang’s office and still neither a call nor sms from Imam Ali.

So I dialed the numbers given by Imam Ali yesterday but all I heard was a standard voice notification that the numbers were unreachable.

So I decided to call Cacamerba’s numbers instead..

The numbers you have dialed cannot be reached at the moment“. A recorded voice message was all that I got when dialing Cacamerba’s. I didn’t have Mojo’s numbers with me because he refused to tell me his numbers.

It was 8.45 pm in the evening and I was driving my rental car towards my hotel. Initially I spent the whole afternoon watching television in my room waiting for the much awaited sms, but by 6.30 pm I was starving and after maghrib prayer I decided to go out to find a good place to dine. Afterward I thought to myself what the hell, might as well enjoy the view of this town before heading to Imam Ali’s house in Kedah.

But the sms I was promised to get never came and that made me real anxious.

This morning I received a final instruction from my ‘boss’ to locate Isa to secure his signature that will guarantee my transformation into a millionaire. Hastily I went back to my hotel and started drafting a statutory declaration (SD) that shall be signed and fingerprinted by Isa. I had come up with a plan to persuade Isa to sign it once I got his address from Cacamerba. In the SD, the story goes that Isa had last seen Fatimah and Robert together on a trip to Jerejak Spa & Resort and that’s all. There will be nothing in the SD stating that Isa had dropped the couple on Dato Pang’s land or that he had ever seen the couple again for the second time. Once Isa had signed the SD, his credibility can be impeached if he ever try to truthfully testifies against the hotel should Syafiqah ever tries to litigate the matters.

However, I have to admit that Dato Pang’s instruction didn’t quite make any legal sense to me. His reason for wanting me to acquire Isa’s testimony seems redundant because Syafiqah had already signed the earlier document releasing the hotel from any civil liabilities for the agreed sum of RM950,000. Imam Ali was fully informed of this proposal and encouraged Syafiqah to accept the money.

Be reasonable Syafiqah, think about your younger sister Harnita” said Imam Ali explaining the common sense behind his suggestion. “We might be dealing with dangerous people here and it would be best for you not to mess with them. Just take the money and go on with your life and let us investigate the truth. In due time we’ll contact you again and update you our findings from time to time

Mojo agrees with Imam.” said Mojo, still referring to himself as a third party. “In this situation ignorance is certainly a bliss. If the Pangs and their cohorts think you’re still in ignorance then chances are they would leave you and your sister alone“.

With Harnita’s best interest in mind, Syafiqah finally agreed allowing me to transfer the whole RM500,000 to her bank account yesterday afternoon after signing the payment voucher and a waiver I’ve prepared. With the documents now secured in Dato Pang’s drawer, she no longer has any rights to litigate her sister’s death against the Pangs.

Shameless as it may be, I decided to abide to Dato Pang’s final instruction. I set aside the remorse feeling by calming myself that I have no choice anyway. As pointed out by Dato Pang, a deal is a deal and I was bound by the contract to do his bidding. Furthermore as suggested by my friends yesterday, by completing the task the Pangs might be convinced that the cover up is complete and thus no need to further pursue the matter.

All I need now is Isa’s address. Hoping Cacamerba will activate his phone tonite so that I can inquire whether he had been able to track down the whereabouts of Isa and Mr.Lam’s loyal servant, Pak Erwin.

Wait a minute! That’s it! A eureka came to me as though as someone had switched on a light bulb on top of my head. There’s no need for me to call Cacamerba!.. I can call Mr.Lam instead! I remember now that only Pak Erwin who had abruptly left Mr.Lam whereas Isa had not. Surely that means Mr.Lam still knows how to reach Isa.

I immediately dialed Mr.Lam’s numbers. Luckily I didn’t have to wait for long.

Hellooo.. “. It was Mr.Lam’s voice at the other end of the line.

Err.. I’m sorry to call you this evening but this is me Muhammad.. Dato Pang’s lawyer.. We’ve met yesterday, remember?..” I tried to sound formal.

Ah.. Of course I remember you, young man.” Mr.Lam sounded pleasant. “Where’s that funny girl? Is she still around?

Mr.Lam was disappointed to hear that Syafiqah had returned to her hometown in Kedah. Clearly he was very fond of her. I then told him that everything had gone extremely well with the senior Pang and that Syafiqah’s family was well compensated by the Pangs for the death of their family member.

I guess that’s a good news for her family” Mr.Lam’s voice sounded apprehensive as though in doubt. “I hope Dato Pang would take this as a lesson and would allow no one to step their feet unto that cursed island again.. It’s unfortunate for him losing money like that, otherwise I too might be able to make money by being one of his sub-contractors” He was laughing as he added that.

He then asked me the reason why I called. I then told him that I need to meet Isa to wrap up my job in Penang. Mr.Lam was extremely pleased to learn that Isa too might be able to be financially benefited from the whole deal. Knowing the Pangs better than I was, he knew very well that I was about to bribe Isa to cover things up but that did not bother him as long as all ends well for everyone.

But I have already told your friend Cacamerba this afternoon of Isa’s address.” Mr.Lam was mystified when I made my inquiry.

Oh really?” I answered in a quick and short note.

 I was not surprised at all. Before this Cacamerba was quick to trace my numbers so it didn’t surprise me that he was also that quick to find a way to track down Isa and Pak Erwin through their former employer. I make a mental note to praise him for being an efficient tracker.

I explained to Mr.Lam that he has made no error in telling Cacamerba the information, but since I needed to see Isa as soon as possible then I hope he wouldn’t mind giving me the address. Bingo! A few minutes after I hang up the line, my cellphone started blinking indicating the sms containing the much awaited address being received.

It turned out that Isa lives in Kepala Batas. My heart was singing as I realized that tomorrow could very well be my last day in Penang and the beginning of my new life as a millionaire.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Who was that, honey?

Mr.Lam had just put down the phone when his wife asked him that. Mrs.Lam was munching snacks with her eyes glued to the television watching a Cantonese soap opera. It was just two of them in the house. All their three children had grown old enough – the youngest had just started college, the second doing her third year medical in Bangi and the oldest was practicing law in Penang living in his own apartment.

Within the family only Mrs.Pang followed Mr.Pang’s conversion to Islam but that’s only because she doesn’t want to be a divorcee at her old age. The children on the other hand still think their dad was senile to change his religion so late at his age. Fortunately for them their dad has agreed with their request not to tell too much people about it.

Oh, just that nice young lawyer who came to hear my story yesterday.

The one you said working for Dato Pang? What was it about?

Oh nothing important.. He was just telling me of yet another Dato Pang’s business proposal“, Mr.Lam was telling her wife just half of the whole thing. Anyhow, the wife seems much focus on TV , just nodded and continue concentrating on the soap opera.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

At about 9.50 pm I was still watching the news when the hotel’s phone by my bedside rang. When I picked it up, there was the receptionist greeting me.

Good evening sir, there’s a man here in the lobby requesting to see you. He claimed to be your acquaintance. Shall I tell him your room number?

Hmm, who could that be?

Did he introduce himself?” I asked for the identity of that person.

There was a brief pause as I can hear the woman asking that person of his name (this is a cheap hotel, remember? So understandably the girl behind the counter wasn’t trained enough as hotel receptionist) and then return to speak to me.

Sir, he said to tell you that his name is …(again hearing the receptionist background conversation as if seeking for confirmation).

Sir, errrrr…..Cacamerba

Cacamerba was knocking my room door five minutes later. I noticed his face showing an expression of relief as soon as he saw my face. Then he folded his arms across his chest and then snapped at me.

Why did you switched off your phone? I have been dialing your numbers since noon today!

What? I grimaced.

What are you talking about? I’m the one who’s been trying to reach you without any success! I’ve thought you and Imam had switched off your phones!” I returned the bark.

Cacamerba was clearly taken aback and startled with what he heard. His eyes, already wide with anger earlier, now popped wider with surprised. He stared at me for a moment with a calculating look before asking.

Did you received or try to call anyone else other than Imam or me?

I received call from no one today and I only managed to call Mr.Lam this evening, why?” posting a question remark to him.

He paused a moment, thinking about something and then shook his head as he answered. “Probably nothing. It’s just that my phone network seems to be congested for the entire day and nothing was able to get through.. I thought that’s weird though

‘Hmm, that doesn’t sound right..’ I thought. Network congestion of such magnitude usually occurs during national festivities such as the Chinese New Year or Hari Raya but very seldom occurs on normal days. So I shoot him another question.

So if you haven’t been able to use your handphone, then I assume you called Mr.Lam via a public phone, right?

Cacamerba was now staring hard at me. No funny emotion there. Very unlikely of him.

What are you talking about?..” he asked.

I mean, you shouldn’t use your home numbers or otherwise the Luciferians will be able to track us down..

No, that is not what I meant” he interrupted me again. “What makes you think that I’ve made a telephone call to Mr.Lam?

This morning, he told he had spoken to you about Isa’s address

I spoke to Mr.Lam this morning?

I began to realize what he meant by that question.

That wasn’t you that spoke to Mr.Lam this morning, was it?

There was a 2 seconds of silence between us before he stood up and spoke to me in an urgent tone.

Let’s go to his house now. I have a bad feeling about this!

* * * * * * * * *

It was 10.20 pm in the evening and it started out when the elderly couple prepared themselves to go to bed. As usual Mrs.Lam went to the kitchen to prepare two glasses of warm milk for both she and her husband.

Right then as she was microwaving to warm the drink, the lights flickered for a few seconds before returning to normal. Then she heard a faint sound of her husband coughing behind her.

Weii old man.. Would you like me to add sweeten milk to your drink?” Mrs.Lam casually asked Mr.Lam without turning her head.

But Mr.Lam didn’t answer her. So she turned her head to ask her husband again.

But there was no one behind her. It was just her alone in the kitchen. For a moment she was puzzled but then again she heard her husband coughing in their bedroom upstairs and decided that the cough she heard must be the sound from upstairs. She then put both drinks on tray and brought it to the bedroom.

Mr.Lam was coughing quite severely when she entered the bedroom.

What is it with you, old man? Is it the asthma? Want me to plug in the inhaler machine?” The obedient wife asked her husband as she put down the tray on the bedside table.

Yes please..” Mr.Lam nodded his head quickly and then added. “I don’t know why but my throat suddenly got itchy and my chest feels slightly compressed“.

Mrs.Lam quickly withdraw Mr.Lam’s medication from the nearby drawer and give it to him.

Here..” she said. Her eyes full of concern. “Take this with the milk now. I’ll get the machine ready in a few minutes“.

Mr.Lam nodded and hold his drink with his right hand but didn’t immediately take his medication. Instead he closed his eyes and his lips began to move rapidly in silence. This irked his wife.

Aiya no need to pray too long maa.. You said our new God knows everything so He would understand if you have yet to memorize that whole prayer thing that Erwin taught you.. Just pray with simple Bismillah like the rest of Malay is good enough!..

But as she said that, the glass in Mr.Lam’s hand suddenly broke and that caused the mattress drenched with warm milk.

Both husband and wife look at each other for a second before Mr.Lam speaks.

Cough! Cough!.. Let me guess, you warmed the freezing milk inside a freezing glass with a microwave again, didn’t you?

Mrs.Lam looked embarrassed now. So she decided to play deaf and Mr.Lam gave her a brief lecture on the effect of heat when applied on a freezing surface too quickly. Mrs.Lam just ignored him as she began to drag the drenched mattress into the washing machine inside their bathroom.

As his coughing get severe, Mr.Lam decided to stop talking in order to take his medication. So he put the pills on his tongue and reached his hand to the other glass of milk to drink it down when suddenly..

No, don’t!

An invisible voice was heard inside the room and with that another glass of milk erupted. The eruption is more violent this time sending pieces of broken glasses flying. Miraculously however, none of the shrapnel hits the old couple who now were frozen in their current position with fear drawn all over their faces.

Will you old people stop drinking and eating for a moment? Everything edible in this house has been poisoned.

Together both husband and wife turned their heads towards the voice. Then, upon seeing the creature standing facing them, Mrs.Lam legs gave way as she slumped on the floor. Mr.Lam was shocked but having experienced paranormal events before, he handled his emotion far better than his wife.

There, in the corner of their room was the largest talking boar they have ever seen. In fact, it looks even bigger than the one they have seen in the Animal Planet documentary.

Who.. What are you, pig?

The boar winced at hearing that.

I just saved your sorry ass and you called me ‘pig’? I thought you Malaysian have more manners than that?” the boar scowling at Mr.Lam, in crouching position on the floor as if ready to spring at its prey.

Mr.Lam immediately helped his wife off the floor. Mrs.Lam was behaving as though she was in vegetative state by now. Mr.Lam practically had to dragged her up to the bed next to him.

Please leave us alone, datuk (grandfather)” pleaded Mr.Lam in a strained voice. He now addressed the boar as ‘grandfather’ because in Asia that is the most polite way to address a paranormal being.

Ha ha that’s more like it, even though I’m not your grandpa though” The boar snorting out a low chuckle. Something about that must have triggered the creature sense of humor.

What is your wish, datuk?” Mr.Lam was trying to be as polite as possible. He can now see the boar tusk protruding from the side of its mouth. It was huge and deadly.

The boar took a deep breath and then he was on his feet.

I’m looking for Erwin, where is he?

Upon hearing the question Mr.Lam began to tremble in fear again. He then remembered what had happened in Jerejak Island between Pak Erwin and the demon that had possessed William Blatty and how the demon had promised to go after Pak Erwin. This must have been it. The demon is now in his house seeking revenge against those who have interfered with its plan last time.

Mr.Lam sadly looks at his wife. Will tonight be the end for both of them?

Mr.Lam’s replied apologetically, hoping for the best. “I am sorry datuk but as you can see, Erwin is not in this house and I don’t know how to find him”.

The boar ghosted across the room in a blink of an eye, stopping about a meter from Mr.Lam and his panicking wife, a distance of leap in just a fraction of a second.

Please.. please.. Don’t kill her.. Spared her… I beg you…” Mr.Lam was pleading at the boar. His voice croaked in fear and helplessness.

The boar’s jaw clenched and unclenched, then he said brusquely.

You idiot, if I’m here to kill you then I wouldn’t stop you from drinking that poison in the first place.

I don’t understand… Poison? What poison” Mr.Lam reacted nervously at first to the boar’s words, now starting to gain his composure and strength seeking more explanation on this so called ‘poison’. The fear began to dissipate from his features, replaced by a speculation.

The boar then explained to Mr.Lam that he is a spirit that had traveled all the way from Indonesia and meant them no harm. He merely wanted to visit his old friend Pak Erwin of whom he had befriended since long before Pak Erwin migrated to Malaysia. It was purely coincidental that while he was standing on the front yard of the house he saw a small meteor like objects entered the house. Thinking that his friend might be in danger the boar mystically entered the house through the kitchen and saw Mrs.Lam pouring warm milk into the glasses, unaware that the milk had just been poisoned through the use of black magic.

He then followed Mrs.Lam upstairs while still trying to figure out on how to warn the couple without scaring them. Admitting that being a boar he was not bestowed with enough intelligence to plan something brilliant and inconspicuous, so he decided to use brute force by smashing both glasses when Mr.Lam was about sip down the poison.

My name is Ki Ampuh, the most magical creature from Java” The mystical creature proudly exposed his identity. “I am Erwin’s long time friend and together we have fought so many battles together. Do you know how can I find that magical friend of mine?

Forgive me datuk.. but the only Erwin I know was my driver who had resigned and left in about a year ago and I can assure you datuk he is plain ordinary person. You might have mistaken him for someone else” answered Mr.Lam sincerely.

The boar frowned.

Hmm.. That’s odd. I already told him a few months ago of my plan to come to Malaysia. He sounded pleasant at the news but now when I’m here he chose to disappear. He’s never been rude….or something must have happened ever since?…

And the boar eyed the old couple suspiciously.

“Yes, something must have happened because that might explained why someone tried to use black magic to kill you both.

Mr.Lam sighed, looking uncomfortable at that information.

Did you speak to Erwin telepathically all the way from Indonesia, datuk?” asked Mr.Lam. He was curious to learn more about his former driver who turned out to be a very magical man. Should he made known this secret earlier he probably would have bribed Erwin with a bungalow if Erwin agreed to take him as student.

No, I broke-in into a cybercafe in the middle of the night and e-mailed him at [email protected]” Ki Ampuh responded casually.

Oh.. I see” Mr.Lam said, with a huge disappointment in his voice. But that makes sense because his daughter who was extremely close to Pak Erwin had been teaching the old man on how to use email and MIRC. In fact, all his children are so fond of Erwin that they begged their dad to install a computer in the kitchen so that Pak Erwin can occasionally use it to send news and chat with them while they’re away studying. However, imagining a boar trying to press the keyboard with its two front legs seems too weird.

The boar seemed to understand Mr.Lam’s confusion.

I used to be human but I was a bad person back then. So when I died, God punished me by turning me into a boar and ever since that day I wander as a lost soul. I am invisible to the naked eyes and other than Erwin I have no one else as a friend. So one day I was bored and went into a cyber cafe and saw how youngsters chatted with others via the cyberspace and I knew that’s the only way I can speaks to the living being without freaking them out. It’s much better, I don’t have to pay the bills because I break in into homes without anyone noticing

So you mean you have been communicating with other human via the internet?

Ki Ampuh rolled his eyes. “Oh yes, you would have done the same if you’re a lonely ghost or in spirit forms like me. In the cyberscape I used a nickname “thelivingdead50” and no one cares. I can say with certainty that a lot of people you befriended in the internet is not what you think they are. You might already hear that the social media is full of liars, psychos, criminals, murderers who pretended to be someone else. You might never know if that person at the end of the line might not be human after all.

There was a shocked gasp from Mr and Mrs Lam as they tried to process the information.

And Erwin has been communicating with you all these while?” asked Mr.Lam again.

Yes, but very seldom because he only uses e-mail. You should know Erwin too. Unlike me, he’s not much a talker and apparently not that good with computers too. But he always keep to his promise and asked me to wait for him here at this address this time of year. Instead I met the two of you with poisons in your drinks. Not only that, someone had planted some very nasty things in your lawn today. This whole house had been marked as a kill zone. If I were you, I would leave this house immediately. I think more are coming

Then suddenly the whole room was consumed by darkness as the electricity to the house was cut out even though the lights from the street were still able to penetrate into the room. Responding to this, Ki Ampuh began to snarl while turning his focus towards the direction of the door. Again in unison Mr and Mrs Lam began to look at that direction too and gasped.

There, standing blocking the door was this dark outline of a man, tall and skeletally thin, staring at the boar and the boar stared back into the face that was whiter than a skull, with wide livid scarlet eyes whose pupils were slits like cats.

I cannot believe what I’m seeing now… You?” exclaimed Ki Ampuh but before the boar can say anything else, it howls in pain while flying across the room before crashing down on the other corner of the room where a television set lies – destroying it in the process.

It takes another second before Mr.Lam and his wife noticed another one of the creature – looking exactly the same with the first one – was standing on the spot where Ki Ampuh used to be. Apparently the appearance of the first creature had distracted Ki Ampuh long enough for the second to sneak from behind and kick the boar directly in the gut with a full force.

CULAS!! (cheating!)” yelled the boar, still cringing in pain as it stood to get back on its feet. “Ki Angker and Ki Angkara, the twin genies from Mount Pangrango! How dare you did that to me?! Didn’t you recognize who I am??!!

Both the creatures gleaming red eyes were now fixed upon Ki Ampuh. Then one of them said to the other one.

Aaahh.. The stories about Ki Ampuh is true brother.. The once invincible Ki Ampuh had indeed been cursed and turned into a boar… What an irony it is, we used to work for him but now we’re here to kill him. Ha ha ha…!!

(Note: For those who have yet to read the novel “Manusia Harimau” (Tiger Man) by S.B Chandra, there’s a story there about a young woman by the name of Sukesih who had an affair out of wedlock and the got pregnant. Fearing the rejection of her community, she fled into the woods of Mount Pangrango where she met with a demon calling herself Nini Pangrango whose real name when she was human was Zubaidah Binti Kartasasmita. Nini Pangrango then makes a deal with Sukesih to let her live for 100 days after she had given birth of a twin children provided that the children shall be raised by the demon. The twins  were later known as Ki Angker and Ki Angkara and can be hired by any warlocks and witches to do harm to others provided that the term of payment – a human sacrifice of a young child – is agreed upon.)

One of the creature – Ki Angkara – raised his hand and a jet of green light streaked at the boar, who turned and was gone in a blink of an eye. Next second, he had reappeared behind Ki Angkara and dived at the creature, pinning him to the floor and began to stab him violently with its tusk. Ki Angkara screamed for a moment, before vanishing and then with split second appearing next to its other ‘twin’.

Are you here to stop us, Ki Ampuh?” said the twins simultaneously. “You cannot fight us. We are more powerful than what we used to be…”’ their red eyes glinting through the darkness.

So do I, stupid ugly twins!! I am thousand time more powerful as a boar than I was human. Don’t mess with me!” spat Ki Ampuh. A large flower vase on the desk fly at great speed to the twin ghosts and hit one of them with a loud bang, causing him to whimper in pain. The other one watched with his red eyes wide with astonishment at what was happening. Then both of them were gone…vanished into thin air.

For a few seconds Ki Ampuh was visible only as a dark, rippling, faceless figure. Then he turned his head towards Mr.Lam and speaks.

Do you have internet line in this room?

Not here” answered Mr.Lam with a curious tone. “But there’s a terminal in the kitchen. Why?”

Those are the twin genies from my homeland. I know them well. Apparently like other Indonesian that had migrated here to seek better employment, even demons migrated to this damn country for  better salary! Shit! The twin will come back and try to finish us off in a minute. So maybe you should send emergency email to Erwin now while you still have the chance. I’ll try to keep up with the twins for a while“.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

By the time Mr.Lam clicked the button “send” on the email interface, the paranormal battle between “thelivingdead50” and “the twins from mount Pangrango” has gone epic upstairs in the master bedroom.

Ki Ampuh has only a few martial art background to his advantage. But what he lacked in skill was being compensated with fearless brute force. He was determined to fight to the death for his one and only friend Pak Erwin.

Maybe I need to tell you a bit about Ki Ampuh. Ki Ampuh was born sometimes in 1940 in Surabaya, Indonesia. At the age of 17 he had fallen in love with a girl 2 years older but his love were rejected primarily because he was known as a no good unemployed jerk in his village. Being shameless and dishonorable as he was, he decided to dwell deeper into black magic by learning from a ‘dukun’ (sorcerer) on how to make a love potion and applied it to the girl. But his first attempt was foiled by another witch doctor who was hired by the girl’s family. Fearing retaliation, he fled from his village in a quest to learn for more powerful black magic so that he can seek revenge. Many years on the street and he learnt from all sorts of black magic practitioners from Cirebon, Banten, Tasik Ambon and Sulawesi before returning to her village. This time he successfully charmed the girl – by then already married – into submitting to his lust. Then he threatened the husband to divorce her wife just so he can married her to prove a point.

Yep, he’s a total jerk to begin with.

Then many years later when he was already well known in Jakarta for being a powerful sorcerer, he was hired by a guy named Adham to put a spell of a young girl named Indahayati who had rejected Adham’s love. This was how he met Pak Erwin whom happens to be Indahayati’s groom. By this time Pak Erwin was still young, and was basically  no match to Ki Ampuh who had seek the assistance of the twins Ki Angker and Ki Angkara to sabotage the wedding. But Pak Erwin’s deceased father by the name of Dja Lubuk, returned from the grave to kick the twins’ asses and saved the day. Luckily for Ki Ampuh that time Dja Lubuk and his associates consisting of 5 magical tigers from Sumatera had not decided to finish him off. Instead he just let him off with a warning.

But being a sore loser that he was, Ki Ampuh continues to wreak havoc on Pak Erwin’s life. He started again by trying to kill Pak Erwin through various ways, from trying to deliver poison through air, followed by snake, and at one point he even tried to send gangster to finish Pak Erwin off. All these attempts failed spectacularly mostly because Pak Erwin is no ordinary man. He inherits the bloodline of his grandfather Raja Tigor whom was rumored to foster 70 spirits of tigers during his lifetime. So whenever Pak Erwin had gotten into trouble, these spirit of tigers will come to his assistance. That may sound cool for many to hear but not to him, because of the side effects of owning a mystical tiger like such is that he has no choice but to turn into half man half tiger from time to time (most of the time a body of a man but with a head of a tiger).

At one point in his life Ki Ampuh did begin to appreciate Pak Erwin’s kindness of not killing him and seek his forgiveness. Pak Erwin forgave him and even allowed Ki Ampuh to be his best friend. For this Ki Ampuh was grateful and for that he had taken an oath (muhabalah) not again to harm Erwin or otherwise he shall suffer the curse of becoming a boar.

Now, as many of you may have guessed, later in life he did tried to kill Pak Erwin again. This time out of sheer jealousy he tried arson by trying to lit Pak Erwin’s house on fire. Unable to contain his wrath this time around, Pak Erwin seek revenged by pouring gasoline on Ki Ampuh and set him on fire instead.

Later after his charred body was discovered amongst the ruins of his house, neighbors began to speak about the presence of a boar that could be seen coming and going in the middle of the night, crying in front on the ruins. That was how Ki Ampuh begins his life as a mystical boar. He has committed so many sins in his lifetime that his soul was still entrapped in this world and entered the body of a wild boar.

Pak Erwin did feel sorry for the boar and later in life the two unlikely creatures had become friends even though not as good buddies as before. Ki Ampuh has no one else to befriend to and Pak Erwin simply cannot ignore a crying boar that frequently visited him in the middle of the night every now and then. Pak Erwin had repeatedly told Ki Ampuh that he had forgiven him but Ki Ampuh still believes that if he could perform enough good deeds to Pak Erwin, for the Al-Mighty to allow his soul to rest in peace.

So from there on, the boar will frequently yet uninvitedly tried to assist Pak Erwin whenever Pak Erwin faces difficulties or attack by his enemies. This annoyed the peace loving Pak Erwin quite frequently because the boar was actually causing enmities to escalate whenever it attacked Pak Erwin’s foes. Finally in 1982 Pak Erwin gather up enough determination to met an elderly Ruqyah healer by the name of Pak Kiyai Mursyid at Serang. The very old and bedridden Pak Kiyai took him as his last student, taught him how to perform Ruqyah and cut off the ties between Pak Erwin and the tigers he inherited from his elders. From there on, the half man-half tiger that used to be a legend in Jakarta was no longer heard.

Then on the advice of Pak Kiyai before his death, Pak Erwin migrated to Malaysia and started a new yet ordinary life in the new country.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

The battle has now reached the living room of Mr.Lam’s house as both the old couple were now hiding behind the kitchen counter, occasionally peeking on what was going on in the living room.

In the darkness of the house the boar charges ahead before leaping through the air and sinking his tusk deeply into one of the unseen twins. It then brought its victim to the ground, his huge tusk now sunk deeply into its throat, hell ablaze in the boar’s eyes.

The other creature – Ki Angkara – screamed upon witnessing the defeat of his brother Ki Angker in the hand of Ki Ampuh. Not in a million years would he ever thought that he or his brother could ever be defeated by another creature. Yet that was happening now. They have been attacking Ki Ampuh the boar from all directions, trying to kill the boar with a special dagger made from dead man bone they were told to be the only weapon capable of finishing off the once famous sorcerer in Jakarta, and yet despite their success in stabbing the boar several times, the boar keep fighting and were even more ferocious than any creature they have come across.

Please.. please let him go..” begged Ki Angkara to Ki Ampuh hoping that the boar would show some mercy to his brother.

Ki Ampuh rolled his eyes and pretended to think for a second before delivering a fatal stab to Ki Angker’s eyes. It was a gruesome sight as the whole tusk penetrated deeply into the creature’s face all the way to the back. Both Ki Angker and Ki Angkara screamed so loud that their voices shook the whole house. Then as Ki Angker’s no longer twitched any moves, Ki Ampuh simply kicked his limp body aside and it disappeared into thin air…and this time vanish permanently.

Ki Angkara was not staring at Ki Ampuh with the expression of pain and rage drawn all over his face.

I have to admit though..” said Ki Ampuh as his mouth stretched into an unexpected eye-crinkling grin. “I am grateful that after I died I became a boar. It is such an irony that as someone who happens to know your weaknesses, I had become a disgusting animal with the only weapon that can defeat both your invincibility. Now, ain’t it funny how destiny made us meet each other like this?

Then Ki Angkara roars, pure wrath in his eyes.


Of course you will..” answered Ki Ampuh sighed, raising the front of his leg as if in surrender mode. “I’m counting on it. I am bleeding from not less than 6 holes in my body now and I am extremely weak. But this is what I want. God has given me the opportunity to die for the right reason tonite and for that I am grateful”.

What do you mean the right reason, pig?” snarled Ki Angkara.

Ki Ampuh coughed out a pile of blood unto the floor and by weird coincidence a lightning struck the sky that momentarily brightened the whole area. Mr.Lam can clearly see now that the boar has been seriously injured. It was shaking and bleeding all over its body as it struggles to remain standing.

Well..” started the boar, followed by another cough ejecting blood from its lung. “You and me.. We have lived a long life, aren’t we? And we have done so many terrible things to a lot of people and for that we deserve to go to hell…But you’re worse than I would ever be because you are serving the interest of foreigners who had harmed our mother land. Even as a pig I would never ever do that to our country…

Ki Angkara was silent now, but began to take a step forward toward Ki Ampuh.

Oh yes I know..” continued Ki Ampuh as he staggered one step back. His face was showing the pain he felt from six different stab wounds all over his body. “Erwin told me a story about a white guy he met several months ago who confessed to him about a foreign attack on Indonesia several years back. He also told me that the same people behind the attack is now here in this country planning something big and nasty. At first I thought that would be impossible.. but now that you’re here I began to realize that even local demons like you has pledged your allegiance to these foreign sorcerers..

Yes, you’re right..” said Ki Angkara and for the first time there was shame in his voice. “What my brother and I have done is despicable. But you should know more than others that even powerful demons like us will serve to whomever willing to pay the price. My brother and I have no choice. With the world getting modern as it is, less and less of our own people came to seek our favor. The young generation of Indonesians no longer wanted to climb the mountains or sleep in the caves to learn the ancient sacred art and knowledge. But as we are being forgotten by our own people, there are others from across the sea whom are more then willing to learn our magics. One day a white man came to the mountain and surprised us by calling our names in ancient mantra. He promised to worship us, to feed us and offered the sweet blood of young infants. It has been so long since anyone offered such a sacred gift. So we agreed to serve him as long as he is willing to fulfills our lust.

It won’t be that long..” Ki begins to growl low at first but it grows every bit as ferocious as when he finished off the other twin. “Let’s finish off this old bad blood between us once and for all.. I, Ki Ampuh shall consider myself as representative of my homeland Indonesia. I know your master are looking for Erwin, so that means I shall fight on behalf of my friend too. How about you Ki Angkara? For whom will you die tonight?

Ki Angkara didn’t replies but fixates on Ki Ampuh. A staredown. Ki Ampuh’s hair raised down the center of his back, his tan ears pinned to his head. His growls are now becoming so fierce that his whole
body shakes, tremors coursing through him.

Two Indonesian demons with each on opposite sides of the room, growling and willing to exterminate one another.

Ki Angkara leaped and swings the bone dagger that pours down with brutality. Ki Ampuh blocked it with his tusk and then charged before the demon can swing again. A colossal collision in the very center of the living room caused thick glass coffee table to explode sending shrapnel unto every direction. Ki Ampuh thrusts up, sinks his tusk into the Ki Angkara’s side but the demon knocks him back.

Ki Angkara is now gasping and crouching on the floor on all four while Ki Ampuh stood upright on two legs. The boar then makes a charge but Ki Angkara lowers his head and they smashed into one another, crashing through the sofa off to the right side. Somehow the Demon ends up on top and it sinks the dagger deep in Ki Ampuh’s throat.

Ki Ampuh thrashes, trying to free his throat out but to no avail he can’t shake free. Ki Ampuh then uses his front paws to slap Ki Angkara causing the demon to be thrown all the way to kitchen where the Lams were squatting and trembling. But then he charged again before Ki Ampuh had the time to stand up and this time able to stab deeply into Ki Ampuh’s chest. Ki Ampuh howled in pain and attempted another move with his tusks. This time he was lucky because the tusk embedded itself deep into the armpit of Ki Angkara. Ki Angkara immediately became motionless and then melted into thin air just like his brother before him.

Amongst the broken furnitures and shattered glasses filling the floor, Ki Ampuh crawled towards the area near the kitchen and for a moment lied there motionless. Then he twisted his head around and looks at Mr.Lam, his face scrunched tightly in pain and agony…and the oncoming death he must feel.

Get out of here, now… while you can. There isn’t much time.” said the boar to Mr.Lam in a wheezing sound.

Ki Ampuh’s loyalty to his homeland and his bravery makes Mr.Lam in mixed emotional feelings of respect and awed. Even Mrs.Lam was now nodding her head toward the boar as a gesture of admiring the kind hearted creature and appreciation.

“Hang on Mr. Boar… Just hang on Mr. Boar...” said Mr.Lam to the dying boar.

Don’t call me that! Idiot!” said Ki Ampuh as he gasped for air. He then turned his eyes toward the living room. “More are coming. I can sense it..

Two humanoid figures, pearly-white as ghosts, fluid as smoke, unfurled themselves from the fragments of broken glass upon the floor and each began to speak; their voices vied with each other, so that only bits and pieces of what they were saying could be heard over by Mr.Lam.

In Nomine Dei Nostri Satanas, Luciferi Excelsi. …” said one of the figure.

Audi Precas Meaya, Satana Blessed Be..” replied another figure.

The second figure stepped forward, away from his fellow. His mad eyes staring only at Ki Ampuh through the slits in his hood. Mr.Lam can see his face now. It was half hidden by the hood but he can almost see a face of an ugly old man. The old man speaks to Ki Ampuh.

Very impressive Ki Ampuh. You single handedly defeated two of my most trusted underworld servants. Such a rare and powerful creature you have become after death. Join me and I shall make your dream come true..”

Ki Ampuh let out low hisses.

Who are you bulee? (Bulee = white man)” asked Ki Ampuh. A bubble of blood grew at the corner of his mouth and burst.

“Forgive me for forgetting to introduce myself.” The old man apologized softly. “I cannot tell you my real name but people around me call me Reverand Fenex. I am a sorcerer just like you when you were alive but I must say I am more powerful than any sorcerer you have met in your life..”

That’s rubbish coming from a bulee..” rejected Ki Ampuh. His eyes slowly begin to close. He’s fading,

No.. not really. You heard what Ki Angkara told you, hadn’t you?” said the old man, sounding maliciously delighted. ” White man like me appreciates your ancient black magic more than you Malays would ever be. The young Malays in Asia no longer appreciate these ancients arts and knowledge but we do and we are willing to perform all those forgotten rituals to summons your demons.”

The figure now was standing towering over Ki Ampuh and Mr.Lam.

Join me Ki Ampuh..” enticed the old man while staring softly at Ki Ampuh with pitiless red eyes. “With my power, I am able to make you human again. All I have to do is to abduct a young healthy man and empty him of his soul. Then I will teach you an ancient mantra that will enable you to take over his body and live like a person again. Wouldn’t you want that?

At the exact moment when he finished his sentence, Ki Ampuh’s eyes snapped open and followed with a quick jump. His eyes twisted in rage as he focused upon the old man, sailing through the air towards him with his tusk pointing forward. For a second it seems like the tusk was glowing in anticipation of making another kill but unfortunately the figure of the old man vanished before reappearing next to his comrades.

Amazing..” said the old man in an awestruck voice. “He refused me..”

Stop fooling around. Kill them all now...” said a high, cold voice next to him. He then raised his right hand and pointed it toward Ki Ampuh.

Mr.Lam knows it is time to die. So he closes his eyes.

There was a loud bang and a yell from the terrified Mrs.Lam behind the kitchen dais. Mr.Lam opened his eyes and saw both the figures hit the ground yelling in pain. Mr Lam heard Ki Ampuh’s triumphant scream and wonder why the boar was so happy. But then he saw ‘him’ coming through the door.

Qul lay yusibana illa ma kataballahu lana huwa maulana wa ‘alallahi fal yatawakkalil mu’minun.”

From the silhouette, Mr.Lam quickly recognized the owner of the body.

No wonder Ki Ampuh in ecstasy even in the midst of fighting for his life attending the severe injuries, the much awaited ‘man’ is here.

Pak Erwin already here..

Hearing him citing yet another powerful readings from the holy book of Quran as he continues to walk towards the figures as though he had not a fear in the world, as though nothing had happened to interrupt his stroll up towards the living room.

It’s the Kiyai!” One of the figures was screaming. Mr.Lam couldn’t be sure which one.

waja alnā min bayni aydīhim saddan wamin khalfihim saddan fa-aghshaynāhum fahum lā yub’sirūn.”.

I can’t called the reinforcements! He jammed the communication!” said another one, his voice in terror.

Wa ma min dabbatin fil ardhi illa ‘alallahi rizquha wa ya’lamu mustaqarraha wa mustauda ‘aha, kullun fi kitabim mubin

We will deal with them later” suggest the old man. His comrades nodded in agreement hastily.

And in a split second they were gone. The so called Reverand Phenex and his partner in crime had decided to flee. Being a powerful sorcerers, they have mastered the magic where they can simply make themselves vanished without a trace.

Pak Erwin turned his head and look at the huge boar that still lies motionless on the floor with his eyes closed.

Assalamualaikum my friend Ki Ampuh.. Are you okay?

The boar laughed. “Haha.. Ouch.. That’s the most stupid question I’ve heard so far.. Haha.. Ouch!” said Ki Ampuh thickly, blood spattering from his nose as he spoke.

Pak Erwin sat down crossed legged on the floor next to the boar. He then reached up and caressed the boar’s back.

This is all my fault..” pronounced Pak Erwin with a sad voice.

Yes it is, if you leave me your phone numbers I might be able to send SMS to you .. The internet in this house sucks” the boar chuckled softly. “But after 29 years I’m glad it ended this way. I have been praying to God for an opportunity to do something good before I die and my prayer has been answered..”.

There was silence in the air, none of them say a word. Then Ki Ampuh speaks again.

I heard them calling you Kiyai now.. Are you a Kiyai now, my friend?

No I’m not..” answered Pak Erwin.

Thank God.. Because I would hate to address you as such.. and to me you still look too poor to look like a Kiyai..”

Both Pak Erwin and the boar laughed. It was a laughter between old friends and Mr. and Mrs. Lam were still in too much shock to join the conversation.

A haji then?” asked the boar in a jokingly manner.

InsyaAllah I will perform hajj next year.. Anyhow I can only afford the cheapest package and still trying to save extra money for shopping in Mecca..

Good.. Good.. I never did perform hajj when I was alive.. I regret missing that..”

Another moment of silence. Mr.Lam noticed the boar’s breathing was getting slower by the seconds.

When you reached there.. Mecca I mean.. Will you pray for me?” asked the boar. There were tears flowing from his eyes now.

Pak Erwin reached out for Ki Ampuh and kissed the boar’s forehead.

Yes, I will pray for you my friend.. I will pray for you always…I will” Pak Erwin as if whispering to ensure Ki Ampuh.

I can see nothing no more… Can you pray for me now too?

Of course.. Close your eyes and hold your hands and lets pray together.. As I begin to pray I want you to try your hardest to recite syahadah.. Will you do that?..”

The boar was too weak to say anything by now. It just smiled.

Pak Erwin started his prayer by speaking softly to his dying friend.. He was sobbing in sadness.

Listen to this my friend Ki Ampuh.. It’s from the noble Quran verse Yunus.. Wa iy yamsaskallahu bidurrin fa la kasyifa lahu illa hu, wa iy yuridka bikhairin fa la radda lifadlih, yusibu bihi may yasya’u min ibadih, wa huwal gafurur rahim.. it means AND IF ALLAH SHOULD TOUCH YOU WITH ADVERSITY, THERE IS NO REMOVER OF IT EXCEPT HIM; AND IF HE INTENDS FOR YOU GOOD, THEN THERE IS NO REPELLER OF HIS BOUNTY. HE CAUSES IT TO REACH WHOM HE WILLS OF HIS SERVANTS. AND HE IS THE FORGIVING, THE MERCIFUL

By this time something miraculous was happening. The boar begins to change in form, shrinking down to a normal human size, while remaining lifeless.

“Listen to this my friend..It’s from the noble Quran.. Ma yaftahillahu lin nasi mir rahmatin fa la mumsika laha, wa ma yumsik fa la mursila lahu mim ba’dih, wa huwal ‘azizul hakim.. It means WHATEVER ALLAH GRANTS TO PEOPLE OF MERCY – NONE CAN WITHHOLD IT; AND WHATEVER HE WITHHOLDS – NONE CAN RELEASE IT THEREAFTER. AND HE IS THE EXALTED IN MIGHT, THE WISE..”

As the prayer being said, Ki Ampuh body still in shrinking process, the tusk, fangs and paws fading away. Nose, mouth, hands and legs now slowly taking their places. Human body slowly in formation.

Here is one you should know my friend.. It’s from the noble Quran verse Hud.. “Inni tawakkaltu ‘alallahi rabbi wa rabbikum, ma min dabbatin illa huwa akhizum bi natiha, inna rabbi ‘ala siratim mustaqim”.. INDEED, I HAVE RELIED UPON ALLAH , MY LORD AND YOUR LORD. THERE IS NO CREATURE BUT THAT HE HOLDS ITS FORELOCK. INDEED, MY LORD IS ON A PATH THAT IS STRAIGHT.

The transformation is now complete.

Pak Erwin by now was holding a body of complete man on his lap cradling him in his arms. Mr.Lam moved closer to get a better look but it was still too dark to see the man’s face. But he can hear that Pak Erwin was no longer crying now. In fact it sounded very compose, like he was relief.

Inna lillahi wa inna ilayhi raji’un”

And with that words uttered by Pak Erwin, the shadowy figure of a man on his lap vanished in a blink of an eye. The soul of Ki Ampuh who has been cursed to live as a boar for the past 29 years has returned to his grave in Jakarta to take his permanent rest until the day of judgment.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

It was at this point of time that Cacamerba and I arrived at Mr.Lam’s house with Cacamerba driving my rental car. Cacamerba was so reckless tonite that he basically rammed into Mr.Lam’s gate.

ARE YOU CRAZY? WHO’S GONNA PAY FOR THAT?!” I was shouting at him as we both hurriedly ran to open the front door.

There was no need to figure out a way to break in into the house considering that there was no door to begin with. The house was in total mess, the door was lying broken on the floor inside the living room. With such destruction before my eyes, as if a full scale tornado has gotten into the house destroyed and killed everything in its way. Then in the dark I saw three figures walking towards me.

Assalamualaikum..” said a voice. It belongs to an old man around 50’s. Behind him were Mr. and Mrs.Lam.

Waalaikumsalam” both Cacamerba and I replied it together.

Friends or foe?” he asked with a smile framed on his face, his teeth flashing in the dark.

Cacamerba and I simply exchanged a long glance at each other. Both our faces were frozen.

I don’t know about this guy” interrupted Mr.Lam as he pointed out Cacamerba. Then he continues to speak to the old guy “But this one I know. His name is Muhammad and I’ve told him about our misadventure in Jerejak Island with William Blatty before.”

Then Mr.Lam turned to speak to me. “Mr.Muhammad. I would like you to know my friend Pak Erwin of which I’ve told you about..

All I can say about Pak Erwin’s appearances the first time I met him is that he was tall, a bit thin, shabby perhaps with his hair was all untidy. But he has such a strong charisma in him and a deep voice that can captivate others. I think the best way to describe his aura is by imagining an Asian version of Russel Crowe standing before me. Then his eyes… light, bright and sparkling pair of eyes. It seems like a complete package for an ordinary man at first look but very appealing once you have noticed these magnetic traits and qualities.

Mr.Lam spent a few more minutes explaining to Pak Erwin of who I was but because Mr.Lam only knew me as the Pang’s lawyer, I decided to interject and introduce the other side of me. I hastily told the Lams’ and Pak Erwin about my real mission to Penang, to investigate the death in Jerejak Island on behalf of the Watchers Group and I even told them in brief what the Watchers Group was about.

I believe we should move our conversation to somewhere else” I suggested to them. Cacamerba nodding his head in agreement. “Who knows of what might come next. The house is such a mess, I believe if any of the neighbours saw these they might call the police”.

That is the best part of having somebody like Pak Erwin near you. As if having the sixth sense, Pak Erwin could have sensed more troubles might be coming. Against the Luciferians, today’s battle might have ended but the war is far from over. Pak Erwin knows very well too that the wrath and vengeance of the evil will never be fair and selective. Ki Ampuh for instance or whoever befriended him, will also be the target. Now, Mr. and Mrs.Lam, Cacamerba and me are all in danger because the dark force attack will never know when and where.

His traits and qualities of a wise man always there. Tactful and very patience. Maybe because he had seen a lot. Maybe he had been into too many battles with these Luciferians and evils. Maybe what we have gone through today is just a minor or considered a small scale battle compared to others he had been into before. On second thought, I was puzzled how come Mr.Lam didn’t notice Pak Erwin inner qualities all these while. Perhaps he too being blinded by the dark force, for a very complicated reasons after what he had gone through.

Do you know of any place safe for them to hide for a while?” asked Pak Erwin as he gestured towards the Lams.

I have an idea. The Lashkar E-Saif Ul-Aswad!……They can take care of their safety while we deal with these things..” suggested Cacamerba.

Who or what the hell is that?” asked Mr.Lam.

A small Islamic group in Kedah. Their leader, Imam Ali also have the experience in dealing with supernatural entities. It would be safe to hide there until we figured out what to do next” replied Cacamerba.

Where is this place?” I asked Cacamerba.

It’s in Kedah, near Pedu Damp, we ought to move now”.

Approximately one hour later all of us were on our way to Kedah to seek refuge with Lashkar E-Saif Ul-Aswad.

Along the way, anxiety filled in me as what I thought to be a straight forward assignment that can be ended fast, last day of the assignment of getting Isa’s signature and becoming a new millionaire on the next day had turned into a much more complicated situation.

In disbelief thought how on earth of me now getting involved in more battles against the Luciferians that never ended.

As Pak Erwin says, winning today’s battle against the evil just part of the long war.

Our car being driven in the darkness of the night, none speaks to each other maybe too tired by now. Perhaps each of us with own thinking to ourselves, own reasons…own self reflection.

Pedu Damp, here we go…..

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