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After what happened to MH17, me and my itchy fingers start writing craps and posted on my facebook as follows:-

  1. In order to start World War 3, the attacking forces against Russian has to be “international coalition” led by America.
  2.  In order for the coalition to be legal and international so to speak, it has to be mandated by the UN security council, eventhough I wouldn’t know how they are going to deal with Russia’s veto power.
  3. In order for for the UN’s resolution to be passed, Malaysia (as a potrayed victim) must side with the US and even support the resolution.
  4. And that decision from Malaysia lie on the Prime Minister, Najib Tun Razak.
  5. But Najib also has the tendency to act based on the most popular notion percieves by the media and most trending in social media. It gives him political mileage.
  6. Therefore in conclusion, if most Malaysian can be convinced that the tragedy of MH17 is a false flag operation against Russia, Najib might be able to say no to Obama regardless of the pressure.
  7. We the Malaysian people might be able to prevent nuclear war.
  8. your future is in your hand. Whether you live or die a year from now might depends on what you did or ‘Share’ or ‘Like” today.

So few of my Facebook friends and blog readers demanded that I write something about the MH17 tragedy.

Why Malaysia they said?

I shall obliged and give out my theory.. but only in this brief article..

I shall remind you.. this is a stupid theory.. It has no weight and it is utterly rubbish.. a mere product of an imaginative mind.

Now if you have been with me since 1998 or at least since 2008, you should be able to remember that on December 20th, 2008 I wrote an article “2013 ILLUMINATI BLUEPRINT : THE (UN)HOLY RELICS, SYRIA AND THE GREAT WAR”. It was published in MYKMU in 2008 (I haven’t started blogging yet) but the article survived in Mr.Azhar’s blog ‘Apa Nak Dikata’. Click here if you haven’t read it yet.(and thank you Mr.Azhar for re-posting it in your blog.)

Anyway, there is a hadith there that I had referred to, as re-posted again below:-

kamu akan mengadakan perdamaian dengan bangsa Rum (Kristian) dalam keadaan aman, lalu kamu akan berperang bersama mereka melawan suatu musuh dari belakang mereka. Maka kamu akan selamat dan mendapat harta rampasan perang yg byk, kemudian kamu akan sampai ke sebuah padang rumput yg luas dan berbukit-bukit, maka berdirilah seorang lelaki Rum. Lalu dia akan mengangkat tanda salib (tentera kristian) dan melaungkan salib telah menang maka datanglah kepadanya seorang lelaki muslimin dan membunuh lelaki Rum tersebut , kemudian tentera Rum mengkhianati perdamaian dan terjadilah peperangan demi peperangan, dimana mereka akan bersatu menghadapi kamu di bawah 80 bendera , dibawah setiap bendera terdapat 12 ribu tentera“- Hadith sahih riwayat Imam Ahmad,Imam Abu Daud, Ibnu Majah dr Zu Makhmar RA.

or a brief translation in English:-

 ”You will make peace with the People of Rome and then you and they together will combat an enemy. You will be victorious in that battle. After that all of you will stay at a pasture, at that time a person from among the People of the cross will raise a cross then a Muslim will get angry and rise to him and push him away. Thereafter all the People of Rome get together and attack you under eighty flags and under each flag is 12 thousand army…”

What does this hadith had to do with MH17?

Now, if you read the hadith carefully, you will noticed that the war will be waged by three parties namely:-

  1. the Muslims
  2. the Roman
  3. the Enemy

We know who the Moslems are. The remaining mystery is who shall be the Romans and who is this ‘Enemy’.

Apparently, this ‘Enemy’ is also the enemy of the Moslems and the Christians. Despite the fact that Moslems and Christians don’t mixed well and will ever be foe, the Moslems and the Christians in the future hated the ‘Enemy’ so much that they temporarily agreed to be allies.

Undoubtedly there is only one enemy that the Catholic Church and the Moslems has been fighting since the dawn of ages and that enemy is ‘Lucifer’ a.k.a the Devil.

Well, not that ‘Lucifer’ literally but it refers more towards Lucifer’s worshippers.You know what I mean – those satanic cult also known as the Luciferians or in the internet mainstream media known as the ILLUMINATI.

And unfortunately for the American, that means that America is the enemy because the fact that United States government is most infested with Luciferians is now already a matter of general knowledge.

So if the United States is the potential ‘Enemy’ than who would be the ‘Roman’? Will they be the people of Rome, Italy?

In this case, I don’t think the ‘Roman’ of the future will speak Italian.

It is becoming an increasing popular belief that the ‘Rise of the Third Roman’ is now happening in Russia. As America de-Christianize itself through the subversion of media, control of government and the opiate like addiction to materialism, Russia became increasingly Christian. The Kremlin and the Orthodox Church have the ability to use Traditional social values and a resurgence of nationalism to inoculate Eastern Europe and an increasing number of Western sympathizers against the spread of the globalist agenda. Russia since the fall of the Soviet Union has emerged as the standard bearer of the Christian Faith globally, leaving the rest of West behind.

Now, immediately after the downing of the Malaysian MH17, President Putin immediately seek the help of Russian Orthodox Church leaders at a monastery Sergiev Posad, near Moscow. There, Putin seek for the influence of the Orthodox Church to call for ceasefire between the pro-Russian separatists and Ukrainian government forces fighting in eastern Ukraine to allow for negotiations.

I’m not sure how the story will unfolds in the future. Will Malaysia as a Moslem country allied itself with Russia against the attempt of the United States to start a World War 3? and if that happens, how can Malaysia possibly helps to gains support from the rest of Moslems world?

I don’t know… I don’t want to know… I am hoping for a peaceful future where everything is calm, peachy and colorful. Those ‘End of Days’ prophecies? I don’t want it to happen in my lifetime and my daughter’s lifetime.

But I did write about Malaysia in my previous article “Malaysia In The Eye of Dajjal“, didn’t I?


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So I guess for this Ramadhan it is appropriate to disclose another ridiculous theory that the Watchers has been thinking of. Seriously, I sometime think my seniors are getting out of their mind and they’re infecting me too.. in a good way.

So as usual, I would like to apologize if anything I wrote here offends you. Please consider this article as junk and disregard everything in it. Yes I admit it, it’s probably the stupidest thing you’ve ever read.

Previously on November 2012 I wrote an article “TIADA MUSIBAH DALAM ISLAM (NO HARM FROM GOD)” and since then I received a few emails (just a few) that need answers. To Cairo345 and BerthaJorge whom haven’t received my answer since 2012, I would like to say sorry. Both your questions are too complex to be explained in a single email. So I decided to answer it now.. sort of.

Sorry for the 2 years delay.

Their questions can be summarized as follows:-

(a) Cairo345 claimed to be a Moslem. He lost his mother during a mugging went wrong. He said if her mother didn’t changed her usual route, she will still be alive. He couldn’t understand it because her mother never ever walked that street except on that day she died. Why did God make her changed her mind that day?

(b) Bertha questioned that if Allah is so wonderful, then why o why did He allowed good people to be born, live and die as non-Moslems? Why let someone good to be borne as non-Moslem just to be predestined to go to Hell?

Perhaps you have heard questions similar to these. These are tough questions that even the Jews and Christians prefers to avoid. These questions usually came from atheists and those who lost their faith in God. Perhaps the way I answers it won’t satisfy them but it is important for you as Moslems to understand a little bit the way the universe work. I don’t think I am capable of saving their souls, but I believe if I spent a little efort explaining to my fellow moslems, then hopefully you can save your own soul when facing something extremely unfortunate in the future.

To start my explanation, I would like to use this  guy as an example.

Most Malaysians have already know this guy from the news but for those who have yet to hear what the these pictures are all about, here it is.

This guy’s name is Muhammad Hafiz Abdul Rahman and his story unfolded on 17th June 2014. He was riding a motorcycle on a highway and his wife Noorshah Ahmad was pillion riding. A silver Mercedes driven by an idiot hit them causing them to fall unto the asphalt right under a moving lorry. He survived because he landed right between the tyres but as you can see in the pictures, his wife didn’t. She was crushed and her internal organs were all over the street.

The amazing thing here is this guy upon realizing what had happened to his wife, manage to quickly overcame his grief and immediately covered her remains. Then he got up and collected her wife’s splattering internal organs one by one and even get himself a broom and cleaned the road. After that while waiting for the police to arrive, he just sat there next to her and recite the holy Quran as a gift to her soul.

The next amazing thing is he didn’t even blame that idiot Mercedes driver. He merely said “It’s not the car’s fault. Everything is as planned by Allah. We ought to be grateful because we can see proof of His power

So, unlike Cairo345 who blame God for his mother’s death, the Malaysian Muhammad Hafiz was feeling all grateful. Why is that?

Further inquiries into his background reveals that Muhammad Hafiz is currently studying Islam in a religious school. So in short, he is a religious person and his belief remains intact. Cairo345 on the other hand despite claiming to be a Moslem, seems to have already lost his faith.

The most unfortunate incident that befallen Muhammad Hafiz occurred somewhere at noon during a traffic jam at Cheras Road when he was taking Noorshah to her workplace. Usually when hearing things like this, people will say things like this:-

“Why didn’t he took a different route? If he take a different route to avoid the traffic jam then that thing would never had happened!”

“If only they have a car, the boy would still have his mother..”

“They should have left home earlier than that to avoid congestion. If they did then she will still be alive!”

“It’s the damn Mercedes.. the bastard driving it is murderer! He even ran away from the scene!” (Well, I’m actually in agreement with this).

All of above are perhaps true but for Muhammad Hafiz, he thinks differently and we in the Watchers group admire him for that..

You see, I am certain that Noorshah was supposed to die on that day anyway. It doesn’t matter where she is because at that specific moment when the clock was ticking – her number is up.

However, if the fabric of time suddenly changed that she did not die,  it could have resulted in something much much worst. Because she was a mother to a 6 years old boy and a wife to a Muhammad Hafiz, then her every movement and decision will greatly influence the destiny of both her son and husband and everyone else around her. Just a second early and her husband would ended up on a slightly different position under the lorry and both of them would be killed, leaving the child orphaned. If they have a car or ride a taxi, the son probably would tag along and all of them would be dead. Should Muhammad changed the route, something else and even bizarre might happen. Their motorcycle could collided with the Mercedes which then collided with a lorry which then could swerve and ran over 15 pedestrians – causing multiple fatalities..

Perhaps some of you might have heard these words of wisdom:

“The universe is a complete unique entity. Everything and everyone is bound together with some invisible strings. Do not break anyone’s heart; do not look down on weaker than you. One’s sorrow at the other side of the world can make the entire world suffer; one’s happiness can make the entire world smile.”
― Shams Tabrizi

Sound legit?

Of course it is. Because thar’s the way things work in the universe, and Allah is always TAKING CARE of each and everyone of His creation in a FAIR ORDER.

“Taking care” here means that He will always choose the best outcome for us amongst the rest of other possible outcomes. So if one day you ended up losing a toe in a freak accident, then God had saved you from losing an entire leg in another freak accident supposed to happen. If you cursing yourself for failing to get a driver licence for the third time in a row, then perhaps it is because if you were driving that year you will end up jumping a cliff somewhere.

“Fair Order” on the other hand means that not everyone will be spared from blood and tears. Because of the fact that Allah has allowed each human to exercise his/her own free will and because everything and everyone is bound with the invisible strings of destiny, and added by the fact that these strings couldn’t be broken due to the law of physics (For every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction – Newton 3rd Law) – then there is no possible way for everyone on earth to win it all (remember that not even Prophet Muhammad was granted all his wishes). By common sense alone it is fair that people with good judgment out to be given priority over the idiots. Similarly under the concept of Qada and Qadar, Allah will favor those who pray and hardworking over the infidels and the couch potatoes.

Need a better illustration to understand the concept? Here’s one (and remember that this is just for illustration)

I think it was about a year ago when I was corresponding with a visitor to my blog requesting my opinion of the theory of “parallel universe”. Some of you might have heard about it but I’m going to copy and paste from several internet sources anyway.

In 1954, a young Princeton University doctoral candidate named Hugh Everett III came up with a radical idea that there exists many worlds, exactly like our ­universe. These worlds are all related to ours; branch off from ours, and our world is branched off of others. Within these many worlds, there were different outcomes than the ones we know. So let say in this world Muhammad Hafiz is alive, then in another world it was him that was flattened by the tire while Noorshah survived. In fact, if we applied Everett’s idea then there were infinite worlds with infinite outcomes, all depending on what decision was made by Noorshah and Muhammad Hafiz on that day. That may sound far-fetched for conventional Moslems, but we must began studying this theory because it’s based on real science or otherwise we would end up looking like utter idiots if the non-Moslems began throwing the maths and questions.

I myself have a very vague ideas how to explain the so called parallel universe theories. All I know that this theory is now being explored seriously by prominent physicists and that would only means that they have the math to prove its probability.

However, I don’t think the scientists of our time will be able to prove it to the public. All they have so far is good maths written on a a whiteboard. But perhaps someone in the distant future, perhaps a Moslem scientist during the era or Al-Mahdi or Prophet Isa might come up with something extraordinary. Thus I decided to go ahead and write this article with the hope that one day, something like this (see below) will appear.

Hehe.. Me and my stupid wishful thinking..

Notions of parallel universes or dimensions that resemble our own have appeared in works of science fiction and have been used as explanations for metaphysics. However, after the discovery by physicist Werner Heisenberg of Brown University, such notion began to attract real interest of quite a lot of brilliant people (physicists) around the globe. In Heisenberg’s experiment (known as the Heisenberg Uncertainty Principle) scientists have discovered that photons – tiny packets of light – taking different forms arbitrarily, namely acting as particles when observed at and waves when not.

This idea was then supported by the Copenhagen interpretation of quantum mechanics posed by the Danish physicist Niels Bohr. He added that when we observe a quantum object, we affect its behavior. In laymam terms he was saying that quantum particles acted solid when someone’s watching, but then acting as a wave when no one’s looking. Sounds a lot like the movie “Toy Story” doesn’t it? But in extremely small and eerie way – eerie because photons are not ‘creature’. Photon is just a quantum of light and a form of electromagnetic radiation.

Bohr’s interpretation was widely accepted, and still is by much of the quantum community. Then came Hugh Everett III with his crazy idea of the existence of many worlds (parallel universe). Everett said that it is wrong to assume that photons reacted to human’s observation. Photons are not creature with a mind of its own. He said that measuring a quantum object does not force it into one comprehensible state or another. Instead, a measurement taken of a quantum object causes an actual split in the universe. The universe is literally duplicated, splitting into one universe for each possible outcome from the measurement. When a physicist measures the particle, there are two possible outcomes: It will either be measured as a particle or a wave. This distinction makes Everett’s Many-Worlds theory a competitor of the Copenhagen interpretation as an explanation for quantum mechanics.

Heavy stuffs.. Yeah I know.. Simply plagiarizing it from other sourced almost make me fallen asleep..

But it is quite interesting when you think about it because if we adopted Everret’s idea then the important thing here is human ‘free will’ (a.k.a choices). When a human (or several of them collectively) make a choice to simply observe photons, the universe suddenly split into two parallel universe. In one universe where human was looking – the photons were acting particle. In another parallel universe however – the photons were acting as a wave.

So, if a simple human decision to look at the photons can split the universe into two or several parallels, then how about an even bigger decision like for example choosing who to marry, or what time to wake up from sleep, or even where to dump your crap?

Wouldn’t that means that as we decided to choose from several options that were presented to us, then at that instant moment the universe also split into several parallels that simulate the future and the outcome of or choice?

Crazy idea but a lot of physicists are actually considering its plausibility.. and it’s gotten even worse with some weird stories that popped up in the news.

Here’s a funny one:-

A curious incident took place in Tokyo, Japan during the early 1990s: a man arrived on a flight with a passport from a non-existent country.

The man expressed anger and shock when Japanese customs officials detained him. Although the officials checked their records carefully, the passport had been issued by a country that did not exist. No record showed the country had ever existed.

Although passports exist issued by non-existent countries (known as camouflage passports), this passport was real and had custom officials’ stamps on various pages including stamps by Japanese customs officials from previous visits.

The man was well-traveled, caucasian, said the country was in Europe and had existed for almost 1,000 years. He carried legal currency from several European countries, an international drivers license and spoke several languages.

Finally, indignant, he demanded a meeting with higher government authorities. He was convinced some massive practical joke was being played on him.

After being detained for almost 14 hours in a small security room at the airport terminal, some government officials took pity on him and transported him to a hotel. They ordered the mystery visitor to wait there until they decided what to do about the matter. From the reports, the Japanese were just as confused and flustered as the mysterious man without a country.

Although two immigration officials were posted with instructions not to permit the man to leave his room, the next morning the guards discovered he was gone. The only exit was the door they watched and the only window had no outside ledge and was 15 stories above a busy downtown street.

The authorities launched an intensive manhunt throughout Tokyo for the mysterious traveler, but finally gave up the hunt. The man was never seen again.

So what if the parallel universe a.k.a alternate reality a.k.a many-worlds theory one day proven exists? What does that means for us?

In my previous article “YASEEN : STORY OF THE LOST CIVILISATION” I wrote that there’s an ayat in Yaseen indicating that the Yaseenites knew about extra terrestrial being.  I was referring to the following verse:-

Now, read carefully the words “able to create the like of them“, it is rather obvious that the word ‘the like of them’ refers to God’s ability to create another heaven and earth which is either closely resembled or even an exact replica of heavens and earth (with people, animals, plants and so forth). The next words “of course and He is” tell us that.. well.. most probably He had done so because as “the great creator and the all knowing”, He would create whatever He wants out of whim (kun fayakun).

Because the story of Yaseen is about a super advance race that was later wiped out from the face of the earth, then the first theory the Watchers had is that these Yaseenites had acquired a technology to investigate other civilizations from distant planets. But there’s an anomaly in these verse. Here no only it said that God had created another earth, it also conceivable that it said that God had created another heavens!

Err.. What does that suppose to mean?

Whatever that supposed to mean, I am not going to think too much about it. Remember that His throne extends over the heavens and the earth, and He feels no fatigue in guarding and preserving them, for He is the Highest and Most Exalted (Ayatul Kursi).

So that’s that.. I’ve decided not to write anything in an attempt to proof the parallel heaven theory. I worried that my brain might explode.

But the again it does gives me an idea to answer some of the difficult questions posed to me about our life here on earth.

parallel universe or alternate reality?

Before I further explain the Watcher’s theory, I need to first tell you that we (Watchers) think what the parallel universe really is (if there is any to begin with). When speaking about the parallel universe, the mainstream idea think of it as an permanent parallel universe that replicate our own but independence by itself.

By analogy it is like putting two balls side by side which is a replica to one another (refer picture below). We however think it is more like putting a ball facing a mirror. We are the ball and the reflection from the mirror is our alternate reality.

There are two differences between the two ideas. With the first idea both universe are tangible, solid and real but is connected by some sort of yet to be understand connection that may have to do with time, space and continuum. With our idea of an alternate reality – only our world is real. The alternate reality is just a by-product of some kind of yet to be understand laws of physic which created a mirror-type image of our own reality. These mirror type images acted merely as simulations of the outcome of each of our future if different decisions were made by us in accordance of our own free will.

The second different is something that we get the idea from the Quran. Have you ever noticed how God always described past and future as though as the it supposed to be something tangible that exists right before and behind us? I mean, if you read it as a literature it sounded okay, but if you try to read and imagine it literally it sounded as though there’s more to it?

The following are some of the surahs, such as from Chapter (36) sūrat yā sīn :-

And We have put before them a barrier and behind them a barrier and covered them, so they do not see.

So if I read this surah literally, it means that there is literally something existing in front of and behind our back and it has been there all the time in our lifetime. It is so tangible in fact that we could have seen it if not because of the ‘barrier’. Unfortunately, the Almighty put some sort of barrier that prevents us from seeing it. What could it be?

Here another one from another surah namely Chapter (21) sūrat l-anbiyāa (The Prophets).

He knows what is [presently] before them and what will be after them, and they cannot intercede except on behalf of one whom He approves. And they, from fear of Him, are apprehensive.

This surah – when taken literally – also give clue of something. That thing that exists before and after us is a real thing, something that is tangible enough that there is a person (of whom He approves) can actually intercede it. Apparently we won’t know who this person is but if its something that can be intercede, that means its real and not merely a pigment of our imagination.

And a discussion about what’s ‘before and after’ us cannot be complete without referring to one of the most famous surah amongst Moslems – the Ayatul Kursi (The Throne)

In the name of Allah, the Beneficent, the Merciful.
Allah! There is no God but He,
the Living, the Self-subsisting, the Eternal.
No slumber can seize Him, nor sleep.
All things in heaven and earth are His.
Who could intercede in His presence without His permission?
He knows what appears in front of and behind His creatures.
Nor can they encompass any knowledge of Him except what he wills.
His throne extends over the heavens and the earth,
and He feels no fatigue in guarding and preserving them,
for He is the Highest and Most Exalted.

My group’s discussion didn’t actually reached any conclusion on exactly what we thought the parallel universe should be like of even if these surah’s refer to it. That mostly because the subject of parallel universe would be pointless without the presence of a physicist amongst us. Unfortunately also none amongst us is one so the discussion end there and the topic is considered K.I.V ( it have the same meaning with put on hold) untill the day we have physicist giving his 2 cents.

But on personal basis, I do not believe that there is a permanent parallel universe out there (the idea as portrayed by mainstream media) where there are millions upon millions of me somewhere in different dimensions marrying someone else, having different kids, and living another life. I believe there is only one me and therefore I can only agree with the suggestion of some of my seniors that there are only mirrored reflections of our past and future that temporarily exists to simulate the different outcome of of my present choices.

So i brief, I imagine it to be sort of like this.

  1. Lets say for example that on 6.00am I decided to ride motorcycle to work. 
  2. exactly at that moment some sort of universe computing program start to kick-in and and a parallel universe was created starting from 6.01 onwards simulating what could happened to me from that moment on.
  3. The simulation starting from 6.01 until the moment I died. Therefore it was discovered that if if I start my move from 6.00am then 15 minutes later I would be fatally hit by a car that would negligently exit a junction 700 meters from my home approximately at 6.15 am.
  4. The program then computes other factors in order to decide whether my death at 6.15 am is the best thing that could have happened to me. Factors to be taken into computation are things like for example: (a) pain and suffering at the time of death (b) the amount of good deeds that I have accumulated as my tickets to go to heaven (c) the global effect from my absence to the world (d) etc.
  5. of course in order to arrive to answers for (c), the program also automatically creates several others parallel universes.
  6. It it was discovered that my good deeds has yet sufficient to guarantee my way to heaven then the program will create several others parallel universe in order to see how I shall spend the rest of my life if I am allowed to continue living beyond 6.15am. Am I going to perform more good deeds later on? Do my extension of life going to benefit people around me and the world? Or am I simply going to perform more sins and bring harm to others?
  7. If the 6.00am simulation shows that it would be beneficial for myself and the world to not die at 6.15am, hence the program will destined that I shall avoid the 6.15am death. How can this be done? Well, at this moment at 6.00am, every particles and human destinies in the world (and perhaps the universe) will re-arranged itself just to safe my arse. It turned out to be that a single jagged pebble that was picked up by one of my children 3 years ago (see how this involves simulation from the past) finally ended somehow inside my shoe. I put my feet in the shoe and suddenly “OWWW!! WHAT THE HELL!! THAT HURTS!!”. So I take off my shoe to remove the pabble and that delay me for another minute. So instead of my day started at 6.00 am, it has now started at 6.01 am.
  8. I rode my motorcycle and suddenly this idiot in Proton Saga indiscriminately rushed out from the T junction. Lucky for me I still have time to pull the brake and avoid collision. Otherwise I would be dead at 6.15am.

Again, I wish to say that I’m not sure is that how it happens or even if parallel universe does exists. Like I said, I just like to imagine it to be that way.

But perhaps you hate a thing and it is good for you; and perhaps you love a thing and it is bad for you. And Allah Knows, while you know not. (Al-Baqarah 2:216)

I also wish to reiterate that even if the alternate realities do exist, it does not in any way indicates that the Almighty has no control over our future. At the same time it also does not means that he is controlling our future. Yes it does sound contradicting but when it come to Lord Almighty, there is absolutely no limitations and that means that everything is a paradox. Yes He allows human to exercise free will and yet He also knows exactly what choices we’re going to make. Yes He put us on earth for a test (heaven or hell) and yet He already knows where we are going to end up. And yes He allows time to flow in our world  but as discovered by Albert Einstein in 1952 – past, present, and future all exist simultaneously.

Einstein’s belief in an undivided solid reality was clear to him, so much so that he completely rejected the separation we experience as the moment of now. He believed there is no true division between past and future, there is rather a single existence. His most descriptive testimony to this faith came when his lifelong friend Besso died. Einstein wrote a letter to Besso’s family, saying that although Besso had preceded him in death it was of no consequence, “…for us physicists believe the separation between past, present, and future is only an illusion, although a convincing one.

Ok, I know that I am not physicists and so are most of you reading this article. Trying to explain Einstein’s ‘Theory of Relativity” or Richard Feynman’s “Sum over Histories” would definitely lead us to a few doses of aspirin. I guess the simplest way to describe it is by using the movie “Twilight” and “The Matrix” as analogy ( Please don’t tell me you haven’t seen either one of these movies yet.. I mean, if you’re a guy then it’s okay if you haven’t seen Twilight but it definitely not okay if you haven’t watched the Matrix ).

So, imagine yourself as Edward Cullen ( or Bella Swan if you’re a chick ) and you fell in love with Bella and your love story is taking place in a small town called Fork (let’s forget about all that vampire stuff for a moment). So you meet Bella about a year ago (the past), and now you and her are married to each other and had a child named Renesmee (the present) but just a second ago your adopted sister named Alice (whom happens to by a psychic capable of seeing the future) had told you that a group of Italian vampires are coming to kill your entire family in three months from now (the future).

Now, from your point of view as Edward Cullen, there is the past, the present and the future. But imagine if there is another character in this twisted plot. Imagine if there is a handsome guy in black coat named ‘Neo’ who is watching your entire love story from a monitor displaying the Matrix?

See? It happens to be that Edward and Bella, even though they really does exists and has their own free will, are creatures that turned out to live in the world of Matrix! So from Neo’s point of view, Edward’s entire love story with Bella is just like a 300 bytes data of meaningless PDF text. It’s like “oh Edward meet Bella at page 25″ and then “Edward married Bella and have kid at page 134″ and then “Oh the Voltury vampires will come to kill them at page 300″.

Yes, the story started at page 1 and ended at page 300 but that doesn’t change the fact that page 1 to page 300 exists in one single e-book and that book can even be printed out and put into your palm ( i.e exists) in one single moment. Therefore, whereas Edward Cullen had made a decision to kiss Bella Swan at page 40, unbeknown to him his future already exist at page 41 while his past still lingers at page 39.

This is how I think (at the moment) how the parallel universe is functioning. However in my twisted version, it is called parallel universe because for each future pages  (page 41) and previous pages (page 39) there are also several automatically ‘alternative’ pages that were created for simulation and consideration.

So for example, when Edward kisses Bella at page 40, then at that moment there will exists several alternatives to page 41 (and future pages onward). So suddenly there exists page 41(a), 41(b), 41(c), 41(d) and so forth – each with different outcome of the future pages onwards. It is then amongst all these alternative pages that one page with the best outcome (after all things considered) was adopted to be the next page 41 of Edward Cullen.

I hope you already catch my drift on this because I intend to go back to Neo and the Matrix.

Now for Neo there might be some limitations because as human  it might take him a while to peruse the whole pages. But for the Matrix it takes no time at all. Because of the computing power of the Matrix capable of processing unlimited (i.e paradox) amount of data, then processing mere 300 bytes of data literally take no time at all. In fact, the 300 bytes of data is literally like an single electrical pulse that form the entire the entire Matrix universe.

So is this single electrical pulse important to the Matrix?

The answer is YES and NO. Why?

Well, it is important because to the Matrix, that existence of that single pulse triggers the future chain reaction of other electrical pulses in the Matrix system. Other than that, it might also carries with it electrical signal that can launch a software or start hardware that will eventually change the future course of the entire Matrix.

But at the same time, the pulse by itself is so tiny and insignificant that neither its existence nor absence can jeopardize the running of the Matrix universe. Should the administrator of the matrix decided that its existence is no longer needed, the matrix is already equipped with necessary program that can swiftly terminate the pulse and then rearrange the entire Matrix to continue its usual operation.

So in short, every pulses in the Matrix are at the mercy of the Matrix administrator.

Now you get the simple idea of the theory, then imagine if the assumed power of the Matrix is multiplied by infinity. Would you, being Edward Cullen living in Fork, be able to speculate the spectacular power of the Matrix?

Of course not. Hence if you no longer can assume the answer to the question of “The Matrix’s Power multiplied with infinity”, the it would be impossible to even comprehend the actual universe that we actually live in right now.

We are halfway through this article and again I would to remind all my readers that the Matrix mentioned above is just a scenario taken from a movie to illustrate my theory on what might led to the existence of future and past parallel universe (if there is one).

Please do not think about it seriously. It’s just silly things for leisure reading only. Ok?

I think what made it fun to think about the idea that parallel universe exists, and the idea that past/present/future happens at the same time, is because these two ideas compliment each others. They even compliment the third idea namely that the world is sort of like an Illusion (Yep.. like the matrix in that movie).

Hey wait your horses and be calm. The idea does not try to invalidate your or other people’s existence. No one is saying that your kids are just hologram or that you’ve been married to your own pigment of imagination. Don’t worry.. you are real, your family is real and so does people around you.

I merely entertain an idea that we may not be as solid as we think we are. I know everyone had heard stories about demon or djin entering and possessing human. We also had heard stories about angel who can be in any places at such indescribable speed. We also heard about bunians who can established a village or town with houses and buildings overlapping in the same exact place where there is only jungles. It has been an accepted notion to us human that these beings are not ‘solid’ beings as we are. If an ordinary human tries to punch one of them, our physical hand will simply went through their face.

But ever heard of a djin possessing another djin? Or two bunian kingdom exists on the same spot overlapping each other existences? I don’t know about you but I certainly never heard any.

So I believe that it is all about perspective. We saw them as something not solid, they on the other hand see themselves as something entirely solid but with different ability. They can hit each other, build houses, or do whatever things that human do.

Like I said, it is about perspective. You are what you think you are, but that is not necessarily the way others see at you. Lets accept it, being solid and being real are two different things. The air is real but has no solid form. Atom is real too but can turn into many different form.

The notion that the atom was the smallest particle in the universe fell with the discovery that the atom itself is made up of even smaller, subatomic elements. What was even more shocking was the revelation that these subatomic particles emit various “strange energies.” Proponents would argue that the findings within quantum physics only apply and are significant at the subatomic level, but to those I say, are we not all existing at the subatomic level? When we observe ourselves and our physical environment at the smallest level, are we not made up of atoms?

It is interesting to point out that if you believe yourself and everything around you is made up from atoms, then you to know by now that only one percent of every atom is composed of protons, neutrons, and electrons. The other 99% is empty space.

That being said, the next time you stand in font the mirror, you should look at yourself and acknowledge that only 1% of you really exists while 99% of what you is actually isn’t really there.

Yes it does sounds eerie but if we take into consideration that 99% of us and things around us is some sort of Luh Mahfuz’s projection of grand illusion, that would explain why it is extremely easy for God Almighty to move each and every particles in this universe in order to fit every ‘laws’ that fit into the Islamic teaching of Qada & Qadar. If you ever think that it sounded improbable for a single jagged pebble to be moved by the All Merciful God to that specific location in my shoes 3 years later, or too difficult to arrange the chain of events that caused Muhammad Hafiz to end up between the tires of a truck, then you should know by now that is a matter of nothing for Him to do as he wish.. and He only wish the best outcome for each of His creation. 

‘KUN FAYA KUN’ – Quran made it sound effortless for God to do and create as He wish. A trillion time more effortless than a keystroke of “Enter” on my keyboard as I launched a virtual world of “The Sims” in my computer.

So if the the parallel universe do exist but totally is unneeded by the Almighty (because the story of our life has already been known since before the Big Bang) then to what purpose will it served?

Well, first of all I think parallel universe is just a by-product of our reality. It s like a reflection of our image in the mirror. Totally useless except for the purpose us evaluating ourselves. I think alternate reality when finally observed by Moslems in the future will finally led to the understanding that people cannot blame God and their surroundings when it comes to how their life began and how it end.

Using the parallel universe as an analogy to answer the question why some people were born as Non-Moslems, I began to understand that The non-Moslems no longer can blame God for their death as an infidel because that what they have chosen to be no matter which path of life they have chosen. Because faith is indeed a matter of free will, then no matter in what universe they were put into, these people will still refuse to embrace Islam. They can either be born in Malaysia in one universe or Saudi Arabia in another universe and they still refuse to embrace. In fact even if they were born as a child of a religious moslem in another universe they will still choose to sprinkle their head with holy water and became a Christian. It’s pointless, these people regardless of how good they are or in what situation you put them in or what evidence you shown them – they will still refuse Islam. That is just what they are and how they wanted to exercise their own free will.

Take the son of Noah or the wife of a Luth for example. They were put in the best position to be a person to obey God but it still didn’t work out for them. Another very good example is prophet Muhammad’s uncle Abu Talib bin Abdul Muttalib. despite being supportive and protective over prophet Muhammad – he still refused to embrace Islam until the day he died. I mean what better universe can Allah give him other than being an uncle for Prophet Muhammad?

So the best available universe remaining for Abu Talib? He can became a good non-Moslem and a good uncle to Prophet Muhammad. May he and the rest of good Non-Moslems like him receive a lenient form of Hell. Whether they will receive further respite in the day of Judgment is all upon Allah the Most Merciful.

As a conclusion to this article, just remember to say Alhamdulillah all the time even when a misfortune befallen you. Even if you tripped your feet on a nail, always remember that there a godzillion other parallel universe out there where you suffer even worse.

Allah is the Merciful.. only good things come from HIM. Even after we committed a thousand terrible sins, He still moves heavens and earth so that we only suffer a bleeding foot.

No disaster strikes except by permission of Allah . And whoever believes in Allah – He will guide his heart. And Allah is Knowing of all things (Al-Taghabun 64:11).

Happy Ramadhan and Happy Aidilfitri to you all.
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Assalamualaikum and greetings to all readers..As promised (albeit late), here the next chapter of my ‘Jerejak’ series. As usual, many many thanks to ‘tenagakuda’ for helping improving the story.

Oh yes, for those who haven’t read the “Manusia Harimau” novel by author S.B Chandra, you may download my softcopy collection  by clicking HERE.

Also, the following are the previous chapters of my ‘JEREJAK’ series.

P/S: Comments are always welcome (actually, desperately required hehe..)

CHAPTER 1 TO 5 (in .Doc format) 










Author: Afterdark
Improvisor: TenagaKuda

It’s been half a day since I left Dato Pang’s office and still neither a call nor sms from Imam Ali.

So I dialed the numbers given by Imam Ali yesterday but all I heard was a standard voice notification that the numbers were unreachable.

So I decided to call Cacamerba’s numbers instead..

The numbers you have dialed cannot be reached at the moment“. A recorded voice message was all that I got when dialing Cacamerba’s. I didn’t have Mojo’s numbers with me because he refused to tell me his numbers.

It was 8.45 pm in the evening and I was driving my rental car towards my hotel. Initially I spent the whole afternoon watching television in my room waiting for the much awaited sms, but by 6.30 pm I was starving and after maghrib prayer I decided to go out to find a good place to dine. Afterward I thought to myself what the hell, might as well enjoy the view of this town before heading to Imam Ali’s house in Kedah.

But the sms I was promised to get never came and that made me real anxious.

This morning I received a final instruction from my ‘boss’ to locate Isa to secure his signature that will guarantee my transformation into a millionaire. Hastily I went back to my hotel and started drafting a statutory declaration (SD) that shall be signed and fingerprinted by Isa. I had come up with a plan to persuade Isa to sign it once I got his address from Cacamerba. In the SD, the story goes that Isa had last seen Fatimah and Robert together on a trip to Jerejak Spa & Resort and that’s all. There will be nothing in the SD stating that Isa had dropped the couple on Dato Pang’s land or that he had ever seen the couple again for the second time. Once Isa had signed the SD, his credibility can be impeached if he ever try to truthfully testifies against the hotel should Syafiqah ever tries to litigate the matters.

However, I have to admit that Dato Pang’s instruction didn’t quite make any legal sense to me. His reason for wanting me to acquire Isa’s testimony seems redundant because Syafiqah had already signed the earlier document releasing the hotel from any civil liabilities for the agreed sum of RM950,000. Imam Ali was fully informed of this proposal and encouraged Syafiqah to accept the money.

Be reasonable Syafiqah, think about your younger sister Harnita” said Imam Ali explaining the common sense behind his suggestion. “We might be dealing with dangerous people here and it would be best for you not to mess with them. Just take the money and go on with your life and let us investigate the truth. In due time we’ll contact you again and update you our findings from time to time

Mojo agrees with Imam.” said Mojo, still referring to himself as a third party. “In this situation ignorance is certainly a bliss. If the Pangs and their cohorts think you’re still in ignorance then chances are they would leave you and your sister alone“.

With Harnita’s best interest in mind, Syafiqah finally agreed allowing me to transfer the whole RM500,000 to her bank account yesterday afternoon after signing the payment voucher and a waiver I’ve prepared. With the documents now secured in Dato Pang’s drawer, she no longer has any rights to litigate her sister’s death against the Pangs.

Shameless as it may be, I decided to abide to Dato Pang’s final instruction. I set aside the remorse feeling by calming myself that I have no choice anyway. As pointed out by Dato Pang, a deal is a deal and I was bound by the contract to do his bidding. Furthermore as suggested by my friends yesterday, by completing the task the Pangs might be convinced that the cover up is complete and thus no need to further pursue the matter.

All I need now is Isa’s address. Hoping Cacamerba will activate his phone tonite so that I can inquire whether he had been able to track down the whereabouts of Isa and Mr.Lam’s loyal servant, Pak Erwin.

Wait a minute! That’s it! A eureka came to me as though as someone had switched on a light bulb on top of my head. There’s no need for me to call Cacamerba!.. I can call Mr.Lam instead! I remember now that only Pak Erwin who had abruptly left Mr.Lam whereas Isa had not. Surely that means Mr.Lam still knows how to reach Isa.

I immediately dialed Mr.Lam’s numbers. Luckily I didn’t have to wait for long.

Hellooo.. “. It was Mr.Lam’s voice at the other end of the line.

Err.. I’m sorry to call you this evening but this is me Muhammad.. Dato Pang’s lawyer.. We’ve met yesterday, remember?..” I tried to sound formal.

Ah.. Of course I remember you, young man.” Mr.Lam sounded pleasant. “Where’s that funny girl? Is she still around?

Mr.Lam was disappointed to hear that Syafiqah had returned to her hometown in Kedah. Clearly he was very fond of her. I then told him that everything had gone extremely well with the senior Pang and that Syafiqah’s family was well compensated by the Pangs for the death of their family member.

I guess that’s a good news for her family” Mr.Lam’s voice sounded apprehensive as though in doubt. “I hope Dato Pang would take this as a lesson and would allow no one to step their feet unto that cursed island again.. It’s unfortunate for him losing money like that, otherwise I too might be able to make money by being one of his sub-contractors” He was laughing as he added that.

He then asked me the reason why I called. I then told him that I need to meet Isa to wrap up my job in Penang. Mr.Lam was extremely pleased to learn that Isa too might be able to be financially benefited from the whole deal. Knowing the Pangs better than I was, he knew very well that I was about to bribe Isa to cover things up but that did not bother him as long as all ends well for everyone.

But I have already told your friend Cacamerba this afternoon of Isa’s address.” Mr.Lam was mystified when I made my inquiry.

Oh really?” I answered in a quick and short note.

 I was not surprised at all. Before this Cacamerba was quick to trace my numbers so it didn’t surprise me that he was also that quick to find a way to track down Isa and Pak Erwin through their former employer. I make a mental note to praise him for being an efficient tracker.

I explained to Mr.Lam that he has made no error in telling Cacamerba the information, but since I needed to see Isa as soon as possible then I hope he wouldn’t mind giving me the address. Bingo! A few minutes after I hang up the line, my cellphone started blinking indicating the sms containing the much awaited address being received.

It turned out that Isa lives in Kepala Batas. My heart was singing as I realized that tomorrow could very well be my last day in Penang and the beginning of my new life as a millionaire.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Who was that, honey?

Mr.Lam had just put down the phone when his wife asked him that. Mrs.Lam was munching snacks with her eyes glued to the television watching a Cantonese soap opera. It was just two of them in the house. All their three children had grown old enough – the youngest had just started college, the second doing her third year medical in Bangi and the oldest was practicing law in Penang living in his own apartment.

Within the family only Mrs.Pang followed Mr.Pang’s conversion to Islam but that’s only because she doesn’t want to be a divorcee at her old age. The children on the other hand still think their dad was senile to change his religion so late at his age. Fortunately for them their dad has agreed with their request not to tell too much people about it.

Oh, just that nice young lawyer who came to hear my story yesterday.

The one you said working for Dato Pang? What was it about?

Oh nothing important.. He was just telling me of yet another Dato Pang’s business proposal“, Mr.Lam was telling her wife just half of the whole thing. Anyhow, the wife seems much focus on TV , just nodded and continue concentrating on the soap opera.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

At about 9.50 pm I was still watching the news when the hotel’s phone by my bedside rang. When I picked it up, there was the receptionist greeting me.

Good evening sir, there’s a man here in the lobby requesting to see you. He claimed to be your acquaintance. Shall I tell him your room number?

Hmm, who could that be?

Did he introduce himself?” I asked for the identity of that person.

There was a brief pause as I can hear the woman asking that person of his name (this is a cheap hotel, remember? So understandably the girl behind the counter wasn’t trained enough as hotel receptionist) and then return to speak to me.

Sir, he said to tell you that his name is …(again hearing the receptionist background conversation as if seeking for confirmation).

Sir, errrrr…..Cacamerba

Cacamerba was knocking my room door five minutes later. I noticed his face showing an expression of relief as soon as he saw my face. Then he folded his arms across his chest and then snapped at me.

Why did you switched off your phone? I have been dialing your numbers since noon today!

What? I grimaced.

What are you talking about? I’m the one who’s been trying to reach you without any success! I’ve thought you and Imam had switched off your phones!” I returned the bark.

Cacamerba was clearly taken aback and startled with what he heard. His eyes, already wide with anger earlier, now popped wider with surprised. He stared at me for a moment with a calculating look before asking.

Did you received or try to call anyone else other than Imam or me?

I received call from no one today and I only managed to call Mr.Lam this evening, why?” posting a question remark to him.

He paused a moment, thinking about something and then shook his head as he answered. “Probably nothing. It’s just that my phone network seems to be congested for the entire day and nothing was able to get through.. I thought that’s weird though

‘Hmm, that doesn’t sound right..’ I thought. Network congestion of such magnitude usually occurs during national festivities such as the Chinese New Year or Hari Raya but very seldom occurs on normal days. So I shoot him another question.

So if you haven’t been able to use your handphone, then I assume you called Mr.Lam via a public phone, right?

Cacamerba was now staring hard at me. No funny emotion there. Very unlikely of him.

What are you talking about?..” he asked.

I mean, you shouldn’t use your home numbers or otherwise the Luciferians will be able to track us down..

No, that is not what I meant” he interrupted me again. “What makes you think that I’ve made a telephone call to Mr.Lam?

This morning, he told he had spoken to you about Isa’s address

I spoke to Mr.Lam this morning?

I began to realize what he meant by that question.

That wasn’t you that spoke to Mr.Lam this morning, was it?

There was a 2 seconds of silence between us before he stood up and spoke to me in an urgent tone.

Let’s go to his house now. I have a bad feeling about this!

* * * * * * * * *

It was 10.20 pm in the evening and it started out when the elderly couple prepared themselves to go to bed. As usual Mrs.Lam went to the kitchen to prepare two glasses of warm milk for both she and her husband.

Right then as she was microwaving to warm the drink, the lights flickered for a few seconds before returning to normal. Then she heard a faint sound of her husband coughing behind her.

Weii old man.. Would you like me to add sweeten milk to your drink?” Mrs.Lam casually asked Mr.Lam without turning her head.

But Mr.Lam didn’t answer her. So she turned her head to ask her husband again.

But there was no one behind her. It was just her alone in the kitchen. For a moment she was puzzled but then again she heard her husband coughing in their bedroom upstairs and decided that the cough she heard must be the sound from upstairs. She then put both drinks on tray and brought it to the bedroom.

Mr.Lam was coughing quite severely when she entered the bedroom.

What is it with you, old man? Is it the asthma? Want me to plug in the inhaler machine?” The obedient wife asked her husband as she put down the tray on the bedside table.

Yes please..” Mr.Lam nodded his head quickly and then added. “I don’t know why but my throat suddenly got itchy and my chest feels slightly compressed“.

Mrs.Lam quickly withdraw Mr.Lam’s medication from the nearby drawer and give it to him.

Here..” she said. Her eyes full of concern. “Take this with the milk now. I’ll get the machine ready in a few minutes“.

Mr.Lam nodded and hold his drink with his right hand but didn’t immediately take his medication. Instead he closed his eyes and his lips began to move rapidly in silence. This irked his wife.

Aiya no need to pray too long maa.. You said our new God knows everything so He would understand if you have yet to memorize that whole prayer thing that Erwin taught you.. Just pray with simple Bismillah like the rest of Malay is good enough!..

But as she said that, the glass in Mr.Lam’s hand suddenly broke and that caused the mattress drenched with warm milk.

Both husband and wife look at each other for a second before Mr.Lam speaks.

Cough! Cough!.. Let me guess, you warmed the freezing milk inside a freezing glass with a microwave again, didn’t you?

Mrs.Lam looked embarrassed now. So she decided to play deaf and Mr.Lam gave her a brief lecture on the effect of heat when applied on a freezing surface too quickly. Mrs.Lam just ignored him as she began to drag the drenched mattress into the washing machine inside their bathroom.

As his coughing get severe, Mr.Lam decided to stop talking in order to take his medication. So he put the pills on his tongue and reached his hand to the other glass of milk to drink it down when suddenly..

No, don’t!

An invisible voice was heard inside the room and with that another glass of milk erupted. The eruption is more violent this time sending pieces of broken glasses flying. Miraculously however, none of the shrapnel hits the old couple who now were frozen in their current position with fear drawn all over their faces.

Will you old people stop drinking and eating for a moment? Everything edible in this house has been poisoned.

Together both husband and wife turned their heads towards the voice. Then, upon seeing the creature standing facing them, Mrs.Lam legs gave way as she slumped on the floor. Mr.Lam was shocked but having experienced paranormal events before, he handled his emotion far better than his wife.

There, in the corner of their room was the largest talking boar they have ever seen. In fact, it looks even bigger than the one they have seen in the Animal Planet documentary.

Who.. What are you, pig?

The boar winced at hearing that.

I just saved your sorry ass and you called me ‘pig’? I thought you Malaysian have more manners than that?” the boar scowling at Mr.Lam, in crouching position on the floor as if ready to spring at its prey.

Mr.Lam immediately helped his wife off the floor. Mrs.Lam was behaving as though she was in vegetative state by now. Mr.Lam practically had to dragged her up to the bed next to him.

Please leave us alone, datuk (grandfather)” pleaded Mr.Lam in a strained voice. He now addressed the boar as ‘grandfather’ because in Asia that is the most polite way to address a paranormal being.

Ha ha that’s more like it, even though I’m not your grandpa though” The boar snorting out a low chuckle. Something about that must have triggered the creature sense of humor.

What is your wish, datuk?” Mr.Lam was trying to be as polite as possible. He can now see the boar tusk protruding from the side of its mouth. It was huge and deadly.

The boar took a deep breath and then he was on his feet.

I’m looking for Erwin, where is he?

Upon hearing the question Mr.Lam began to tremble in fear again. He then remembered what had happened in Jerejak Island between Pak Erwin and the demon that had possessed William Blatty and how the demon had promised to go after Pak Erwin. This must have been it. The demon is now in his house seeking revenge against those who have interfered with its plan last time.

Mr.Lam sadly looks at his wife. Will tonight be the end for both of them?

Mr.Lam’s replied apologetically, hoping for the best. “I am sorry datuk but as you can see, Erwin is not in this house and I don’t know how to find him”.

The boar ghosted across the room in a blink of an eye, stopping about a meter from Mr.Lam and his panicking wife, a distance of leap in just a fraction of a second.

Please.. please.. Don’t kill her.. Spared her… I beg you…” Mr.Lam was pleading at the boar. His voice croaked in fear and helplessness.

The boar’s jaw clenched and unclenched, then he said brusquely.

You idiot, if I’m here to kill you then I wouldn’t stop you from drinking that poison in the first place.

I don’t understand… Poison? What poison” Mr.Lam reacted nervously at first to the boar’s words, now starting to gain his composure and strength seeking more explanation on this so called ‘poison’. The fear began to dissipate from his features, replaced by a speculation.

The boar then explained to Mr.Lam that he is a spirit that had traveled all the way from Indonesia and meant them no harm. He merely wanted to visit his old friend Pak Erwin of whom he had befriended since long before Pak Erwin migrated to Malaysia. It was purely coincidental that while he was standing on the front yard of the house he saw a small meteor like objects entered the house. Thinking that his friend might be in danger the boar mystically entered the house through the kitchen and saw Mrs.Lam pouring warm milk into the glasses, unaware that the milk had just been poisoned through the use of black magic.

He then followed Mrs.Lam upstairs while still trying to figure out on how to warn the couple without scaring them. Admitting that being a boar he was not bestowed with enough intelligence to plan something brilliant and inconspicuous, so he decided to use brute force by smashing both glasses when Mr.Lam was about sip down the poison.

My name is Ki Ampuh, the most magical creature from Java” The mystical creature proudly exposed his identity. “I am Erwin’s long time friend and together we have fought so many battles together. Do you know how can I find that magical friend of mine?

Forgive me datuk.. but the only Erwin I know was my driver who had resigned and left in about a year ago and I can assure you datuk he is plain ordinary person. You might have mistaken him for someone else” answered Mr.Lam sincerely.

The boar frowned.

Hmm.. That’s odd. I already told him a few months ago of my plan to come to Malaysia. He sounded pleasant at the news but now when I’m here he chose to disappear. He’s never been rude….or something must have happened ever since?…

And the boar eyed the old couple suspiciously.

“Yes, something must have happened because that might explained why someone tried to use black magic to kill you both.

Mr.Lam sighed, looking uncomfortable at that information.

Did you speak to Erwin telepathically all the way from Indonesia, datuk?” asked Mr.Lam. He was curious to learn more about his former driver who turned out to be a very magical man. Should he made known this secret earlier he probably would have bribed Erwin with a bungalow if Erwin agreed to take him as student.

No, I broke-in into a cybercafe in the middle of the night and e-mailed him at [email protected]” Ki Ampuh responded casually.

Oh.. I see” Mr.Lam said, with a huge disappointment in his voice. But that makes sense because his daughter who was extremely close to Pak Erwin had been teaching the old man on how to use email and MIRC. In fact, all his children are so fond of Erwin that they begged their dad to install a computer in the kitchen so that Pak Erwin can occasionally use it to send news and chat with them while they’re away studying. However, imagining a boar trying to press the keyboard with its two front legs seems too weird.

The boar seemed to understand Mr.Lam’s confusion.

I used to be human but I was a bad person back then. So when I died, God punished me by turning me into a boar and ever since that day I wander as a lost soul. I am invisible to the naked eyes and other than Erwin I have no one else as a friend. So one day I was bored and went into a cyber cafe and saw how youngsters chatted with others via the cyberspace and I knew that’s the only way I can speaks to the living being without freaking them out. It’s much better, I don’t have to pay the bills because I break in into homes without anyone noticing

So you mean you have been communicating with other human via the internet?

Ki Ampuh rolled his eyes. “Oh yes, you would have done the same if you’re a lonely ghost or in spirit forms like me. In the cyberscape I used a nickname “thelivingdead50” and no one cares. I can say with certainty that a lot of people you befriended in the internet is not what you think they are. You might already hear that the social media is full of liars, psychos, criminals, murderers who pretended to be someone else. You might never know if that person at the end of the line might not be human after all.

There was a shocked gasp from Mr and Mrs Lam as they tried to process the information.

And Erwin has been communicating with you all these while?” asked Mr.Lam again.

Yes, but very seldom because he only uses e-mail. You should know Erwin too. Unlike me, he’s not much a talker and apparently not that good with computers too. But he always keep to his promise and asked me to wait for him here at this address this time of year. Instead I met the two of you with poisons in your drinks. Not only that, someone had planted some very nasty things in your lawn today. This whole house had been marked as a kill zone. If I were you, I would leave this house immediately. I think more are coming

Then suddenly the whole room was consumed by darkness as the electricity to the house was cut out even though the lights from the street were still able to penetrate into the room. Responding to this, Ki Ampuh began to snarl while turning his focus towards the direction of the door. Again in unison Mr and Mrs Lam began to look at that direction too and gasped.

There, standing blocking the door was this dark outline of a man, tall and skeletally thin, staring at the boar and the boar stared back into the face that was whiter than a skull, with wide livid scarlet eyes whose pupils were slits like cats.

I cannot believe what I’m seeing now… You?” exclaimed Ki Ampuh but before the boar can say anything else, it howls in pain while flying across the room before crashing down on the other corner of the room where a television set lies – destroying it in the process.

It takes another second before Mr.Lam and his wife noticed another one of the creature – looking exactly the same with the first one – was standing on the spot where Ki Ampuh used to be. Apparently the appearance of the first creature had distracted Ki Ampuh long enough for the second to sneak from behind and kick the boar directly in the gut with a full force.

CULAS!! (cheating!)” yelled the boar, still cringing in pain as it stood to get back on its feet. “Ki Angker and Ki Angkara, the twin genies from Mount Pangrango! How dare you did that to me?! Didn’t you recognize who I am??!!

Both the creatures gleaming red eyes were now fixed upon Ki Ampuh. Then one of them said to the other one.

Aaahh.. The stories about Ki Ampuh is true brother.. The once invincible Ki Ampuh had indeed been cursed and turned into a boar… What an irony it is, we used to work for him but now we’re here to kill him. Ha ha ha…!!

(Note: For those who have yet to read the novel “Manusia Harimau” (Tiger Man) by S.B Chandra, there’s a story there about a young woman by the name of Sukesih who had an affair out of wedlock and the got pregnant. Fearing the rejection of her community, she fled into the woods of Mount Pangrango where she met with a demon calling herself Nini Pangrango whose real name when she was human was Zubaidah Binti Kartasasmita. Nini Pangrango then makes a deal with Sukesih to let her live for 100 days after she had given birth of a twin children provided that the children shall be raised by the demon. The twins  were later known as Ki Angker and Ki Angkara and can be hired by any warlocks and witches to do harm to others provided that the term of payment – a human sacrifice of a young child – is agreed upon.)

One of the creature – Ki Angkara – raised his hand and a jet of green light streaked at the boar, who turned and was gone in a blink of an eye. Next second, he had reappeared behind Ki Angkara and dived at the creature, pinning him to the floor and began to stab him violently with its tusk. Ki Angkara screamed for a moment, before vanishing and then with split second appearing next to its other ‘twin’.

Are you here to stop us, Ki Ampuh?” said the twins simultaneously. “You cannot fight us. We are more powerful than what we used to be…”’ their red eyes glinting through the darkness.

So do I, stupid ugly twins!! I am thousand time more powerful as a boar than I was human. Don’t mess with me!” spat Ki Ampuh. A large flower vase on the desk fly at great speed to the twin ghosts and hit one of them with a loud bang, causing him to whimper in pain. The other one watched with his red eyes wide with astonishment at what was happening. Then both of them were gone…vanished into thin air.

For a few seconds Ki Ampuh was visible only as a dark, rippling, faceless figure. Then he turned his head towards Mr.Lam and speaks.

Do you have internet line in this room?

Not here” answered Mr.Lam with a curious tone. “But there’s a terminal in the kitchen. Why?”

Those are the twin genies from my homeland. I know them well. Apparently like other Indonesian that had migrated here to seek better employment, even demons migrated to this damn country for  better salary! Shit! The twin will come back and try to finish us off in a minute. So maybe you should send emergency email to Erwin now while you still have the chance. I’ll try to keep up with the twins for a while“.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

By the time Mr.Lam clicked the button “send” on the email interface, the paranormal battle between “thelivingdead50” and “the twins from mount Pangrango” has gone epic upstairs in the master bedroom.

Ki Ampuh has only a few martial art background to his advantage. But what he lacked in skill was being compensated with fearless brute force. He was determined to fight to the death for his one and only friend Pak Erwin.

Maybe I need to tell you a bit about Ki Ampuh. Ki Ampuh was born sometimes in 1940 in Surabaya, Indonesia. At the age of 17 he had fallen in love with a girl 2 years older but his love were rejected primarily because he was known as a no good unemployed jerk in his village. Being shameless and dishonorable as he was, he decided to dwell deeper into black magic by learning from a ‘dukun’ (sorcerer) on how to make a love potion and applied it to the girl. But his first attempt was foiled by another witch doctor who was hired by the girl’s family. Fearing retaliation, he fled from his village in a quest to learn for more powerful black magic so that he can seek revenge. Many years on the street and he learnt from all sorts of black magic practitioners from Cirebon, Banten, Tasik Ambon and Sulawesi before returning to her village. This time he successfully charmed the girl – by then already married – into submitting to his lust. Then he threatened the husband to divorce her wife just so he can married her to prove a point.

Yep, he’s a total jerk to begin with.

Then many years later when he was already well known in Jakarta for being a powerful sorcerer, he was hired by a guy named Adham to put a spell of a young girl named Indahayati who had rejected Adham’s love. This was how he met Pak Erwin whom happens to be Indahayati’s groom. By this time Pak Erwin was still young, and was basically  no match to Ki Ampuh who had seek the assistance of the twins Ki Angker and Ki Angkara to sabotage the wedding. But Pak Erwin’s deceased father by the name of Dja Lubuk, returned from the grave to kick the twins’ asses and saved the day. Luckily for Ki Ampuh that time Dja Lubuk and his associates consisting of 5 magical tigers from Sumatera had not decided to finish him off. Instead he just let him off with a warning.

But being a sore loser that he was, Ki Ampuh continues to wreak havoc on Pak Erwin’s life. He started again by trying to kill Pak Erwin through various ways, from trying to deliver poison through air, followed by snake, and at one point he even tried to send gangster to finish Pak Erwin off. All these attempts failed spectacularly mostly because Pak Erwin is no ordinary man. He inherits the bloodline of his grandfather Raja Tigor whom was rumored to foster 70 spirits of tigers during his lifetime. So whenever Pak Erwin had gotten into trouble, these spirit of tigers will come to his assistance. That may sound cool for many to hear but not to him, because of the side effects of owning a mystical tiger like such is that he has no choice but to turn into half man half tiger from time to time (most of the time a body of a man but with a head of a tiger).

At one point in his life Ki Ampuh did begin to appreciate Pak Erwin’s kindness of not killing him and seek his forgiveness. Pak Erwin forgave him and even allowed Ki Ampuh to be his best friend. For this Ki Ampuh was grateful and for that he had taken an oath (muhabalah) not again to harm Erwin or otherwise he shall suffer the curse of becoming a boar.

Now, as many of you may have guessed, later in life he did tried to kill Pak Erwin again. This time out of sheer jealousy he tried arson by trying to lit Pak Erwin’s house on fire. Unable to contain his wrath this time around, Pak Erwin seek revenged by pouring gasoline on Ki Ampuh and set him on fire instead.

Later after his charred body was discovered amongst the ruins of his house, neighbors began to speak about the presence of a boar that could be seen coming and going in the middle of the night, crying in front on the ruins. That was how Ki Ampuh begins his life as a mystical boar. He has committed so many sins in his lifetime that his soul was still entrapped in this world and entered the body of a wild boar.

Pak Erwin did feel sorry for the boar and later in life the two unlikely creatures had become friends even though not as good buddies as before. Ki Ampuh has no one else to befriend to and Pak Erwin simply cannot ignore a crying boar that frequently visited him in the middle of the night every now and then. Pak Erwin had repeatedly told Ki Ampuh that he had forgiven him but Ki Ampuh still believes that if he could perform enough good deeds to Pak Erwin, for the Al-Mighty to allow his soul to rest in peace.

So from there on, the boar will frequently yet uninvitedly tried to assist Pak Erwin whenever Pak Erwin faces difficulties or attack by his enemies. This annoyed the peace loving Pak Erwin quite frequently because the boar was actually causing enmities to escalate whenever it attacked Pak Erwin’s foes. Finally in 1982 Pak Erwin gather up enough determination to met an elderly Ruqyah healer by the name of Pak Kiyai Mursyid at Serang. The very old and bedridden Pak Kiyai took him as his last student, taught him how to perform Ruqyah and cut off the ties between Pak Erwin and the tigers he inherited from his elders. From there on, the half man-half tiger that used to be a legend in Jakarta was no longer heard.

Then on the advice of Pak Kiyai before his death, Pak Erwin migrated to Malaysia and started a new yet ordinary life in the new country.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

The battle has now reached the living room of Mr.Lam’s house as both the old couple were now hiding behind the kitchen counter, occasionally peeking on what was going on in the living room.

In the darkness of the house the boar charges ahead before leaping through the air and sinking his tusk deeply into one of the unseen twins. It then brought its victim to the ground, his huge tusk now sunk deeply into its throat, hell ablaze in the boar’s eyes.

The other creature – Ki Angkara – screamed upon witnessing the defeat of his brother Ki Angker in the hand of Ki Ampuh. Not in a million years would he ever thought that he or his brother could ever be defeated by another creature. Yet that was happening now. They have been attacking Ki Ampuh the boar from all directions, trying to kill the boar with a special dagger made from dead man bone they were told to be the only weapon capable of finishing off the once famous sorcerer in Jakarta, and yet despite their success in stabbing the boar several times, the boar keep fighting and were even more ferocious than any creature they have come across.

Please.. please let him go..” begged Ki Angkara to Ki Ampuh hoping that the boar would show some mercy to his brother.

Ki Ampuh rolled his eyes and pretended to think for a second before delivering a fatal stab to Ki Angker’s eyes. It was a gruesome sight as the whole tusk penetrated deeply into the creature’s face all the way to the back. Both Ki Angker and Ki Angkara screamed so loud that their voices shook the whole house. Then as Ki Angker’s no longer twitched any moves, Ki Ampuh simply kicked his limp body aside and it disappeared into thin air…and this time vanish permanently.

Ki Angkara was not staring at Ki Ampuh with the expression of pain and rage drawn all over his face.

I have to admit though..” said Ki Ampuh as his mouth stretched into an unexpected eye-crinkling grin. “I am grateful that after I died I became a boar. It is such an irony that as someone who happens to know your weaknesses, I had become a disgusting animal with the only weapon that can defeat both your invincibility. Now, ain’t it funny how destiny made us meet each other like this?

Then Ki Angkara roars, pure wrath in his eyes.


Of course you will..” answered Ki Ampuh sighed, raising the front of his leg as if in surrender mode. “I’m counting on it. I am bleeding from not less than 6 holes in my body now and I am extremely weak. But this is what I want. God has given me the opportunity to die for the right reason tonite and for that I am grateful”.

What do you mean the right reason, pig?” snarled Ki Angkara.

Ki Ampuh coughed out a pile of blood unto the floor and by weird coincidence a lightning struck the sky that momentarily brightened the whole area. Mr.Lam can clearly see now that the boar has been seriously injured. It was shaking and bleeding all over its body as it struggles to remain standing.

Well..” started the boar, followed by another cough ejecting blood from its lung. “You and me.. We have lived a long life, aren’t we? And we have done so many terrible things to a lot of people and for that we deserve to go to hell…But you’re worse than I would ever be because you are serving the interest of foreigners who had harmed our mother land. Even as a pig I would never ever do that to our country…

Ki Angkara was silent now, but began to take a step forward toward Ki Ampuh.

Oh yes I know..” continued Ki Ampuh as he staggered one step back. His face was showing the pain he felt from six different stab wounds all over his body. “Erwin told me a story about a white guy he met several months ago who confessed to him about a foreign attack on Indonesia several years back. He also told me that the same people behind the attack is now here in this country planning something big and nasty. At first I thought that would be impossible.. but now that you’re here I began to realize that even local demons like you has pledged your allegiance to these foreign sorcerers..

Yes, you’re right..” said Ki Angkara and for the first time there was shame in his voice. “What my brother and I have done is despicable. But you should know more than others that even powerful demons like us will serve to whomever willing to pay the price. My brother and I have no choice. With the world getting modern as it is, less and less of our own people came to seek our favor. The young generation of Indonesians no longer wanted to climb the mountains or sleep in the caves to learn the ancient sacred art and knowledge. But as we are being forgotten by our own people, there are others from across the sea whom are more then willing to learn our magics. One day a white man came to the mountain and surprised us by calling our names in ancient mantra. He promised to worship us, to feed us and offered the sweet blood of young infants. It has been so long since anyone offered such a sacred gift. So we agreed to serve him as long as he is willing to fulfills our lust.

It won’t be that long..” Ki begins to growl low at first but it grows every bit as ferocious as when he finished off the other twin. “Let’s finish off this old bad blood between us once and for all.. I, Ki Ampuh shall consider myself as representative of my homeland Indonesia. I know your master are looking for Erwin, so that means I shall fight on behalf of my friend too. How about you Ki Angkara? For whom will you die tonight?

Ki Angkara didn’t replies but fixates on Ki Ampuh. A staredown. Ki Ampuh’s hair raised down the center of his back, his tan ears pinned to his head. His growls are now becoming so fierce that his whole
body shakes, tremors coursing through him.

Two Indonesian demons with each on opposite sides of the room, growling and willing to exterminate one another.

Ki Angkara leaped and swings the bone dagger that pours down with brutality. Ki Ampuh blocked it with his tusk and then charged before the demon can swing again. A colossal collision in the very center of the living room caused thick glass coffee table to explode sending shrapnel unto every direction. Ki Ampuh thrusts up, sinks his tusk into the Ki Angkara’s side but the demon knocks him back.

Ki Angkara is now gasping and crouching on the floor on all four while Ki Ampuh stood upright on two legs. The boar then makes a charge but Ki Angkara lowers his head and they smashed into one another, crashing through the sofa off to the right side. Somehow the Demon ends up on top and it sinks the dagger deep in Ki Ampuh’s throat.

Ki Ampuh thrashes, trying to free his throat out but to no avail he can’t shake free. Ki Ampuh then uses his front paws to slap Ki Angkara causing the demon to be thrown all the way to kitchen where the Lams were squatting and trembling. But then he charged again before Ki Ampuh had the time to stand up and this time able to stab deeply into Ki Ampuh’s chest. Ki Ampuh howled in pain and attempted another move with his tusks. This time he was lucky because the tusk embedded itself deep into the armpit of Ki Angkara. Ki Angkara immediately became motionless and then melted into thin air just like his brother before him.

Amongst the broken furnitures and shattered glasses filling the floor, Ki Ampuh crawled towards the area near the kitchen and for a moment lied there motionless. Then he twisted his head around and looks at Mr.Lam, his face scrunched tightly in pain and agony…and the oncoming death he must feel.

Get out of here, now… while you can. There isn’t much time.” said the boar to Mr.Lam in a wheezing sound.

Ki Ampuh’s loyalty to his homeland and his bravery makes Mr.Lam in mixed emotional feelings of respect and awed. Even Mrs.Lam was now nodding her head toward the boar as a gesture of admiring the kind hearted creature and appreciation.

“Hang on Mr. Boar… Just hang on Mr. Boar...” said Mr.Lam to the dying boar.

Don’t call me that! Idiot!” said Ki Ampuh as he gasped for air. He then turned his eyes toward the living room. “More are coming. I can sense it..

Two humanoid figures, pearly-white as ghosts, fluid as smoke, unfurled themselves from the fragments of broken glass upon the floor and each began to speak; their voices vied with each other, so that only bits and pieces of what they were saying could be heard over by Mr.Lam.

In Nomine Dei Nostri Satanas, Luciferi Excelsi. …” said one of the figure.

Audi Precas Meaya, Satana Blessed Be..” replied another figure.

The second figure stepped forward, away from his fellow. His mad eyes staring only at Ki Ampuh through the slits in his hood. Mr.Lam can see his face now. It was half hidden by the hood but he can almost see a face of an ugly old man. The old man speaks to Ki Ampuh.

Very impressive Ki Ampuh. You single handedly defeated two of my most trusted underworld servants. Such a rare and powerful creature you have become after death. Join me and I shall make your dream come true..”

Ki Ampuh let out low hisses.

Who are you bulee? (Bulee = white man)” asked Ki Ampuh. A bubble of blood grew at the corner of his mouth and burst.

“Forgive me for forgetting to introduce myself.” The old man apologized softly. “I cannot tell you my real name but people around me call me Reverand Fenex. I am a sorcerer just like you when you were alive but I must say I am more powerful than any sorcerer you have met in your life..”

That’s rubbish coming from a bulee..” rejected Ki Ampuh. His eyes slowly begin to close. He’s fading,

No.. not really. You heard what Ki Angkara told you, hadn’t you?” said the old man, sounding maliciously delighted. ” White man like me appreciates your ancient black magic more than you Malays would ever be. The young Malays in Asia no longer appreciate these ancients arts and knowledge but we do and we are willing to perform all those forgotten rituals to summons your demons.”

The figure now was standing towering over Ki Ampuh and Mr.Lam.

Join me Ki Ampuh..” enticed the old man while staring softly at Ki Ampuh with pitiless red eyes. “With my power, I am able to make you human again. All I have to do is to abduct a young healthy man and empty him of his soul. Then I will teach you an ancient mantra that will enable you to take over his body and live like a person again. Wouldn’t you want that?

At the exact moment when he finished his sentence, Ki Ampuh’s eyes snapped open and followed with a quick jump. His eyes twisted in rage as he focused upon the old man, sailing through the air towards him with his tusk pointing forward. For a second it seems like the tusk was glowing in anticipation of making another kill but unfortunately the figure of the old man vanished before reappearing next to his comrades.

Amazing..” said the old man in an awestruck voice. “He refused me..”

Stop fooling around. Kill them all now...” said a high, cold voice next to him. He then raised his right hand and pointed it toward Ki Ampuh.

Mr.Lam knows it is time to die. So he closes his eyes.

There was a loud bang and a yell from the terrified Mrs.Lam behind the kitchen dais. Mr.Lam opened his eyes and saw both the figures hit the ground yelling in pain. Mr Lam heard Ki Ampuh’s triumphant scream and wonder why the boar was so happy. But then he saw ‘him’ coming through the door.

Qul lay yusibana illa ma kataballahu lana huwa maulana wa ‘alallahi fal yatawakkalil mu’minun.”

From the silhouette, Mr.Lam quickly recognized the owner of the body.

No wonder Ki Ampuh in ecstasy even in the midst of fighting for his life attending the severe injuries, the much awaited ‘man’ is here.

Pak Erwin already here..

Hearing him citing yet another powerful readings from the holy book of Quran as he continues to walk towards the figures as though he had not a fear in the world, as though nothing had happened to interrupt his stroll up towards the living room.

It’s the Kiyai!” One of the figures was screaming. Mr.Lam couldn’t be sure which one.

waja alnā min bayni aydīhim saddan wamin khalfihim saddan fa-aghshaynāhum fahum lā yub’sirūn.”.

I can’t called the reinforcements! He jammed the communication!” said another one, his voice in terror.

Wa ma min dabbatin fil ardhi illa ‘alallahi rizquha wa ya’lamu mustaqarraha wa mustauda ‘aha, kullun fi kitabim mubin

We will deal with them later” suggest the old man. His comrades nodded in agreement hastily.

And in a split second they were gone. The so called Reverand Phenex and his partner in crime had decided to flee. Being a powerful sorcerers, they have mastered the magic where they can simply make themselves vanished without a trace.

Pak Erwin turned his head and look at the huge boar that still lies motionless on the floor with his eyes closed.

Assalamualaikum my friend Ki Ampuh.. Are you okay?

The boar laughed. “Haha.. Ouch.. That’s the most stupid question I’ve heard so far.. Haha.. Ouch!” said Ki Ampuh thickly, blood spattering from his nose as he spoke.

Pak Erwin sat down crossed legged on the floor next to the boar. He then reached up and caressed the boar’s back.

This is all my fault..” pronounced Pak Erwin with a sad voice.

Yes it is, if you leave me your phone numbers I might be able to send SMS to you .. The internet in this house sucks” the boar chuckled softly. “But after 29 years I’m glad it ended this way. I have been praying to God for an opportunity to do something good before I die and my prayer has been answered..”.

There was silence in the air, none of them say a word. Then Ki Ampuh speaks again.

I heard them calling you Kiyai now.. Are you a Kiyai now, my friend?

No I’m not..” answered Pak Erwin.

Thank God.. Because I would hate to address you as such.. and to me you still look too poor to look like a Kiyai..”

Both Pak Erwin and the boar laughed. It was a laughter between old friends and Mr. and Mrs. Lam were still in too much shock to join the conversation.

A haji then?” asked the boar in a jokingly manner.

InsyaAllah I will perform hajj next year.. Anyhow I can only afford the cheapest package and still trying to save extra money for shopping in Mecca..

Good.. Good.. I never did perform hajj when I was alive.. I regret missing that..”

Another moment of silence. Mr.Lam noticed the boar’s breathing was getting slower by the seconds.

When you reached there.. Mecca I mean.. Will you pray for me?” asked the boar. There were tears flowing from his eyes now.

Pak Erwin reached out for Ki Ampuh and kissed the boar’s forehead.

Yes, I will pray for you my friend.. I will pray for you always…I will” Pak Erwin as if whispering to ensure Ki Ampuh.

I can see nothing no more… Can you pray for me now too?

Of course.. Close your eyes and hold your hands and lets pray together.. As I begin to pray I want you to try your hardest to recite syahadah.. Will you do that?..”

The boar was too weak to say anything by now. It just smiled.

Pak Erwin started his prayer by speaking softly to his dying friend.. He was sobbing in sadness.

Listen to this my friend Ki Ampuh.. It’s from the noble Quran verse Yunus.. Wa iy yamsaskallahu bidurrin fa la kasyifa lahu illa hu, wa iy yuridka bikhairin fa la radda lifadlih, yusibu bihi may yasya’u min ibadih, wa huwal gafurur rahim.. it means AND IF ALLAH SHOULD TOUCH YOU WITH ADVERSITY, THERE IS NO REMOVER OF IT EXCEPT HIM; AND IF HE INTENDS FOR YOU GOOD, THEN THERE IS NO REPELLER OF HIS BOUNTY. HE CAUSES IT TO REACH WHOM HE WILLS OF HIS SERVANTS. AND HE IS THE FORGIVING, THE MERCIFUL

By this time something miraculous was happening. The boar begins to change in form, shrinking down to a normal human size, while remaining lifeless.

“Listen to this my friend..It’s from the noble Quran.. Ma yaftahillahu lin nasi mir rahmatin fa la mumsika laha, wa ma yumsik fa la mursila lahu mim ba’dih, wa huwal ‘azizul hakim.. It means WHATEVER ALLAH GRANTS TO PEOPLE OF MERCY – NONE CAN WITHHOLD IT; AND WHATEVER HE WITHHOLDS – NONE CAN RELEASE IT THEREAFTER. AND HE IS THE EXALTED IN MIGHT, THE WISE..”

As the prayer being said, Ki Ampuh body still in shrinking process, the tusk, fangs and paws fading away. Nose, mouth, hands and legs now slowly taking their places. Human body slowly in formation.

Here is one you should know my friend.. It’s from the noble Quran verse Hud.. “Inni tawakkaltu ‘alallahi rabbi wa rabbikum, ma min dabbatin illa huwa akhizum bi natiha, inna rabbi ‘ala siratim mustaqim”.. INDEED, I HAVE RELIED UPON ALLAH , MY LORD AND YOUR LORD. THERE IS NO CREATURE BUT THAT HE HOLDS ITS FORELOCK. INDEED, MY LORD IS ON A PATH THAT IS STRAIGHT.

The transformation is now complete.

Pak Erwin by now was holding a body of complete man on his lap cradling him in his arms. Mr.Lam moved closer to get a better look but it was still too dark to see the man’s face. But he can hear that Pak Erwin was no longer crying now. In fact it sounded very compose, like he was relief.

Inna lillahi wa inna ilayhi raji’un”

And with that words uttered by Pak Erwin, the shadowy figure of a man on his lap vanished in a blink of an eye. The soul of Ki Ampuh who has been cursed to live as a boar for the past 29 years has returned to his grave in Jakarta to take his permanent rest until the day of judgment.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

It was at this point of time that Cacamerba and I arrived at Mr.Lam’s house with Cacamerba driving my rental car. Cacamerba was so reckless tonite that he basically rammed into Mr.Lam’s gate.

ARE YOU CRAZY? WHO’S GONNA PAY FOR THAT?!” I was shouting at him as we both hurriedly ran to open the front door.

There was no need to figure out a way to break in into the house considering that there was no door to begin with. The house was in total mess, the door was lying broken on the floor inside the living room. With such destruction before my eyes, as if a full scale tornado has gotten into the house destroyed and killed everything in its way. Then in the dark I saw three figures walking towards me.

Assalamualaikum..” said a voice. It belongs to an old man around 50’s. Behind him were Mr. and Mrs.Lam.

Waalaikumsalam” both Cacamerba and I replied it together.

Friends or foe?” he asked with a smile framed on his face, his teeth flashing in the dark.

Cacamerba and I simply exchanged a long glance at each other. Both our faces were frozen.

I don’t know about this guy” interrupted Mr.Lam as he pointed out Cacamerba. Then he continues to speak to the old guy “But this one I know. His name is Muhammad and I’ve told him about our misadventure in Jerejak Island with William Blatty before.”

Then Mr.Lam turned to speak to me. “Mr.Muhammad. I would like you to know my friend Pak Erwin of which I’ve told you about..

All I can say about Pak Erwin’s appearances the first time I met him is that he was tall, a bit thin, shabby perhaps with his hair was all untidy. But he has such a strong charisma in him and a deep voice that can captivate others. I think the best way to describe his aura is by imagining an Asian version of Russel Crowe standing before me. Then his eyes… light, bright and sparkling pair of eyes. It seems like a complete package for an ordinary man at first look but very appealing once you have noticed these magnetic traits and qualities.

Mr.Lam spent a few more minutes explaining to Pak Erwin of who I was but because Mr.Lam only knew me as the Pang’s lawyer, I decided to interject and introduce the other side of me. I hastily told the Lams’ and Pak Erwin about my real mission to Penang, to investigate the death in Jerejak Island on behalf of the Watchers Group and I even told them in brief what the Watchers Group was about.

I believe we should move our conversation to somewhere else” I suggested to them. Cacamerba nodding his head in agreement. “Who knows of what might come next. The house is such a mess, I believe if any of the neighbours saw these they might call the police”.

That is the best part of having somebody like Pak Erwin near you. As if having the sixth sense, Pak Erwin could have sensed more troubles might be coming. Against the Luciferians, today’s battle might have ended but the war is far from over. Pak Erwin knows very well too that the wrath and vengeance of the evil will never be fair and selective. Ki Ampuh for instance or whoever befriended him, will also be the target. Now, Mr. and Mrs.Lam, Cacamerba and me are all in danger because the dark force attack will never know when and where.

His traits and qualities of a wise man always there. Tactful and very patience. Maybe because he had seen a lot. Maybe he had been into too many battles with these Luciferians and evils. Maybe what we have gone through today is just a minor or considered a small scale battle compared to others he had been into before. On second thought, I was puzzled how come Mr.Lam didn’t notice Pak Erwin inner qualities all these while. Perhaps he too being blinded by the dark force, for a very complicated reasons after what he had gone through.

Do you know of any place safe for them to hide for a while?” asked Pak Erwin as he gestured towards the Lams.

I have an idea. The Lashkar E-Saif Ul-Aswad!……They can take care of their safety while we deal with these things..” suggested Cacamerba.

Who or what the hell is that?” asked Mr.Lam.

A small Islamic group in Kedah. Their leader, Imam Ali also have the experience in dealing with supernatural entities. It would be safe to hide there until we figured out what to do next” replied Cacamerba.

Where is this place?” I asked Cacamerba.

It’s in Kedah, near Pedu Damp, we ought to move now”.

Approximately one hour later all of us were on our way to Kedah to seek refuge with Lashkar E-Saif Ul-Aswad.

Along the way, anxiety filled in me as what I thought to be a straight forward assignment that can be ended fast, last day of the assignment of getting Isa’s signature and becoming a new millionaire on the next day had turned into a much more complicated situation.

In disbelief thought how on earth of me now getting involved in more battles against the Luciferians that never ended.

As Pak Erwin says, winning today’s battle against the evil just part of the long war.

Our car being driven in the darkness of the night, none speaks to each other maybe too tired by now. Perhaps each of us with own thinking to ourselves, own reasons…own self reflection.

Pedu Damp, here we go…..

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Sementara tengah ada masa untuk menulis rasanya eloklah saya memenuhi janji saya untuk menjawab beberapa soalan yang sebelum ini diajukan oleh ramai pembaca saya samada di ruangan komen blog ini ataupun melalui email. Banyak soalan diajukan dalam bahasa inggeris tapi memandangkan saya pun malas nak guna bahasa inggeris malam ni so izinkanlah saya menjawab dengan bahasa pasar BM campur BI di mana yang perlu hehe..


Soalan yang pernah ditanyakan kepada saya adalah mengenai lambang ‘ILLUMINATI’ yang kononnya terdapat di PUTRAJAYA. Ada satu hamba Allah telah mengatakan kepada saya bahawa kerajaan UMNO/BN adalah kerajaan dajal kerana terdapat lambang Illuminati di Putrajaya.

Now, saya malas nak komen mengenai gambar beberapa bangunan di Putrajaya sebab saya tahu rekabentuk itu tiada kaitan dengan Illuminati pun. Ini kerana sepertimana yang diberitahu oleh seorang ahli kumpulan Watchers International berbangsa Amerika-Yahudi kepada kami, bahawa setiap monumen yang direkabentuk oleh Illuminati adalah direka secara sangat teliti, tertakluk kepada protokol serta membawa maksud spesifik tertentu dan membawa maksud teologi Luciferian di dalamnya.

Kumpulan Iluminati yang membina bangunan dan monumen adalah bukan manusia bodoh sembarangan. Sepertimana telitinya kita umat Islam apabila membina Masjid yang berharga beratus juta ringgit, maka penganut agama Luciferian juga tidak akan mengambil mudah rekabentuk bangunan yang menggambarkan agama mereka


So, merujuk kepada gambar Presinct 5 yang kononnya lambang ‘All Seeing Eye’ itu.. Errr.. Saya rasa mana-mana senior elit Illuminati pun akan rasa marah jika kita mengatakan mereke membina monumen “all seeing eye” dengan rekabentuk semberono dan tidak senonoh begitu kerana ia seolah-olah kita mengatakan arkitek-arkitek mereka semua tak ada kelas. Jangan main-main dengan kumpulan elit ini, mereka akan marah jika dikatakan tiada kelas gitu.

Lagipun sekadar ada bentuk menyerupai ‘kelopak mata” (actually, lebih mirip kepada vagina tu adalah kot) macam design “1″ di atas tak bolehlah dikataka “the all seeing eye” kan? Lainlah kalau ada bijik mata seperti dalam design “2″ tu.

Setakat yang saya yakini, tiada lagi monumen “mata satu” yang dibina oleh Illuminati mengadap ke langit. Jangankan di Malaysia, di Vatican yang merupakan tempat berlangsungnya black mass pun tak ada monumen sebegitu. Membina monumen yang melambangkan “Lucifer” berlawan mata dengan Tuhan? Saya yakin mereka tidak akan berani berbuat begitu. Malahan setakat kini semua lambang “All Seeing Eye” hanyalah diletakkan secara horizontal iaitu di tempat tinggi memandang ke tepi atau ke bawah. Inilah maksud teologi “all seeing eye” yang sebenar iaitu memandang kepada manusia yang diperhambakan oleh Dajjal di bawah.

Apabila saya menyatakan bahawa tiada monumen “all seeing eye” yang dibina menghadap ke langit, seorang hamba Allah telah menunjukkan kepada saya gambar dibawah dan mengatakan bahawa di Vatican dan di Putrajaya pun ada lambang “all seeing eye” mengadap ke langit.

Mengenai gambar ini, sukalah saya menjelaskan bahawa dikalangan pengkaji Illuminati sudah sepakat mengatakan bahawa lambang di St. Peter Square di Vatican itu memanglah lambang Illuminati tapi bukanlah lambang “All Seeing Eye” tapi adalah lambang roda pagan iaitu “eight pointed cross” atau dikenali juga sebagai “eight-point sun wheel“. Mari kita lihat dengan lebih jelas gambat Saint Peter Square dibawah. dan kemudian bandingkan dengan lambang roda pagan yang saya cedok dari wikipedia

Saint Peter Square

The eight-armed sun cross represents the Pagan Wheel of the Year.
Mengenai maksud disebalik lambang ini rasanya tak perlulah dijelaskan disini kerana dalam wikipedia pun ada (klik SINI atau SINI). Yang penting saya ingin sampaikan disini ialah bulatan di Putrajaya tu bukanlah lambang yang sama dengan di Vatican kerana di Vatican ada 8 bucu manakala di Putrajaya ada 9 bucu. Di Vatican 8 bucu tu adalah terhasil daripada pertidihan 4 garisan yang lurus manakala di Putrajaya terdapat 9 cabang yang bertempiaran tak ada seni pun. Lihat garis dibawah untuk pemahaman lanjut. 

Okay, lagi satu monumen yang jadi mangsa ialah monumen tugu peringatan putrajaya. Gambar di bawah saya ambik dari satu blogger pro-pembangkang.

Bagi saya blogger-blogger pembangkang yang menjaja gambar ni memang bengap. Tentang silap faham lambang di Saint Peters Square tu saya boleh lah faham sikit. Tapi menyamakan menara berbentuk ‘obelisk’ di Washinton DC dengan menara berbentuk berbentuk roket tu saya memang tak faham. Takkanlah mereka tak menyedari bahawa di setiap obelisk terdapat bentuk piramid di atasnya manakala menara di putrajaya tu langsung tak ada piramid? (lihat dibawah)

Yang peliknya, mereka tahu pula tu bahawa menara obelisk yang diagungkan oleh Iluminati itu adalah meniru rekabentuk “jamratul ” di Mekah iaitu tiang yang melambangkan Iblis yang pernah cuba menghasut Nabi Ibrahim dan Nabi Ismail. Entah bagaimana mereka boleh menyamakan design menara putrajaya dengan bentuk jamratul di Tanah Suci.

Soalan kedua yang pernah ditanya melalui email kepada saya ialah mengenai hubungan Dato Harun Din dengan Anwar Ibrahim. Ini soalan klasik yang selalu digunakan sebagai modal oleh penyokong PKR ni malahan semenjak 1998 (iaitu semasa Anwar dipecat oleh Tun Mahathir kerana didapati menyondol bontot Azizan) soalan ni dah berkumandang dikalangan penyokong Reformasi.
Soalan dia lebih kurang begini.
“Dato Haron Din kan orang berilmu tinggi. Takkanlah dia tak boleh guna ilmu dia untuk memastikan Anwar tu membontot atau tidak.”
Actually saya pun tak reti nak jawab soalan klasik no juga. Saya masa belajar di U dulu sering mendengar lagenda Dato Haron Din memindahkan jin di UKM ke penempatan baru. Macam-macam versi saya dengar termasuklah yang melibatkan penggunaan 10 buah bas UKM katanya. Memang kagumlah.
Memandangkan saya tak ada access nak berjumpa Dato Haron Din, maka yang terbaik saya boleh lakukan ialah bertanyakan kepada sahabat saya dalam Watchers iaitu Imam Ali yang juga merupakan pengamal perubatan ruqyah. Imam Ali pun kata soalan sebegini lebih baik ditanyakan kepada tuan punya badan namun untuk tujuan hypothetical maka dia berpendapat sebabnya ‘mungkin’ sebegini.
Terdapat perbezaan di antara Ilmu Ruqyah dan Ilmu Kebatinan. Ilmu rukyah yang 100% bergantung kepada penggunaan ayat-ayat suci Al-Quran sahaja hanya ada satu cabang iaitu cabang kebaikan, Ilmu kebatinan pula boleh jadi ilmu putih atau ilmu hitam iaitu bergantung kepada niat pengamalnya. Kata Imam Ali pengamal ilmu kebatinan ‘putih’ sering menggelar menggelar makhluk halus yang membantu mereka sebagai ‘sahabat’ manakala pengamal ilmu hitam pula menggelar makhluk halus ini ‘khadam’ atau ‘suruhan’ atau ‘peliharaan’.
Sekiranya anda (contohnya) ingin melakukan sesuatu yang ‘cool’ atau nampak hebat, maka anda akan memilih untuk menuntut ilmu kebatinan. Salah satu ilmu batin yang paling boleh mengkagumkan orang lain ialah ilmu menilik atau digelar juga sebagai ‘scanning’. Tentang ilmu scan ini pernah saya tulis artikel mengenainya dahulu di dalam artikel bertajuk “WHAT IF” (klik sini kalau belum pernah baca). Saya pernah terbaca mengenai Mona Fendey yang mempunyai ilmu scanning yang cukup hebat sehinggakan mampu mengetahui niat orang yang bertandang ke rumahnya. Malahan seringkali kita baca mengenai dukun-dukun berilmu tinggi yang boleh membaca fikiran orang. Ini semua adalah ilmu batin yang sangat mengkagumkan.
Menurut Imam Ali, beliau sebagai pengamal rukyah tidak mampu membaca isi fikiran orang ATAU melihat apa yang sedang dilakukan oleh seseorang dimasa lalu ATAU melihat sesuatu kejadian melalui semangkuk air. Islam sendiri melarang tilik-menilik maka sudah tentulah di dalam rukyah itu sendiri tiada ayat Al-Quran yang boleh digunakan untuk scanning seseorang. Yang ada dalam rukyah hanyalah doa-doa memohon perlindungan Allah yang mana sekiranya diizinkan oleh Allah akan menyebabkan timbul firasat untuk mengelak musibah. Contohnya pengamal doa tertentu akan mendapat ‘feeling’ yang mana akan membantu beliau mengelakkan musibah sebelum ianya berlaku (samalah macam sembahyang istikharah).
Imam Ali tidak berani membuat spekulasi mengenai kemampuan Dato Haron Din. Imam Ali sekadar mengatakan bahawa sekiranya Anwar Ibrahim itu bersahabat dengan beliau, beliau pun tidak boleh membaca fikiran Anwar Ibrahim atau melihat adegan homoseks Anwar Ibrahim melalui semangkuk air. Mungkin yang beliau akan lakukan adalah melakukan apa yang dibuat oleh Sidek Baba yang telah bersembahyang istikharah sebelum membuat keputusan meninggalkan sahabat lamanya Anwar Ibrahim.
Okaylah, sekarang dah jam 10.37 malam dan besok nak pergi kerja. So saya berhenti dulu disini dan akan sambung Q & A di hari lain.

Klik Sumber Blog diatas untuk layari lain-lain artikel laman web tersebut. Hanya blog popular ranking Alexa kurang dari 100,000 yang menyokong Umno disiarkan oleh admin.


Kami didalam Watchers Group sebenarnya percaya bahawa sistem demokrasi, sosialis, komunis, kapitalis dan lain-lain ideologi kenegaraan yang wujud masa kini akan digantikan oleh sistem khalifah Islam suatu masa nanti kerana itulah yangtermaktub dalam jadual kejadian akhir zaman.

Malahan saya pun berpendapat bahawa kesemua parti politik di Malaysia termasuk UMNO dan PAS akan lenyap juga suatu masa nanti iaitu apabila kesemua orang melayu akhirnya bersatu di bawah panji hitam.(InsyaAllah).

Itu persoalan yang saya yakin pasti akan berlaku di masa akan datang apabila sistem khalifah tersyiar semula di seluruh duniaselepas kemenangan Imam Mahadi menumpaskan As-Sufyani.

Tapi kata kunci nya di sini ialah semua itu akan berlaku di MASA AKAN DATANG.. Iaitu mudah-mudahan ketika anak-anak kecil dizaman kita telah membesar. Mudah-mudahan mereka akan menikmati masa depan yang gemilang, akidah yang cemerlang dan hidup aman makmur di bawah khalifah Islam itu.

Cuma kita perlulah pula memikirkan apa sumbangan kita kepada anak-anak kita.

Jika anda yakin NWO bakal tiba, jika anda yakin As-Sufyani bakal menjelma dan jika anda yakin bahawa pilihanraya ini adalah pilihanraya dalam konteks akhir zaman, maka tidak dapat tidak kita harus menerima hakikat bahawa sehingga sampai masanya Imam Mahadi dibaiah’kan maka masa depan mendatang ini akan menjadi agak suram.

Di dunia arab sudah berlaku kebanjiran darah di merata-rata, di seluruh dunia ekonomi semakin tenat, matahari yangmemancarkan panas sehingga mengubah cuaca, kejatuhan nilai dollar yang bakan menyebabkan inflasi, kekurangan makanan yang akan membawa kebuluran dan lain-lain.

Di negara kita pula sekiranya Luciferian memerintah maka akan berhamburan arak dan judi di setiap kampung dan bandar, tumbuhlah gereja dan pusat maksiat di merata-rata dan akan mendaratlah paderi dari Indonesia, Filipina dan Eropah yang akan menghulurkan umpan untuk cuba memurtadkan anak-anak kita.

Saya rasa tugas kita sebagai ibu bapa adalah melakukan apa yang terdaya untuk memastikan bahawa sesuram mana pun kejadian yang bakal menjelma, maka haruslah anak-anak kita masih berpeluang untuk mempertahankan perkara yang paling penting iaitu AKIDAH mereka.

Terdapat penyokong pembangkang yang mengatakan bahawa pemerintahan negara kita adalah Thagut.

Saya tahu ramai penyokong pembangkang berpegang kepada definisi thagut oleh Ulama Syria iaitu Dr Wahbah az Zuhaili (ulama yang sama mengatakan bukti video tak boleh pakai). Dr Wahbah mendefinisikan thagut kepada 9 perkara iaitu

  1. Perjuangan yang mempunyai kepentingan
  2.  Perjuangan yang bertujuan tertentu selain daripada Allah
  3.  Perjuangan yang bersifat material
  4.  Perjuangan yang bertujuan memuaskan nafsu dan kemahuan, redha dengan keraguan syaitan
  5.  Perjuangan meninggikan ketuhanan selain daripada Allah, atau perjuangan menegakkan penyembahan kepada makhluk dan dunia
  6.  Perjuangan yang membantu dan bekerjasama dengan golongan kuffar
  7.  Perjuangan yang menggilakan untuk mendapat hasil dan mengaut untung
  8.  Perjuangan yang didasari dengan tujuan kebanggaan dan kemegahan
  9.  Perjuangan yang berdiri di atas keyakinan dengan kemampuan diri sendiri tanpa mengharap kuasa Allah
  10.  Perjuangan yang menyerlahkan kemasyhuran dan populariti

Kalau berdasarkan pendapat Dr Wahbah az Zuhaili maka kerajaan yang thagut merujuk kepadaan kerajaan yang berjuang atas faktor duniawi. Pada pendapat saya definisi 1, 2, 3, 4, 7, 8, 9, dan 10 itu bolehlah disinonimkan dengan KORUPSI, NEPOTISMA DAN KRONISMA yang dilaung-laungkan oleh pembangkang.

Tiga penyakit duniawi ini memang penyakit dalam UMNO.

Tetapi di akhir zaman seperti 2013 ini masalah KORUPSI, NEPOTISMA DAN KRONISMA bukanlah satu-satunya perkara yang mengancam kemaslahan umat Islam. Terdapat ancaman lain yang lebih thagut daripada KORUPSI, NEPOTISMA DAN KRONISMA. Oleh itu dalam hal ini maka harus juga kita melihat makna taghut dari segi literalnya selain dari taghut mengikut persepsi Dr Wahbah az Zuhaili.

Jika kita melihat makna perkataan thagut dari persepsi literalnya, didapati bahawa maksud thagut secara literal adalah merujuk kepada perbuatan yang menyimpang daripada akidah. Ini kerana antara maksud thagut yang asal adalah

  1. Al-Kahin iaitu bomoh dan dukun yang meminta bantuan dari makhluk selain dari Allah,
  2.  perbuatan para jahiliyyah yang menyebah berhala dan meminta kemenangan daripadanya.
  3.  apa-apa perbuatan yang menyembah tuhan selain Allah (Tafsiran Malik ibn Anas oleh Ibn ABi Hatim.)
  4.  Thagut pemerintah apabila mencipta undang-undang yang tidak diizinkan Allah (Tafsir al-Imam Ibn Jarir al-Tabari; Tafsir al-Qurtubi; Tafsir Ibn Kathir)

Berdasarkan maksud literal thagut di atas, saya berpendapat bahawa thagut itu pada maksud literalnya adalah lebih merujuk kepada bahaya kepada AKIDAH iaitu menyekutukan Allah samada melalui amalan ilmu ghaib yang meminta bantuan kepada makhluk halus, atau akibat kepercayaan bahawa terdapat tuhan yang selain dari Allah.

Oleh itu Jelas sekali bahawa falsafah PLURALISM yang didukung oleh PKR dan DAP adalah thagut secara literal.

Thagut juga bermaksud mencipta undang-undang yang tidak diizinkan Allah. Ini bermaksud bahawa pemerintah telah mewujudkan undang-undang yang membenarkan perkara yang jelas haram. Dalam hal ini penyokong pembangkang telah berhujah bahawa kerajaan UMNO adalah thagut kerana tidak melaksanakan undang-undnag hudud.

Ingin saya jelaskan disini bahawa “kegagalan menghukum menurut hudud” adalah berbeza dengan “mencipta undang-undang yang tidak diizinkan Allah“. Ini kerana mencipta undang-undang yang tidak diizinkan Allah bermakna mencipta undang-undang menghalalkan atau me’legal’kan perbuatan yang haram.

Walaupun tidak dapat dinafikan bahawa UMNO gagal menghukum pesalah di Malaysia mengikut hudud namun UMNO tidak pernah mencipta undang-undang me’legal’kan perkara yang haram. Ya memang benar di Malaysia undang-undang kita hanya mendenda atau memenjarakan penzina sedangkan didalam hudud sepatutnya disebat atau direjam. Tapi UMNO tidak pula mencipta undang-undang membenarkan zina dilakukan. Begitu juga dengan murtad, memang UMNO gagal membunuh manusia murtad seperti Lina Joy, tetapi tidak pula ada undang-undang membenarkan orang Islam di Malaysia murtad.

Di Malaysia perkara yang salah adalah tetap salah. Cuma hukuman yang dijatuhkan tidak selari dengan kehendak Islam. Atas kekhilafan pemerintah inilah maka penyokong PAKATAN menuduh UMNO dan orang UMNO sebagai tidak Islam. Confirm tak masuk syurga dan kalau sembahyang pun tak dapat pahala.

Walaup bagaimanapun minda penyokong Pakatan gagal memproses akibat dan mudarat yang bakal menimpa sekiranya pemerintah Malaysia adalah pendokong LBGT, PLURALISMA, DAN LIBERALISMA.

Dibawah pemerintah yang melaksanakan PLURALISMA, maka peruntukan undang-undang anti murtad akan lenyap. Para pendakwah kafir harbi akan bebas bergerak kehulu-kehilir menyebarkan bible kepada anak-anak muda dan berhujah bahawa ada Tuhan selain dari Allah. Begitu juga dengan pendakwah syiah yang akan menghasut golongan muda mengatakan  di dalam Islam terdapat mazhab yang diterima selainn daripada Ahli Sunnah Wal Jemaah. Dibawah pluralism, kes-kes ajaran sesat seperti Ayah Pin dan Al-Arqam dan lain-lain tidak boleh lagi diberkas dan disekat oleh penguatkuasa. Kes kes seperti Lina Joy tidak lagi kedengaran di Mahkamah, bukannya kerana tiada lagi kes murtad tetapi kerana murtad adalah ‘legal’ disisi undang-undang dan tidak lagi boleh didakwa di mahkamah.

Di bawah fahaman LIBERALISMA, adalah sukar untuk kita menghalang anak-anak kita daripada terdedah kepada fahaman-fahaman yang merosakkan fikiran. Rancangan televisyen, internet dan media cetak yang sekarang ini sudah dikuasai manusia gila duit (eg: Astro) akan semakin menggila dengan MTVnya, budaya kuningnya dan maksiat kerana tidak lagi disekat rancangan yang tidak bertapis atas alasan kebebasan media dan kebebasan bersuara. Daripada segi politik tiada lagi halangan kepada musuh-musuh Islam daripada berkeliaran bebas didalam Malaysia atas alasan “Hak Asasi Manusia”. Malahan dari segi ekonomi Liberalisi bermakna kapitalis dari negara luar akan bebas menjual apa jenis barangan di Malaysia dan mengambil-alih syarikat negara kita.

Secara ringkasnya, di LIBERALISMA wang adalah penentu segalanya dan kapitalisma adalah mutlak tanpa sekatan.

Begitu juga dengan LBGT (LESBIAN, BISEKSUAL, GAY, TRANSGENDER). Bagaimanakah PAS hendak menghalang maksiat dilakukan sekiranya pengamal seks bebas dan seks songsang dilindungi oleh undang-undang untuk menonjolkan diri serta mempromosikan gaya hidup mereka?

Ingin sekali saya bertanya kepada pemimpin dan penyokong PAS, dimanakan logiknya keinginan mereka hendak melaksanakan undang-undang islam di negara dimana kaum nabi Lut (LBGT), kafir harbi (Pluralism) dan Munafikun (Liberalism) akan dilindungi oleh pemerintah dan sistem undang-undangnya?

Bukankah apabila pemerintah yang baru menggubal undang-undang melindungi hak LBGT, Liberalism dan Pluralism, maka itu adalah taghut secara literal kerana mencipta undang-undang yang tidak diizinkan Allah?”

Walaupun UMNO telah melaksanakan sistem demokrasi namun setakat yang saya tahu belum ada lagi kesepakatan ijmak ulama seluruh dunia mengatakan sistem melantik pemimpin melalui undian itu haram. Dan memang di negara kita belum lagi dilaksanakan hudud tapi kerajaan belum pula pernah ‘mencipta undang-undang’ menghalalkan sesuatu yang haram. Jadi walaupun saya tidak menafikan pendapat bahawa sistem demokrasi harus digantikan (insyaAllah marilah kita berdoa bersama) dengan sistem kekhalifahan namun setakat ini keadaan kita masih okay lagi.. not that bad lah bak kata orang putih.

Orang Islam masih boleh melaksanakan rukun iman 6 perkara dan rukun Islam 5 perkara. Anak muda LBGT walaupun wujud tapi masih ngeri nak menonjol, pendakwah Jesuit pun masih bergerak secara bersembunyi (kerana phobia UMNO dan Hassan Ali) dan Ananda Krishnan di Astro masih terpaksa makan hati berulam jantung kerana kandungan Astro masih bertapis.

Keadaan yang “not that bad” itulah yang pada pendapat saya harus kita pertahankan sementara menunggu kebangkitan sistem khalifah di seluruh dunia. Jika kita berlepas tangan atau terpedaya dengan menifesto bukan janji para Luciferian tu, percayalah bahawa NWO bakal datang sepantas kilat untuk menjadikan negara ini “extremely bad” kepada semua orang islam samada tua, muda hatta anak-anak kecil yang tidak berdosa.

Jika kita tidak cuba menentang atau memperlahankan kesan NWO itu ke atas Malaysia, maka yang akan paling terasa kesannya adalah anak-anak kita. Salahkah kita sebagai orang Islam cuba berusaha menentang serta memperlahankan kesan NWO? Bukankan menjaga masa depan anak-anak kita itu adalah amanah ke atas kita sebagai ibu bapa?

Ingin saya jelaskan bahawa jika UMNO itu thagut menurut persepsi Dr Wahbah az Zuhaili kerana penyakit KORUPSI, KRONISMA DAN NEPOTISMA (KKN). Maka PAKATAN itu berkali ganda lebih thagut dari segi literal kerana PAKATAN itu jelas membawa fahaman LBGT, LIBERALISMA DAN PLURALISMA (LLP).

At least penyakit KKN didalam UMNO sudah semakin sembuh akibat tekanan berterusan daripada ahli akar umbi UMNO dan serangan pembangkang. Jadi maksudnya UMNO itu bila ditempeleng masih boleh belajar dan diajar. Di dalam pembangkang pula virus LLP semakin ditempeleng semakin kurang ajar pula jadinya. Makin lantang protes oleh penyokong mereka sendiri menentang penggunaan kalimah Allah oleh kafir harbi, semakin menjadi-jadi Anwar Ibrahim dan anaknya mempromote Pluralism. Dato Nik Aziz pula bila semakin dikritik supaya jangan ikutkan kehendak DAP, semakin pula dia memanjakan kesemua kafir harbi tu.

So, Silalah pilih yang mana lebih membahayakan akidah dan moral anak-anak kita.




Bagi tujuan PRU 13 ini kami di Watchers Group tidak juga menganggap diri kami “menyokong” UMNO kerana terdapat sekurangnya 4 orang senior saya (termasuklah Imam Ali dari Kedah.. Ehem.. Marah dia kalau baca entri ni) yang secara peribadinya masih kuat bersentimental value dengan PAS. Namun untuk tujuan PRU-13 ini kami bersetuju bahawa hanya UMNO yang masih boleh ‘dipergunakan‘ oleh orang melayu Islam di malaysia untuk memperlahankan kemasukan NWO di Malaysia (Oleh itu Imam Ali dan lain-lain penyokong PAS di Watchers Group tahun ni dengan muka kelat akan pangkah calon mesra UMNO.. Hahaha).

Oleh itu, sekiranya ada orang bertanya kepada anda parti mana yang akan anda sokong maka jawablah seperti dibawah.

“Saya tak sokong, tapi tahun ini saya akan 
untuk menentang New World Order”
Selamat mengundi.. Selamat Mempergunakan UMNO.. Selamat Berjuang Menentang NWO.
Semoga suatu masa nanti di masa mendatang penyokong PAS dan penyokong UMNO akan bersatu mempertahankan yang hak dan menentang yang batil.
Lepas tu bila mereka dah bersatu barulah kita “PERGUNAKAN” kedua parti ini untuk membentuk kumpulan baru berjuang dibawah bendera yang sama yang berwarna hitam tu.
Bila dah bersatu di bawah tujuan yang sama.. maka sila bubarkan UMNO dan PAS..

( Artikel Sambungan di “Mempergunakan Demokrasi” memperjelaskan sedikit tentang sistem khalifah dari perspektif Watchers)

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I figured I need to update my blog ASAP but I can’t come up with anything good. Hence the title “Yadda Yadda” which sounded gibberish. To add salt to injuries this blog is getting ridiculously difficult to update no thanks to japanese manga comics which had been robbing my concentration ever since I discovered I can read one for free in the internet. First it was “Naruto” and then followed by “One Piece”. Now I have finished both I hope there aren’t anything better than these two manga titles.

So I decided to write this article which is solely based on my personal belief and experiences. I hope that’s okay for now because my mind is still blank for better ideas.


 Long time ago in one one of on January 2012 I wrote “CHAPTER 7 – WHAT’S BLACK AND POTRUDING?” as part of my “Jerejak” series. That story is looooong overdue but for the sake of some troublesome nagging readers I intend to continue with the next chapter as soon a possible. It was supposed to be written starting last December but like I said “Naruto” and “One Piece” had gotten in the way. So I guess the next chapter of Jerejak will have to wait until next month.

Speaking about the ‘Jerejak’ series, in “Chapter 7 – What’s Black And Potruding” I had told you (I hope you have at least read “Chapter 7″) of a true story about an Indonesian girl named Jurmayani (not her real name) who committed suicide in central Java in the 90’s. Taking a moral story from his experience, Imam has been telling the story repeatedly as part of his lecture on the topic of “the devil’s final deception”.

Now, the final deception here is actually that very short period of time before a Muslim is about to die when the Devil or Satan appears before him (or her) and tries to trick him into worshiping other than Allah. Imam Ali referred to it as “the final deception” but I personally like to rename it “the final whisper” because it that sound much creepier and Gothic (which is cool).

There are already several stories about how the Devil was able to con even the most pious of men. Perhaps the most familiar is the story of Barshiha (Barsiso) who was duped by the Devil into committing the worst sin ever. The story goes that Barsisa was a monk that had spent 60 years of his life worshiping Allah. Lucifer tried hard to seduce him, but could not. So Lucifer put the highest bounty of Barsisa’s soul for any of its minion capable of tricking Barsisa. One cheeky Satan with the expertise of sex and deception accepted the challenge. That Satan went to a beautiful woman and possessed her (maddening her). The same Satan then disguised itself as human and told the woman’s brothers to take her to Barsisha to receive treatment. So they did and after much begging by the brothers, Barsisha – out of the kindness of his heart – reluctantly accepted the task of healing the ill beautiful woman.

However, for the purpose of treatment the woman has to stay for a while at his house. One thing led to another and one day he unable to control his libido and slept with her and she got pregnant. Satan then whispered to Barsisha to kill her and the baby (noticed ‘human sacrifice here?) to conceal his crime. Afterwards Satan came to the brothers in their dream and told them about the whole crime. So the brothers went to the king and appealed for his help against the monk. The king’s troops came to arrest him and he was taken away. At the final moment before his death the Devil appeared before Barshisha and promised to rescue him if only Barshisha agreed to worship the Devil by simply nodding his head. Barshisha nodded once and at that moment the final deception was completed and the Devil abandon Barshisha leaving him to die as “al-Kafiruun” (disbelievers a.k.a people who worship other than Allah a.k.a Non-Muslim).    “

Being a lawyer by trade, I often heard light and yet modern version of such story from countless numbers of my clients. For example, in numerous cases the wife (or husband) discovered the promiscuity of their spouses after reading their spouse’s sms. I found it amusing thinking that a wife who had never bother to inspect her husband’s handpone before had – out of pure whim – suddenly decided to read the SMS at the perfect moment when the cheating bastard had forgotten to delete all his sex SMS. Like in the story of the Barsisha man where Satan went to report to the King about the princess’ death, it seems that Satan is also whispering to the ear of the wife persuading the wife to inspect that phones exactly at the right moment. What happened next is rather predictable. There would be hatred which led to divorce and other sorts of litigation between the once loving couple.

I also came to my own theory that the so called “Subtle Strategy” once employed on Barsisha had been such a huge success that Satans all over the world are now copying the gist of this strategy in order destroy other people life. Who knows, the Satan community might even named it the “Barsisha Strategy” to commemorate one of the biggest success Satan had achieved. The “Barshisa Strategy” is rather simple and yet effective, conned a man to commit crime and then alerted the “authority” to punish that man. Then if the opportunity presented itself corner than human into the brink of misery or death before conning him/her into becoming an Al-Kafiruun.

The story of Barshisha is a true story that demonstrates the basic strategy of how the Devil and Satan messed with human’s mind and life. However, most people who have read these stories usually process the moral lesson of these stories from a third person perspective, meaning that we usually view these stories were something that happened to others. It never occurred to us that the things that happened to Barshiha  is actually in the process of happening to all of us.

Satan is always persuading us to do bad things. First small things with little repercussions and later big things with dangerous repercussions if caught. Then when things is big enough to destroy the man’s life or the life of others around him, that is when Satan will plot to take him down and destroy everything he has.

The most damaging part of this strategy is that one moment when Satan will try to perform the “Final Whisper” when people are on their death bed. Bad people are always in fear of leaving this world behind so Satan came to them and tells them that he can extend their life if they worships him. This is the ultimate goal of Lucifer & Co against all human beings and is the core to all other strategies that is being implemented on all of us.

The truth is – You.. Me.. We.. Them .. Our parent.. Our Children.. Our Love Ones – We are all Basisha in the making… The only thing that different is how long the deception took place and how we finally responds to the final whisper itself.

**Note: I decided to add a bit from my comments section**

This “last whisper” thing is a very serious thing for all of us. Do not take it lightly. Just think it like this, Satan are willing to wait for the entire lifespan of a human in order to make one single checkmate. That’s how serious Satan think it is. So why should human take it less serious?

I would especially like to urge to parents with children to keep this thing in mind at all time. Regardless of what the rest of society is thinking, make sure that your children won’t grow up loving this world too much that your children is willing to go against Al-Quran and Sunnah to get it. If you can, prevent your children from planting an ambition to become movie stars, singers, and shrewd politicians when they grow up. Don’t let your children to listen that Indonesian song “Aku mau jadi kaya” or that stupid Malaysian song “Kalau aku kaya”. Songs from the US should also be off limits.

The point here is not to brainwash your children to grow up to become the sort of person who thinks that wealth, power, and vanity are a token of success. Dying people who cling too much to their worldly possession are most likely to say yes to Satan when Satan came to them and offered to prolong their life in return of them becoming Al-Kafiruun.

In Malaysia we have several politicians whom I believe will not make it through the final test. Especially that Kajang candidate, I don’t think he will make it as well as several others with him whom are willing to trade their race and religion for the sake of politics. They love politics and power too much that it will be extremely easy for Satan to come to them with fake promises and seduced them to say something blasphemous on their eleventh hour.

However, I guess we as Muslims must try. Try to visit anyone who is extremely ill and recite Quran and constantly whispers to him so say shahadah. Hopefully the recital of holy Quran from you can eminate enough energy to fuel the nearby Angel whom might be attempting to save his soul.


Now, for those who have read my previous articles ‘Lucifer vs Monkey‘ followed by ‘The Immortals‘, I have explained in length on why I believe that Lucifer as a species – is inferior in terms of intellect compared to human. I was presenting my opinion by comparing two species – Lucifer and Humans and said that humans are biologically more superior in terms of brain power. Basically I was saying that Lucifer is stupid as a species and I still stand by that.

But I also stated there that if there’s any effective cure for stupid being, then immortality is perhaps the best cure. Any species with a will and a mind of its own can learn through thousands years of trials and errors. This is the idea behind the  “infinite monkeys theorem” pioneered by Émile Borel who suggested that if you have enough monkeys banging randomly on typewriters for infinite amount of time, even these monkeys will eventually type the works of William Shakespeare.

However, to survive through thousands of years of continuous trials and errors require an extremely strong will. That being said then ‘revenge’ is known as one of the forte that can produced such will. We know that Lucifer absolutely despises Adam’s children and its promise for revenge is well known.

Because of his immortality on earth, it is also correct to say that “the passing of time” is not an issue when it came to Lucifer and his minions. For an immortal creature who had exist long before Adam and Eve was created, 60 or 70 years (the average lifespan of human being) of plotting against each and single of us is nothing. There is currently 7 billion humans on earth and he only have to plot against 1.6 billion moslems. There is basically no need to whisper on the deathbed of the rest 5.4 billion non-Moslems (the unbelievers) because they’re already “in da club”.

From Lucifer’s point of view, the entire lifespan of a single human being is just like a very long game of chess between the good and the evil. On one side there is Satan trying to score a checkmate in dragging us to hell while on the other side there is an angel trying its best to mitigate the damage by guiding us to do good things.

One of the best example into understanding Satan’s standard SOP (standard operating protocol) is by analyzing the story of black magic itself. When listening all the stories of how people got involved with black magic I began to realize one very similar SOP adopted by Satans which is also applied to the general public.Whenever a person is about to dwell into black magic, the conditions of the ‘contract’ imposed were usually the SIMPLEST thing to do. I mean, the deal offered by Satan always sounded like a steal. It would be shamefull not to grab such a good deal.

Let’s take an example of the story of ‘Susuk’. ‘Susuk’ as you know is a magic commonly used by the ladies to look younger and beautiful by inserting magical needles into the flesh of these ladies. The usual condition of the ‘contract’ is so extremely simple – thou shall not eat satay (skewered food).

How simple is that! Certainly not a problem right?! There’s lots and lots and lots of other dishes which are equally or more delicious that satay!! I mean there’s KFC, there’s rendang, there’s ketupat, nasi lemak, mee goeng, Pizza Hut, etc etc etc….

It always amazes me how such a simple ‘bait’ can eventually led so many people to hell. In this Susuk story, once the contract is agreed upon then Satan will start doing everything it can to trick that idiot lady into eating satay. Satay suddenly look extremely delicious and might even appears in her dream dancing and singing “Eat me! Eat me! Nanananaa…”

It is also the same with other form of black magic offered to beginners. There are black magic which require a person to feed the ‘spirit’ with just foods, then there’s one which requires that person to feed a demon with just a droplet of blood, and in one case happening in my town involving a `love spell’, the only prohibition is for that guy not to use the spell on a married woman (but he can use the spell on any single girls out there).

However, just like a game of chess, once the bait was taken then Satan will began cornering that person into doing things he/she was prohibited to do. Like that guy who with the ability to cast a powerful ‘love spell’, story goes that of all the beautiful girls in my town, he instead fallen in love for a married woman – and not even a good looking one!

Satans are of course responsible for all these events taking place by influencing you or people around you to do certain things. Once you entered into a contract then Satans will give its all to make sure you breached the contract and earn the penalty. It can either be some sort of misfortune or extreme sickness befalling you. This is where the subsequent stage of the strategy take place where you’re offered a “cure” but must re-entered into Contract version 2.0 which is more malicious and require heftier ‘payments’. Some payments might even involves of doing something very nasty like performing human sacrifice of killing other people. Then on the day when death appears to collect the damage soul, Satan will come to him with an offer he wouldn’t refuse – a cure that can rejuvenate his life – provided of course he worship Satan.

He then worship Satan..

And then DIE to go to hell.. because not even Satan can stop death when the number is up.

Like I said, it always started out as small things but can end up as huge things in the end.

What’s important to note here is the strategy deployed by Satan. Satan being not so bright creature seems to  rely on this old SOP all the time. The tactic seems to have never changed for millennium. Just make sure to offer human a deal which sounds too good to be true. Something extremely easy to perform in return of a benefit which sounds a thousand folds better. This is just a bait which is offered to all human beings. Once you’ve taken the bait then it’s like one domino is down and they move other. In a lifespan of each human there’s probably hundreds or thousands of domino to be gradually taken down one by one. However, what’s most important is of course the last domino itself.

Then there were times when people thought they were doing good things when in fact they’re doing the opposite. Like in the story of Barshiha, he started out helping the girl because he thought he was performing a good deeds. Another example of this happening to me is during solat. Whenever I was concentrating on my solat that Satan make me think ‘good things’ just to make me lose concentration. Like this one time when I was at 90% level of khusyuk and suddenly Satan was sort of saying to me “Whoaaa good job bro, 90% khusyuk? Impressive.. you should write that in your blog”. Because of that my mid start wondering for a few seconds on what to write in my blog rather than thinking only of just HIM.

Speaking of solat, I noticed however that whenever I spent like 20-30 minutes reading Al-Quran (my personal preference is Yaseen) at dawn (after solat) then it greatly improved my personal ‘barrier’ against Satan. I know this for a fact because whenever I read Yaseen in the morning after performing solat Subuh, it’s becoming very easy to concentrate my mind during solat for the rest of the day. Just 20-30 minutes reading Quran at and it seems like there’s an invisible fence being erected around me preventing Satan from messing with my mind and stealing my concentration during solat.

I also began to believe that not only reading Quran helps to re-energize this so called invisible fence, it also physically altered every atoms and quarks in the universe for creating a better destiny for me for the rest of the day. You should try it, spend like 20-30 minutes at dawn reading Al-Quran and if you’re lucky, then like my Watchers friends and I you too will notice these two weird coincidences began to happens namely (a) coincidences that prevents bad things to happen to you and (b) coincidence which discourages you from committing sinful things.

I have this imagination that for those who reads and have total faith in God and his wordings (Al-Quran), then even the space time continuum will be moved to accommodate a better destiny for that guy on day to day basis. In my imagination I see the rocks being moved to a precise position so he wouldn’t tripped on it while walking, I see the wind blowing the other direction so that his eyes will be protected against dust while he was riding motorcycle, and I even see the sand on the road being moved so his motorcycle wont slipped. This imagination is of course inspired by my personal understanding of the concept “Tiada Musibah Dalam Islam” (I wrote this in my previous 2012 article). The concept is hard to explain but based on the understanding that everything in this world is being controlled by the Al-Mighty. My friends and I believe that everything.. I mean everything… in this world is being put here for a reason and purpose. A rock might have been formed millions of years ago for the end purpose of falling on Anwar Ibrahim’s head in near future. A tiny ant might be borne for the purpose of biting someone crotch when he was driving which led to major accident. Even millions of tiny particle of on air might serve a purpose of finally creating a cloud that looks like the word “Allah” and then becoming viral in youtube and led to several hundred people embracing Islam. Who really knows, right? 

How come I am certain about this? From experience of course. I’m not that pious of person you know. There were times when bad habits from my youth days came back enticing me. It’s like Satan was saying to me “Remember in the old days, you and the guys used to go to that place to buy uncensored DVD? Don’t you wanna know the latest happening in the adult industry?“. Alhamdulillah I no longer have that terrible habit because I noticed certain so called ‘coincidences’ which stopped me from purchasing that kind of DVD (the shop was raided by the police and the vendor was arrested). Occasionally there were times when Satan suggested to me to surf the web in the middle of the night and I just couldn’t because I was dead tired and falls sleep instead (I planned to surf the web at 11pm but I catched cold at 6 pm. So I have to take medications for it and the pill caused me to fall asleep like a baby).

Now, you all must also noticed how things like this usually happens in reverse to most people. For example people normally feels dead tired and sleepy while listening to religious kulliyah but suddenly feels fresh and energetic when watching scantily clad women in TV shows. Well, whereas it is true that Satan plays a persuasive role in things like this, one has to remember that for each human being there is a Satan (Waswas) and Angel (Mulhim) always accompanying and trying to persuade human to do bad vs good. It would be wrong to adopt the mainstream views promoted by Hollywood movie that Satan is stronger because it wins more often than Angel. Angel is not weaker than Satan, it all goes down to the human being himself. A moslem who recites verses from Al Quran on daily basis will generates ‘fuel’ that empower the Angel to win the battle against Satan. Recite Al-Quran as often as possible and you’ll find out that you are literally losing energy to go clubbing and might even falls asleep before watching porn. Spend more time reading Quran and the entire universe might be physically altered to your benefits. I know a friend who told me that he was about to go to screw a girl but his car suddenly broke down midway to the hotel. In my case however, in my previous article I have told you about a disease which had caused me to be hospitalized thus stopping me from meeting a former girlfriend and two seductive pinoys.

That’s all for now and I hope this article is sufficient as an update for this blog. I will start writing the next chapter of Jerejak stories as soon as possible.

SIMPLE EXPERIMENT : I’ve been thinking on how my readers can perform a simple experiment to see if reading Al Quran indeed can help strengthen the barrier against Satan. I think this once is the simplest thing that can be done. Download an MP3 file of surah 3-Qul, Kursi and one or two longer ayats such as Al-Baqarah and Yaseen. Play these MP3 files all night next to you so you can hear it even while you’re sleeping (lower the volume a bit of course). Now let’s see if you can improve your concentration during solat Subuh (dawn prayer). This is the simplest experiment you can try. But bear in mind that simply listening to MP3 player cannot beat reading the Quran itself.
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(Lanjutan dari artikel sebelum ini iaitu “MEMPERGUNAKAN UMNO“. Sila baca artikel itu (klik disini) sebelum membaca yang ini.)

Hmm.. di Facebook dah ada pulak tersebar poster sebegini yang mengajak orang melayu supaya tak turun mengundi. Admin kempen ini memberi alasan bahawa demokrasi yg sedang didukong oleh Umno dan Pas itu adalah landasan jahiliah dan akan mendapat murka dari Allah. (?)

Berdasarkan pemerhatian saya kempen ini mula tersebar luar di kalangan facebookers melayu islam saja. Kempen ini tidak tersebar dikalangan facebookers non-muslim. Ini tidak membawa faedah kepada orang Islam di Malaysia kerana apabila semua orang kafir turun mengundi manakala ada orang Islam tak turun mengundi, itu hanya memberi keberuntungan kepada orang bukan islam sahaja.

Saya harap tak ada mana-mana pengunjung ke blog saya ini terlibat dalam kempen sebegini. Saya menghormati hak sahabat-sahabat yang anti-demokrasi. Tapi harap jangan sebarkan kempen sebegini kepada golongan muda yang tidak mengetahui dengan lebih terperinci maksud hujah-hujah Syeikh Imran Hossien atau yang sewaktu dengannya.

Semalam saya mendapat arahan urgent daripada dua senior saya agar menulis artikel ringkas mengenai profiling ‘the Watchers Group’ no. #16678 bertarikh 19 November 2008 yang bertajuk “the profile of the caliphate system in the end of time”. Kandungan perbicangan tersebut adalah panjang so saya akan beri ringkasan saja. Setuju atau tak setuju.. itu hak kita secara individu. Sesiapa pun boleh mengemukanan pandangan mereka di ruangan ‘comment’ tapi hendaklah berhemah. Sesiapa yang emo dalam memberi komen akan saya ‘delete’ komennya he he..

Baiklah.. kita mulakan sekarang.


Terdapat suatu teori / fahaman di internet yang membangkitkan persepsi bahawa sistem kekhalifahan Islam akan bangkit walaupun sebelum terbai’ahnya Imam Mahadi. Contohnya pertama di internet sekarang ialah kemunculan “Raja Nusantara” dari “Empayar Langkasuka Nusantara” (saya malas nak komen mengenai kredibiliti beliau di sini) yang mendakwa bahawa dia adalah waris kerajaan melayu lama yang akan membangkitkan sistem pemerintahan islam di Malaysia. Contoh kedua pula ada cerita merepek dari cybertroopers pembangkang yang mengatakan kononnya Perdana Menteri Turki Recep Tayyip Erdoğan telah menghubungi Anwar Ibrahim untuk sama-sama mengembalikan sistem kekhalifahan Islam sekiranya Anwar berjaya menjadi Perdana Menteri Malaysia.

Ini belum termasuk segelintir pembaca yang pernah menghantar berpuluh emel kepada saya dan mempromote ramalan mereka bahawa akan wujud kembali sistem pemerintahan ala-ala kerajaan melayu lama yang akan menjadi khalifah yang dinanti-nantikan oleh umat islam di Nusantara melayu. Juga terdapat satu lagi kumpulan yang sedang mengimpikan sistem khalifah sepertimana ketika kegemilangan Islam di zaman empayar Islam Umayyah dan/atau Abbasiyah.

Okay, sebelum saya meneruskan menulis, harap dengar dulu penjelasan kami bahawa kami di Watchers Group hanyalah sekumpulan profilers. Ramai yang membaca artikel saya berbahasa melayu rasanya tidak pernah membaca lagi artikel saya yang majoritinya berbahasa Inggeris dan oleh itu tidak memahami siapakah the Watchers Group dan bagaimana kami berfungsi. Kami bukan kumpulan peramal, kami hanya cuba memprofil secara literal kejadian di seluruh dunia bagi membolehkan kami meneka apa yang sedang berlaku dan mungkin berlaku di belakang hari. Oleh itu kemungkinan berlaku kesilapan memang diakui dan jika itu berlaku, kami mohon maaf.

So, semasa kami membincangkan susur galur ‘As-Sufyani’ (sepertimana di dalam artikel saya “Menjejaki Sufyani”), kami pernah sekaligus memprofilkan sistem pemerintahan yang paling ideal di dunia. Sila ambil perhatian bahawa kami mengatakan bahawa sistem ini ideal “di dunia” dan bukan sekadar di negara-negara Islam sahaja. Kami pada dasarnya bersetuju bahawa hanya ADA SATU BENTUK sistem memilih pemerintah yang benar-benar Islamik dan ideal iaitu sistem memilih pemimpin sepertimana yang diamalkan ketika “KHALIFAH AR-RASHIDUN”.

Kepada yang kurang jelas mengenai perkara ini, ingin saya jelaskan bahawa umat Islam secara dasarnya telah melalui dua bentuk ideologi berkerajaan iaitu sistem khalifah sebelum dan selepas perpecahan umat islam akibat pemberontakan Muawiyah Abu Sufyan

Sistem khalifah sebelum pemberontakan Muawiyah adalah sistem Khalifah Ar-Rashidin yang mana menggunakan konsep ‘syura’ (Ali Imran: 159, Al-Syura: 38), iaitu semacam sistem demokrasi menurut fahaman biasa. Namun perbezaannya denga demokrasi sekular ialah orang yang berhak memberi pendapat (atau mengundi) didalam majlis syura hendaklah orang yang berilmu dan beragama (@ alim ulamak) manakala orang yang thagut, kafir, munafik, khawarij dan lain-lain yang masih dimurkai Allah tentulah tidak layak ‘mengundi’. Khalifah Ar-Rashidin yang dipilih melalui sistem ini ialah Khalifah-Khalifah Abu Bakar Al-Siddiq, Umar Al-Khattab, Usman Affan dan Ali bin Abu Talib tersebut, itu kerana mereka dipandang sebagai Khalifah yang sempurna dan diberi petunjuk untuk melaksanakan Syariat Islam dengan ikhlas.

Walaubagaimanapun sistem khalifah Ar-Rashidin tamat dengan kemangkatan Saidina Ali Bin Abi Talib dan selepas itu bermulalah sistem kekhalifahan kedua yang dimulakan secara khianat oleh Muawiyah Bin Abu Sufyan. Maksud khianat di sini ialah Muawiyah pada awalnya telah melakukan perjanjian dengan Imam Hassan Bin Ali untuk mengembalikan sistem majlis syura untuk perlantikan khalifah seterusnya. Kandungan perjanjian mereka adalah seperti berikut:-


Ini adalah pernyataan damai dari Hasan bin ‘Alî kepada Mu’âwiyah bin Abî Sufyân, bahwa Hasan menyerahkan kepada Mu’âwiyah wilayah Muslimîn, dan Mu’âwiyah akan menjalankan Kitâb Allâh SWT dan Sunnah Rasûl Allâh saw. dan tata cara Khulafâ’ ur-Râsyidîn yang tertuntun, dan Mu’âwiyah bin Abî Sufyân tidak boleh mengangkat seseorang jadi khalîfah sesudahnya, tetapi akan diadakan lembaga syura di antara kaum Muslimîn dan bahwa masyarakat akan berada dalam keadaan aman di daerah Allâh SWT di Syam, Iraq, Hijaz dan Yaman, dan bahwa sahabat-sahabat ‘Alî terpelihara dalam keadaan aman, bagi diri, harta, para wanita dan anak-anak mereka, dan bahwa Mu’âwiyah bin Abî Sufyân setuju dan berjanji dengan nama Allâh bahwa Mu’âwiyah tidak akan mengganggu atau menganiaya secara tersembunyi atau terbuka terhadap Hasan bin ‘Alî atau saudaranya Husain bin ‘Alî atau salah seorang ahlu’l-bait Rasûl Allâh saw. dan tidak akan mengganggu mereka yang berada di seluruh penjuru dan bahwa Mu’âwiyah akan menghentikan pelaknatan terhadap ‘Alî.” {Ibnu Hajar, Shawâ’iq, hlm. 81}

Namun sepertimana yang kita sudah maklum melalui teks sejarah, Muawiyah mengkhianati perjanjian ini apabila melantik anaknya Yazid sebagai khalifah sehingga kemudiannya membawa kepada insiden perang Karbala yang menyaksikan pembunuhan cucu Rasulullah iaitu Hussin bin Ali. Tindakan Muawiyah melantik anaknya Yazid ini juga membawa kepada bermulanya sistem beraja didalam sejarah Islam iaitu Empayar Bani Umayyah dan kemudiannya Empayar Bani Abbasiyah dan kemudiannya pula Empayah Uthmaniah.

Dengan merujuk kepada kandungan perjanjian antara Imam Hassan dan Muawiyah, maka kami di Watchers Group berpendapat sistem melantik pemerintah yang ideal hanyalah melalui sistem syura dimana pemerintah dilantik oleh golongan yang berilmu dan beragama. Oleh itu kami bersetuju bahawa sistem demokrasi yang diilhamkan oleh orang-orang barat itu bukanlah sistem memilih pemerintah yang paling ideal kerana di dalam demokrasi orang-orang yang bodoh, thagut, munafik, kufur. homo, liberal dan pluralisma pun boleh terlibat memilih pemerintah.

Sepertimana sistem demokrasi bukanlah satu sistem ideal, maka begitu juga dengan sistem beraja. Sistem beraja di dalam sejarah Islam di tanah arab bermula pengkhianatan Muawiyah ke atas Saidina Hassan dan membawa kepada terpenggalnya kepala Saidina Hussin oleh Yazid dalam Perang Karbala. Jadi jika kita melihat dari segi teknikal, tenyata sistem demokrasi ciptaan barat dan sistem khalifah ciptaan Muawiyah itu sebenarnya sama saja pangkatnya kerana pemimpin bukan dipilih secara syura. Sistem demokrasi adalah dimulakan oleh orang kafir barat manakala sistem khalifah yang diamalkan semasa empayar Umayyah dan Abbasiyah adalah ciptaan Muawiyah dan anaknya yang munafik dan zalim.

Ttetapi ternyata sistem beraja yang dimulakan oleh Muawiyah itu tidak semestinya mendatangkan mudarat kepada umat Islam.Kita harus ingat bahawa kesemua empat mazhab Ahli Sunnah Wal Jamaah iaitu Maliki, Hanbali, Syafie dan Hanafi adalah berkembang samada di zaman Umayyah atau di bawah Kerajaan Bani Abbasiyah. Contohnya Mazhab Hanafi berkembang atas galakan Khalifah Umar Abdul Aziz di zaman Bani Umayyah manakala Mahzab Syafie  yang kita anuti berkembang semasa pemerintahan Khalifah Harun al-Rashid di zaman Kerajaan Bani Abbasiyah. Imam Shafie juga pernah bertugas sebagai hakim dibawah kerajaan Bani Abbasiyah manakala kitab Al-Muwatta oleh Imam Malik pernah hampir menjadi kitab undang-undang di zaman khalifah Abu Jafar Al-Mansur. Empayar Islam juga berkembang dengan sangat meluas ke seluruh dunia ketika sistem beraja ini.

Pada zaman kerajaan Abbasiyah juga lahirnya para Alim Ulama yang masyhur seperti Al-Biruni (fizik dan perubatan), Jabir bin Hayyan (kimia) Al-Khawarizmi (matematik) Al-Farazi (astronomi), Abu Ali Al-Hasan bin Haythami (kejuruteraan), Ibnu Sina (Perubatan), Ibnu Khaldun (Sejarahdan sosiologi), Al-Razi (kimia dan perubatan), Al-Battani (astronomi), Al Ya’qubi, (geografi), Abul Wafa (geometri dan trigonometri) dan ramai lagi. 

Apa yang ingin kami katakan disini ialah sistem beraja itu – walaupun tidaklah ideal seperti idealnya sistem khalifah ar-rashidin – ternyata tidak semestinya mendatangkan keburukan kepada syiar Islam. Semuanya bergantung kepada ‘nawaitu’ pemimpin dan usaha-usaha kepimpinan dan rakyat untuk menegak atau mempertahankan syiar Islam.

Saya percaya bahawa jika niatnya betul dan usahanya ikhlas, perkara yang sama boleh dilakukan oleh UMNO yang mengamalkan sistem demokrasi. Malahan perkara ini sudahpun pernah berlaku di Zaman Tun Mahathir. Jika serangan matawang pada 1998 itu diistilahkan sebagai perang bentuk baru, maka negara kita adalah satu-satunya negara Islam berjaya mengalahkan tentera kafir yang membelanjakan ber-trilion dollar untuk menjajah negara-negara Islam di Asia Tengara. Begitu juga jika dilihat dari segi kekuatan pengaruh Malaysia di dalam isu-isu antarabangsa terutama yang melibatkan negara Islam, dari skala abad pertengahan Malaysia boleh dikatakan telah berjaya menjadi empayar yang mewakili negara-negara dunia ketiga.

Dalam masa yang sama, sistem beraja dan demokrasi ini semuanya hanyalah bersifat sementara. Ya kedua-duanya boleh dipergunakan untuk kebaikan tapi ianya bukanlah sistem yang paling ideal. Ini kerana kegemilangan negara dan umat samada di bawah sistem beraja mahupun sistem demokrasi adalah terlalu bergantung kepada pemimpin teratas dalam kerajaan. Jika pemimpinnya cemerlang maka negara dan agama pun gemilang, tapi jika pemimpin pun rosak maka negara dan agama ikut tumbang.

Ini terbukti benar dalam sejarah Bani Umayyah dan Bani Abbasiyah. Sepanjang pemerintahan Khalifah Ummaiyyah di Damsyik terdapat 14 orang raja namun Khalifah yang cemerlang hanyalah empat iaitu Abdul Malik bin Marwan (685-705M), Al-Walid bin Abdul Malik (705-715M), Umar bin Abdul Aziz (717-720M) dan Hasyim bin Abdul Malik (724-743M). Begitu juga dengan dizaman Bani Abbasiyah terdapat 55 orang raja namun yang paling gemilang adalah Khalifah Harun Ar-Rasyid. Kedua-dua empayar Islam ini juga bergelut dengan masalah korupsi dan pemerintahan yang thagut yang pada akhirnya menyebabkan keruntuhannya.

Jom berhenti bertenang dan nikmati dulu iklan tidak berbayar dibawah sebelum sambung baca artikel ini

Okeh, jom sambung.. He he..

Di awal artikel ini saya mengatakan bahawa sistem memilih pemimpin yang PALING IDEAL hanya satu iaitu pemerintah yang dipilih melalui majlis syura yang dianggotai oleh orang-orang berkelayakan iaitu  alim (beragama) dan ulama (bijaksana) di dalam masyarakat. Beginilah keadaannya pemimpin dipilih di zaman khalifah ar-rashidin. Apabila telah dipersetujui individu yang akan menjadi khalifah tersebut maka kesemua ketua-ketua kumpulan dalam masyarakat akat berbai’ah taat setia kepadanya selagimana dia melaksanakan amal maaruf nahi mungkar (mengajak kepada kebaikan dan mencegah kemungkaran).

Firman Allah:

“Dan orang-orang yang beriman, lelaki dan perempuan, setengahnya menjadi penolong bagi setengahnya yang lain; mereka mengajak kepada kebaikan dan mecegah daripada berbuat kejahatan dan mereka mendirikan sembahyang dan memberi zakat, serta taat kepada Allah dan RasulNya. Mereka itu akan diberi rahmat oleh Allah; sesungguhnya Allah Maha Kuasa, lagi Maha Bijaksana.” (at-Taubah: 71)

Semasa kami menerbitkan pendapat kami (iaitu Watchers Malaysia) mengenai perkara ini pada 2008 di dalam forum no. #16678 bertarikh 19 November 2008, terdapat tiga ahli Watchers International yang non-muslim (dari US dan Britain) yang secara berhemah mempertikaikan pendapat kami atas alasan bahawa kaedah memilih pemimpin seperti diamalkan 1400 tahun yang lalu tidak semestinya sesuai pada zaman moden ini. Mereka berhujah bahawa tiada sebarang asas bagi membuktikan bahawa sistem memilih pemimpin melalui majlis syura boleh menjamin stabiliti berkerajaan.

Maka kami pada waktu itu kami pun memberitahu mereka bahawa sistem melantik pemimpin melalui konsep syura telahpun dibuktikan berkesan di zaman moden ini. Ini kerana terdapat satu organisasi antarabangsa dan satu negara kuasa besar yang telah meniru sepenuhnya konsep syura dan telah terbukti kestabilan organisasi dan negara tersebut semenjak beratus tahun yang lalu.


“Organisasai antarabangsa” yang melantik pemimpin mereka meniru konsep syura di zaman khalifah ar-rashidin adalah tidak lain tidak bukan musuh terbesar kita umat islam iaitu orginasasi rahsia ILLUMINATI itu sendiri

Manakala negara yang melantik pemimpin negara meniru konsep syura adalah juga musuh besar kita iaitu para JESUIT di Vatican.

Sepertimana yang anda tahu, Vatican adalah secara teknikalnya sebuah negara berdaulat yang mana ketua negaranya adalah Pope. Pihak Vatican tidak melaksanakan sistem demokrasi dimana rakyat vatican semua turun mengundi, sebaliknya Pope dipilih di dalam satu sidang yang dinamakan ‘Papal Conclave’ dimana ketua-ketua paderi (kira macam alim ulamak kristianlah ni) yang berpangkat ‘Cardinals’ akan datang dari seluruh dunia untuk berbincang sesama mereka dan berhujah siapakan yang paling layak diangkat menjadi Pope. Selepas itu barulah para cardinals dikurung didalam gereja Sistine Chapel untuk mengundi sehingga konklusif keputusan undian.

Begitu juga dengan gereja Illuminati. Ketua Paderi dikalangan penyembah setan ini melaksanakan perkara yang persis serupa dengan Vatican. Malahan pernah dikatakan bahawa proses itu berlaku ruang rahsia ’13 catacombs’ yang berada di bawah tanah Vatican.

Sila ambil perhatian bahawa pemilihan pemimpin melalui konsep syura telah dilakukan dizaman khalifah ar-rashidin 1400 tahun yang lalu. Sistem ‘papal conclave’ pula hanya bermula 900 tahun yang lalu. Itu saja sudah cukup untuk membuktikan  siapa yang meniru siapa.

Semenjak para Pope dilantik oleh para cardinals didalam ‘papal conclave‘, ternyata sistem ini telah memberikan kestabilan kepada kerajaan Vatican untuk memerintah negara dan seterusnya mengembangkan ajaran agama kristian. Tiada tunjuk perasaan di jalanan, atau demo BERSIH, atau demo Reformasi, atau pemberontakan ala-ala Arab Spring pernah berlaku di Vatican. Perkara yang sama turut berlaku kepada ILLUMINATI yang juga mengunakan konsep syura versi mereka dimana hanya pangkat tertinggi di dalam herarki 33 degree yang menghadiri proses memilih pemimpin. ILLUMINATI terus berkembang dan kini hampir menguasai dunia walaupun hanya diorganisasikan secara teratur semenjak tahun 1776.

Keyakinan kami kepada pemilihan pemimpin secara syura semakin teguh apabila kami memprofilkan cara Imam Mahadi dilantik. Imam Mahadi bukannya dilantik secara demokrasi melalui peti undi. Imam Mahadi dikejar keliling Kaabah oleh sembilan orang alim yang kemudian memaksa beliau menerima jawatan Imam sebelum mereka kemudiannya berbai’ah kepadanya. Ciri ciri kejadian dimana khalifah pada awalnya berat hati dilantik sebagai khalifah sehingga terpaksa dipujuk dan dipaksa, kemudian dilantik oleh hanya segolongan alim ulamak dan kemudian dilakukan bai’ah adalah ciri-ciri kejadian yang telah berlaku ke atas kesemua keempat-empat khulafa ar-Rashidin selepas wafatnya Rasulullah. Oleh itu jelas bahawa Allah sendiri telah mentakdirkan Imam Mahadi itu sendiri dilantik melalui konsep syura.

Saya akan berhenti menulis sekarang sebab artikel ini kalau semakin panjang, maka semakin sikit pembacanya (dan semakin banyak pengkirtiknya). Saya berharap apa yang disampaikan secara ringkas di sini dapat difahami oleh para pembaca budiman (tak kiralah samada setuju atau tidak dengan saya).

Secara ringkasnya ingin saya beritahu juga bahawa :-

  • Kami di Watchers Group memang pro-sistem kekhalifahan tapi dengan syarat ianya adalah sistem memilih pemerintah sepertimana khalifah ar-Rashidin kerana inilah cara memilih pemerintah yang PALING IDEAL.
  • Sebarang konsep lain selain dari khalifah ar-Rahshidin tak kiralah sistem demokrasi moden atau sistem beraja seperti dizaman abbasiyah / umayyah, juga boleh digunakan ke arah kebaikan iaitu bergantung kepada keikhlasan pemimpin menegakkan amal maruf nahi mungkar dan keberanian masyarakat menegur atau mempengaruhi pemimpin agar memimpin secara berhemah.
  • Mana-mana individu sinting yang masuk bakul angkat sendiri dan mengistiharkan di Facebook bahawa dia adalah raja atau sultan dari empayar melayu lama – kononnya dialah bakal khalifah Islam sedangkan dia tidak pun dipilih melalui proses syura – maka lebih baik ‘block’ atau ‘unfriend’ dia dari akaun Facebook anda.
      • Sementara menunggu Imam Mahadi dibai’ahkan, maka sebaiknya kita orang Islam berusaha dulu mempertahankan ad-Din kita daripada serangan para musuh Islam yang mempromosi pluralism, liberalism dan LBGT.
        • Dan akhir sekali.. Pergunakanlah UMNO.. TOLONGLAH BAH turun mengundi.. Terutama sesiapa yang pernah membaca artikel saya bertajuk “WHAT IF” tu tentunya faham mengapa saya desperate sangat tak nak NWO muncul di Malaysia. Kesian laa kat budan-budak tu..

          Source Blog


          Ini adalah artikel yang khas ditujukan kepada ahli-ahli UMNO yang merancang hendak mengundi calon pembangkang sebagai tanda protes kerana calon pilihan mereka tidak terpilih. Juga saya tujukan pada pemimpin-pemimpin UMNO yang merajuk tidak dicalonkan sehingga nak melakukan sabotaj.

          Pembaca yang tidak berminat dengan isu sabotaj dalam UMNO adalah digalakkan membaca artikel saya yang lain sebelum ini iaitu “MEMPERGUNAKAN UMNO” yang mana lebih relevan dengan pandangan umum.

          * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

          Ini berlaku baru-baru ini diantara saya dengan seorang sahabat yang mula naik suara mempertahankan Pembangkang ketika kami berbual mengenai pilihanraya. Saya terpaksa buat begini untuk mengelakkan debat yang membawa kepada rasa sakit hati:-

          Saya: Ok lah bro, kita tak usah debatlah sebab semua orang bebas mengundi pilihan masing-masing. Aku cuma cadangkan kita bersumpah untuk untuk menetapkan pendirian kita di masa akan datang saja. Aku mulakan dulu ya. Wallahi Wabillahi Wattalahi aku bersumpah tidak akan berdusta di masa akan datang iaitu mengatakan kononnya aku mengundi Pakatan dalam pilihanraya ke 13 ini. Sekarang aku minta kau pula bersumpah.

          Sahabat: Kenapa pula aku perlu bersumpah begini??

          Saya: Supaya kita berdua tidak hipokrit di masa akan datang. Manalah tau memang Pakatan akan menang PRU ini dan betul ramalan aku bahawa negara ini akan dimusnahkan oleh pemimpin kau. Janganlah pula 5-6 tahun dari sekarang aku dengar kau berbohong pada orang keliling kau yang pada 2013 ni kau adalah pengundi BN. Ingat, ini pilhan kita so jangan antara kita nak mengelak pertanggungjawaban di masa akan datang biar apa pun berlaku. Kalau Pakatan memerintah lebih cemerlang dari BN, aku akan terima apa juga sindiran dan malahan maki hamun dari orang keiling aku pada waktu itu. Aku tak akan curi kredit penyokong Pakatan hari ini.

          Dan sahabat saya itupun terus belah setelah enggan bersumpah…

          * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * 

          Artikel kali ini saya tujukan khusus untuk pemimpin dan penyokong UMNO yang merajuk dan bakal mensabotaj UMNO/BN melalui undi protes.

          Sahabat saya dalam perbualan diatas sebenarnya ahli UMNO yang merajuk kerana satu muka lama di Tawau iaitu Datuk Abdul Ghapur bin Salleh masih lagi dikekalkan sebagai calon ahli parlimen bagi satu daerah di Tawau. Oleh itu sahabat saya ini yang merupakan penyokong kuat seorang lagi pemimpin tempatan UMNO yang bernama Osman Jamal pun “merajuk” kerana Osman Jamal tidak jadi dicalonkan bagi daerah itu dan sekarang sahabat saya itu giat kehulu-kehilir berkempen agar pengundi mensabotaj UMNO dengan mengundi calon bebas atau pembangkang.

          Jadi kebetulan sahabat saya itu ada urusan sehingga datang berkunjung ke daerah saya dan berlakulah perbualan yang berkisar kepada PRU13 di Sabah. Saya menasihatkan beliau supaya jangan mensabotaj UMNO tahun ini kerana pilihanraya ini bakal menentukan masa depan dan agama bangsa melayu. Namun sahabat saya tu “mengencang” (berkeras) hendak mengundi Pembangkang juga. Dia kata kepimpinan tertinggi UMNO harus diperingatkan agar lebih mendengar kehendak akar umbi dan jangan berterusan meletakkan pemimpin yang beliau gelar ‘non-performing dinasour’.

          Saya tidak begitu tahu keperibadian Datuk Abdul Ghapur ni sebab ini saya agak jarang juga ke Tawau. Namun yang saya dengar ialah beliau adalah salah seorang dari kumpulan ’19 September’ yang diwar-warkan pernah merancang hendak ‘cross over’ ke kem Anwar Ibrahim. Identiti pemimpin UMNO yang dikatakan pernah dipancing menggunakan politik wang untuk melompat ketika peristiwa ’19 September’ adalah sesuatu yang diketahui umum di seluruh Sabah.

          Saya sebenarnya merasa simpati juga dengan PM kita sekarang yang terpaksa membuat percaturan semasa menamakan calon-calon di seluruh Malaysia. Apabila PM menggunakan istilah “winnable candidate” (calon boleh menang) ramai yang beranggapan bahawa maksud “winnable candidate” merujuk kepada “favourable candidate” iatu calon yang paling disenangi di satu-satu kawasan. Namun masyarakat gagal memahami faktor matematik di sebalik pemilihan calon. Hanya kerana seorang calon muka baru itu disenangi oleh masyarakat tidak semestinya menjadikan beliau “winnable”. Bagi memilih calon maka terdapat tiga faktor yang perlu diambil kira iaitu peratusan faktor populariti, peratusan pengundi pembangkang dan akhir sekali peratusan faktor sabotaj dalaman.

          Contohnya calon muka baru Encik A. Encik A mungkin calon muka baru pilihan akar umbi UMNO dan oleh itu faktor populariti adalah 60% manakala pengundi pembangkang adalah 40%. Kalau dilihat dari dua faktor ini saja maka secara logiknya Encik.A lah yang dicalonkan menggantikan penyandang Encik B. Namun hasil risikan juga mendapati bahawa sekiranya Encik A dicalonkan maka Encik B mampu mensabotaj dari dalam sehingga melenyapkan 20% undi kepada Mr A. Akibatnya Mr A yang merupakan calon “favorable” tetap tidak menjadi calon “winnable” kerana angka rasmi berakhir dengan 60% – 20%=40% sahaja. Maka sepertimana berlaku di daerah kawan saya tu, terpaksalah calon dinasour dikekalkan kerana perkiraan matematik meramalkan si dinasour tu tetap “possible winnable” walaupun sekadar 50-50 sahaja.

          Perkara ini memang berlaku dalam UMNO dimana ramai pemimpin UMNO mempunyai kumpulan “saboteuer” mereka sendiri bagi tujuan menggertak kepimpinan tertinggi. Ini adalah satu contoh klasik akan kelemahan sistem demokrasi itu sehingga boleh menjejaskan kepimpinan negara.

          Namun kepada rakyat marhaen, ingin saya katakan disini bahawa masalah ini ada ubatnya dan ubatnya itu adalah kita sendiri sebagai rakyat. Sekiranya anda ingin memprotes terhadap dinasour-dinasour ini maka janganlah dulu dilakukan semasa pilihanraya kerana bangsa, agama dan negara kita akan menerima musibah yang dahsyat sekiranya UMNO tumbang pada pilihanraya ini. Cara terbaik untuk memprotes ialah selepas pilihanraya. Saya sendiri bercadang untuk mengkritik habis-habisan mana-mana pemimpin UMNO di Sabah yang masih lagi tidak berkerja walaupun selepas memenangi semula pilihanraya kawasannya. Dengan menggunakan hikmat kungfu “keyboard warrior”, saya akan pastikan kesemua non-performing leaders di Sabah tak akan senang duduk kalau gagal menepati janji. Malahan hikmat kungfu memblogging ini akan saya perhebatkan ke jurus paling tinggi sehinggakan mereka yang tidak perform ini akhirnya menyesal kerana minta dicalonkan semasa PRU13.

          Kepada semua dinasour-dinasour UMNO di Sabah yang memenangi semula kawasan masing-masing (insyaAllah), jangan sangka selepas 2013 anda semua masih boleh duduk di office menggaru punggung tak buat kerja tau. PRU13 telah membuktikan betapa dahsyatnya tekanan yang boleh diberikan kepada pemimpin yang korup dan tidak berkerja. Lihat saja Menteri Besar Kelantan dan Kedah yang sehingga masuk hospital itu and you’ll get my point.

          Okay, kembali semula kepada senario “undi protes” dikalangan penyokong UMNO ini, saya sebenarnya pernah menyentuh sedikit mengenainya pada November 2008 di MYKMU. Tajuk artikel tersebut ialah “STUPID PRESUMPTION OF A SIMILAR KIND” namun sudah tiada dalam arkib MYKMU. Namun seorang blogger iaitu Bujang Senang (ini bukan saya) pernah menerbitkannya semula di dalam ruangan komen di (klik sini). Berikut adalah sedikit petikan dari artikel saya tersebut”-

          “If my prediction is correct, we will see the misfortune that had befall us on PRU-12 March 2008 repeating itself in the next UMNO General Assembly March 2009. Remember what had happened during the nation’s 12th general election? Millions of UMNO / BN loyalists all over the country cast their precious votes in favor of the opposition because they were trapped under presumption that their votes wouldn’t make a difference. Duped by the opposition’s calling of “jom kurangkan majoriti”, each and everyone of them assume that Barisan Nasional is too strong to be shaken that a couple of missing votes from them will not change history. Under such presumption and coupled with dissatisfaction towards Paklah’s policies, some cast their votes for Anwar Ibrahim, others deliberately cast bad votes, while the remaining in the category didn’t even bother to go to vote at all.”

          Didalam artikel tersebut saya memprofilkan mentaliti perwakilan UMNO yang akan membawa kepada kemenangan Khairy Jamaluddin dalam perebutan Jawatan Ketua Pemuda UMNO. Ternyata pada 2009 beliau benar-benar berjaya mengalahkan saingannya iaitu Mukhriz Mahathir dan Khir Toyo.

          Oleh itu pada kali ini saya nak sentuh lagi mengenai mentaliti sesetengah orang melayu yang bakal merugikan negara, bangsa dan agama ni.

          Pada pendapat saya, majoriti orang melayu ni masih dijangkiti sindrom “anak manja”. Saya tahu benar mengenai sindrom ini kerana saya sering benar melihatnya berlaku didalam kes-kes kriminal di Mahkamah yang melibatkan pesalah muda di Mahkamah.

          Boleh dikatakan hampir kesemua pesalah muda yang akhirnya mendarat di lokap mahkamah ini mempunyai mentaliti yang sama iaitu keyakinan bahawa ayah dan ibu (terutamanya ibu) mereka akhirnya akan tetap berusaha menyelesaikan masalah mereka.

          Berbeza dengan pesalah muda lain yang tidak mempunyai ibu dan bapa untuk bergantung harapan, anak-anak manja ini mempunyai keyakinan bahawa tidak kira betapa nakal pun perbuatan mereka, yang penting ialah “esok masih ada” untuk mereka. Persepsi mereka memang benar kerana tak kira apa pun berlaku, selepas selesai menjalani hukuman mereka akan tetap ada tempat berlindung di rumah ibu bapa dan ibu bapa akan tetap memberi makan dan minum kepada mereka.

          Inilah juga mentaliti yang dimiliki oleh orang-orang UMNO yang nak mengundi protes ni. Di Malaysia majoriti kita yang lahir selepas merdeka tidak pernah kenal hidup selain dari kehidupan di bawah pemerintahan UMNO. Ini secara kiasannya samalah seperti seolah-olah kita tinggal di sebuah planet yang bernama planet UMNO. Tidak kira apa bentuk pencemaran dan kerosakan yang kita lakukan ke atas planet UMNO ini, namun kita tetap yakin planet ini tidak akan terjejas teruk.

          (Kita lihat mentaliti serupa dikalangan masyarakat planet bumi. Apabila seseorang membuang bahan toksik ke sungai, di dalam fikirannya perbuatannya itu hanya kesalahan kecil yang tidak akan menyebabkan kehancuran bumi.)

          Sepertimana yang berlaku semasa PRU12, saboteur dalam UMNO pada tahun 2013 ini masih ‘confident’ bahawa sabotaj yang akan mereka lakukan tidak akan membawa kepada lenyapnya planet UMNO ini. Niat mereka sebenarnya hanyalah untuk “menjentik” UMNO sebagai hukuman kerana tidak menuruti kemahuan mereka namun dalam masa yang sama mereka masih mahu selesa hidup mereka di planet UMNO.

          Ramai anak-anak manja UMNO ini pada hari ini bermati-matian melakukan ‘pencemaran’ dan ‘kerosakan’ ke di atas planet UMNO mereka namun dalam masa yang sama mahukan keselesaan hidup mereka di planet ini akan terus berkekalan hingga ke hari esok. Perosak-perosak planet ini tetap mahu berkereta selepas pilihanraya, masih boleh pergi berkerja, masih boleh pergi shopping di Pasaraya dan lain-lain. Malahan ramai dikalangan penyokong tegar pembangkang dan saboteur dalam UMNO pada waktu ini sedang berkira-kira bagaimana hendak membelanjakan wang BR1M sebanyak RM1000 yang dijanjikan oleh UMNO selepas pilihanraya.

          Namun hakikatnya mereka lupa bahawa planet UMNO sudah begitu lama rosak oleh perbuatan mereka selama ini sehinggakan planet UMNO kini sudah retak seribu dan kini akan meletup dan hancur pada bila-bila masa. Dan yang ironinya ialah melayu di planet ini masih tetap mahu meneruskan kerosakan dan melakukan sabotaj takala planet mereka tinggal nyawa-nyawa ikan.

          Sepatutnya, mentaliti “anak manja” ini tidak boleh diaplikasikan didalam survival politik bangsa. Hakikat yang nyata bahawa pertukaran pemerintah di akhir zaman ini lebih banyak membawa risiko kemusnahan akibat dari pengkhianatan musuh dari luar. Lihat saja apa yang telah berlaku di negara-negara arab pada masa ini. Saya yakin pendemo-pendemo arab spring di Libya, Mesir dan Syria sendiri sebenarnya terperanjat dengan hasil Arab-Spring mereka. Di Syria contohnya, siapa sangka kehidupan rakyat marhaen di Syria boleh berubah sebegitu extreme hanya dalam 11 bulan??

          Saboteur-saboteur dalam UMNO ni sebenarnya tahu perbuatan mereka salah namun mereka menyangkakan bahawa perbuatan mereka melakukan sabotaj tidak akan meruntuhkan UMNO. Mereka tetap mahu hidup di zaman UMNO namun dek kerana “ego & emo” maka berlakulah perbuatan sabotaj ini.
          Saya merayu agar mereka tidak melakukan perbuatan ini kerana langsung tiada manfaatnya buat masa ini. UMNO pada 2013 ini bukanlah sepertimana UMNO di zaman kegemilangannya di bawah Tun Mahathir. Kalau UMNO di zaman Tun tu, korang nak jentik UMNO puas-puas pun tak apa sebab UMNO masa tu sihat walafiat. UMNO pada 2013 ni sakit tenat sehinggakan kalau dijentik pun mungkin tumbang terus.

          Jadi soalan saya kepada saboteur-saboteur dalam UMNO ini, adakah mereka sudah cukup persediaan untuk memulakan hidup baru di planet yang lain? Dan benarkan planet yang lain itu lebih selesa daripada planet UMNO? Bagaimana jika terbukti dakwaan bahawa planet lain yang kononnya lebih indah itu sebenarnya tidak wujud? Ke mana lagi kita hendak pergi?

          (Note: Saya tahu mesti ada rakan pembaca yang sekarang ini sedang berkata “jom tinggalkan planet UMNO dan berhijrah ke planet khalifah Islam Al-Mahdi!!”.. Ya betul, tapi nak berhijrah ke planet tu pun kena ada persiapan juga kan? Lagipun planet tu rasanya jauh lagi tu. So sementara belum cukup persiapan ni, lebih baik kita pelihara dulu planet UMNO kita hatta buat sementara)

          Source Blog


          So someone sent email to me asking “PRU13 is coming.. how’s your prepping sir?”

          I saw this in facebook, holy crap! those idiots really want these? 
          Also I saw this in a blog (click here) which signals for street revolution, really?

          I’m not one to brag (usually) but I do think I need to proof to my readers that I’m still prepping and I’m dead serious about this illuminati blueprint shit (click here to read my 2008 article  2013 ILLUMINATI BLUEPRINT ) .

          So just as a last minute reminder and to boost your motivation to prep (so that you know you’re not the only paranoid person in this country), here’s some photos of my latest prepping.

          I will try my best to write an article on surviving Malaysian-Spring if that really happens this May. But for the time being I’m a bit busy adding rice and canned foods on my prepping list.

          medicines.. lots of it for the whole family

          lady stuffs and baby stuffs

          mobile cooker, cooking oil and a few canned foods. 
          (tomorrow I’ll make sure every inch of remaining spaces will be filled with rice)

          vacuumed rice and canned foods
           There’s more and more of these inside my house, my parent’s house and my in-laws house.
           car batteries (2), portable fan & lamp (2), tent (2) and portable solar panel.

           when the shit hits the fan, there will be a looooong que at the fuel station. There’s 3 of these all filled up with with petrol in my house, another two at my in-laws and another four at my parent’s.

            rice only provides carbohidrat.. so you need protien too.. I spent quite a lot foe these boxes of canned foods (mostly sardines though because it’s cheap).
          I need to buy more of these.. I don’t think 50ml of nicotine is enough for the whole year
           three babat guns version 1.0 and 2.0.. a slingshot with marbles as projectiles and several commercial arrows for slingbows.. On the far right is a handfull of chopsticks with iron nails tied on top.. I made  almost a hundred of these projectiles for my babat guns.

          Hmmm.. hopefully this roof rack will come handy.


          Dari Abu Hurairah ra katanya- Rasulullah SAW bersabda ” nanti akan berlaku fitnah (kekacauan). Orang yang duduk dalam menghadapai fitnah itu lebih baik dari berdiri. Orang yang berdiri  lebih baik dari berjalan. Orang yang berjalan lebih baik dari yang berlari. Siapa yang kemuka hadapan semasa kekacauan, nescaya akan dimurkakan Allah. Maka siapa yang memperolehi tempat berlindung, hendaklah dia berlindung” Hadis Sahih Bukari no 1871 m/s 130  

          (sumber dari blog Anakbukitgantanag in Putrajaya)

          Source Blog


          Berikut adalah terjemahan artikel saya yang ditulis pada 2009.

          (artikel dalam bahasa Inggeris – klink sini)

          Mudah-mudahan diberikan rezeki dan rahmat kepadaBLACK DRAGON kerana kesudian beliau menterjemah artikel antik saya ini sedangkan saya tidak mampu membayar.

          Terima kasih BLACK DRAGON!!

          2013 ILLUMINATI PELAN INDUK - 

          Pada 22 Disember 2009, saya menghantar sebuah artikel di berhubung pemprofilan kami (Kumpulan Watcher) mengenai apa yang akan berlaku di Syria. Tidak ramai pembaca membacanya pada ketika itu, namun saya tetap bersyukur kerana dua blogger ( dan yang menyiarkannya semula dalam blog mereka.

          Dalam artikel saya pada bulan Mac 2011″THE ‘REVOLUTION’ TOWARDS AS-SUFYANI?” saya menyebut artikel ini sekali lagi tetapi tanpa pautan kepadanya. Sejak itu, saya telah menerima beberapa permintaan untuk menyiarkan semula artikel 2008 tentang ramalan mengenai Syria diterbitkan di sini. Baiklah, inilah artikel itu:


          Ini adalah artikel terbaru saya sebagai sambungan terhadap artikel “2013 Illuminati Blueprint” yang telah diterbitkan di MYKMU dan (terima kasih azhar!) baru-baru ini.

          Beberapa orang pembaca telah pun menghantar e-mel kepada saya supaya memberikan penjelasan lanjut mengenai ramalan Salib Asli (True Cross). Sebenarnya perkara ini telah pun dibincangkan secara ringkas dalam balasan kepada artik
          Novus Ordos Seclorum & The All Seeing Eyes articles, tetapi untuk memudahkan para pembaca dan berikutan cadangan daripada pemerhati Illuminati lain dari timur tengah, kini saya akan menghuraikan lebih lanjut lagi mengenai ramalan ini yang kini hampir lengkap sepenuhnya.

          Tujuan pendedahan maklumat ini kepada anda bukanlah semata-mata untuk menakutkan anda (sekurang-kurangnya bukan sengaja). Selepas membaca artikel ini, anda akan menyedari bahawa kita mempunyai prospek yang lebih baik untuk meniti usia tua berbanding saudara Muslim kita di Syria. Mungkin ada antara kita yang menganggap ia sebagai berita baik, orang lain mungkin mempunyai anggapan yang berbeza.

          (Peringatan: Sebahagian kandungan artikel ini adalah berdasarkan pada Mitologi Kristian)

          Perkataan “Salib Asli” merujuk kepada Palang Kayu yang diyakini digunakan untuk menyalib Nabi Isa sebelum baginda ditombak oleh Askar Rumawi yang bernama Longinus dan berdarah sehingga mati. Dalam mitologi Kristian, tiga item yang terlibat sewaktu penyaliban telah menjadi relik suci iaitu Palang Kayu yang kemudian dinamakan sebagai “Salib Asli” (True Cross), sebatang Lembing yang digunakan turut mendapat nama “Lembing Takdir” (Spear Of Destiny), (Injil John 19:31–37) dan Cawan yang digunakan untuk menapai darah Nabi Isa yang menitis yang amat dikenali sebagai “Cangkir Suci” (Holy Grail). Kemudian, dipercayai pula bahawa ketiga-tiga relik suci ini boleh memberikan kuasa mutlak kepada sesiapa yang memilikinya terutamanya jika ia digabungkan bersama-sama.

          Kini, terdapat dua pandangan berbeza dalam Kumpulan Watcher yang diambil oleh umat Islam dan Kristian berdasarkan fahaman agama masing-masing. Di sebelah Kristian, mereka percaya bahawa orang yang disalib itu adalah Isa, oleh itu semua peninggalan yang pernah berlumuran darah baginda adalah SUCI dan kuasa relik ini bersumberkan sesuatu yang kudus. Tanpa sebarang niat untuk menyinggung mana-mana pembaca Kristian dan rakan-rakan saya di luar sana, kami umat Islam di dalam kumpulan Watcher berpegang teguh pada versi Quran (An-Nisa 157) bahawa orang yang disalib itu bukanlah Isa Al-Masih. Siapa pun yang orang disalib (Judas Eskariot?) pada Salib itu adalah seorang yang murtad daripada Allah kerana menjadi kepercayaan kita bahawa Allah tidak akan sesekali membenarkan orang yang tidak berdosa untuk disalib dengan cara yang sebegitu hina. Oleh itu, relik itu sendiri walaupun mempunyai kuasa, amat dibimbangkan kuasa itu sebenarnya bersumberkan kejahatan kerana darah yang telah menitis ke atasnya itu adalah darah tercemar daripada Judas si pembidaah yang menyeleweng.


          Kisah penyaliban Nabi Isa dikatakan berlaku di Calvary, yang juga dipanggil sebagai Golgota, di luar dinding purba Jerusalem pada awal abad Pertama. Relik itu telah disimpan oleh para pengikutnya di Jerusalem sehingga ia dipindahkan selepas Perang Salib. Tidak kira apa yang diberitahu kepada anda tentang Perang Salib, sebab sebenar di sebalik peperangan itu sebenarnya adalah kerana perebutan untuk merampas relik itu. Relik tersebut telah menyebabkan meletusnya Perang Salib pada abad ke-11.

          Menurut buku teks, Perang Salib Pertama telah dilancarkan pada tahun 1095 oleh Paus Urban II dengan dwi matlamat untuk menakluki semula kota suci Baitulmuqaddis dan Tanah Suci dan membebaskan orang-orang Kristian Timur daripada pemerintahan Islam. Sebaliknya, apa yang tidak dimasukkan ke dalam buku teks adalah niat sebenar di sebalik Perang Salib Pertama. Ia bukanlah bertujuan untuk membebaskan Komuniti Kristian tetapi sebenarnya untuk merampas dan menyelamatkan relik itu daripada Kerajaan Islam. Kedua-dua golongan kesateria dan petani daripada pelbagai negara-negara Eropah Barat mengembara melalui tanah dan laut ke arah Baitulmuqaddis dan menawan bandar tersebut pada bulan Julai 1099, seterusnya mewujudkan Kerajaan Jerusalem dan lain-lain negeri Salib. Sepanjang tempoh berlakunya perang, tentera salib membunuh hampir setiap penghuni Jerusalem. Penduduk Islam, Yahudi, dan juga orang Kristian timur semuanya telah dibunuh beramai-ramai. Penduduk-penduduk itu dibunuh di dengan dalih bahawa mereka menyebelahi musuh sedangkan hakikatnya mereka dibunuh untuk menyembunyikan pemilikan relik oleh perintah tertinggi dalam perang salib.

          Selepas berlakunya Perang Salib pertama, Persaudaraan Tentera Miskin Pengikut Jesus dan Kuil Sulaiman (Latin: Pauperes commilitones Christi Templique Solomonici), lebih dikenali sebagai kesateria templar atau peraturan rumah agama (Perancis: Ordre du Temple or Templiers) didirikan dengan tujuan yang “dikatakan” untuk memastikan keselamatan ramai penganut Kristian yang menziarahi Jerusalem selepas penaklukannya. Dakwaan ini sedah tentunya palsu kerana Kesateria Templar telah ditubuhkan untuk melindungi peninggalan di dalam kawasan Jerusalem. Legenda mengatakan bahawa apabila relik itu berada di tangan mereka, tentera salib mendapati kuasa menakjubkan daripada relik itu yang mampu memperkasakan pemakainya menjadi tidak terkalahkan dalam peperangan. Legenda Kristian mengatakan bahawa Kesateria Templar telah menggunakan Lembing dalam kemenangan terkenal mereka pada tahun 1177 semasa Peperangan Montgisard, iaitu kira-kira 500 kesateria Templar membantu tentera Salib untuk mengalahkan tentera Salahuddin Al-Ayubi yang berjumlah lebih daripada 26,000 tentera.

          Lembing Takdir itu kemudian dipercayai bertukar tangan kepada orang-orang Rom. Queen Helena Augusta Constantinople (sekitar 250– sekitar 330 TM) telah diberitahu tentang kuasa relik itu dan mengembara ke Jerusalem untuk mendapatkannya. Setibanya di Jerusalem dia membina sebuah Gereja (ada yang mengatakan dia sebenarnya membina ibu pejabat pertama untuk Kesateria Templar) yang menyebabkan Kesateria Templar bersedia meminjamkan Lembing Takdir kepada beliau. Relik itu tidak pernah dikembalikan kepada para Templar. Sebaliknya Queen Helena memberikan Lembing itu kepada anaknya Constantine the Great yang kemudian menjadi Maharaja Rom Kristian pertama yang memerintah empayar terdiri daripada Britain, Gaul, dan Sepanyol. Oleh itu, adalah dipercayai bahawa Empayar Rom itu sendiri dibina daripada kuasa relik itu.

          Lembing Takdir itu juga bertanggungjawab terhadap Perang Dunia II. Amat diketahui di kalangan penyokong Illuminati bahawa Austria telah dirampas oleh Nazi pada tahun 1938 semata-mata untuk merampas Lembing daripada Koleksi Reichskleinodien atau Regalia Diraja milik Sigismund (Maharaja Suci Roman selama empat tahun dari 1433 sehingga 1437) yang pada masa itu yang disimpan dalam Schatzkammer (Perbendaharaan diraja) di Vienna.

          Apabila Austria telah dimasukkan ke dalam Jerman, Adolf Hitler mengambil Lembing itu, demikianlah pertumpahan darah yang mengekori daripada Kempen Tentera Jerman. Ini juga adalah sebab tersendiri mengapa Amerika Syarikat menyertai peperangan. Kemudian selepas perang ia telah dirampas oleh Jeneral Amerika, George S. Patton yang dikatakan mengembalikan Lembing itu ke Austria untuk disimpan di Muzium Kunsthistorisches. Lembing yang dikembalikan adalah palsu. General Patton adalah ahli Illuminati yang di bawah arahan untuk menyerahkan Lembing itu kepada Illuminati. Lembing itu dimiliki oleh Illuminati sejak itu dan menunggu kedatangan Anti Isa dan Novus Ordos Seclorum.

          Tidak kira betapa kudusnya anggapan penganut Kristian tentang Lembing Takdir ini, saya amat bersetuju dengan anggapan bahawa relik ini sememangnya berpuaka dan oleh itu tidak boleh dianggap sebagai berasal daripada sesuatu yang suci. Jejak darah sepanjang abad termasuk peperangan besar dan pertumpahan darah boleh dikaitkan dengan relik ini. Walau bagaimanapun, tidak dapat dinafikan bahawa beberapa kuasa besar telah ditubuhkan selepas memiliki relik tersebut. Kebangkitan Empayar Rom, Empayar Jerman dan Empayar Amerika Syarikat hari ini semuanya dikaitkan dengan pemilikan relik ini dan kesemua mereka meninggalkan jejak kematian dan kesengsaraan di belakang mereka.


          Menurut mitos Kristian, Cangkir Suci adalah hidangan, pinggan, atau cawan yang digunakan oleh Nabi Isa pada Perjamuan Akhir, yang dikatakan mempunyai kuasa ajaib. Oleh kerana cangkir itu kecil dan mudah disembunyikan, Kesateria Templar dapat menyembunyikan di Jerusalem dan menghalangnya daripada dirampas oleh Salahuddin Al-Ayubi. Kesinambungan Kesateria Templar (yang kemudiannya menjadi seorang Nabi atas nama Freemason dan Pertubuhan Rahsia Illuminati) juga dikaitkan dengan kesinambungan pemilikan cangkir oleh keturunan Templar.

          Di kalangan pemerhati Illuminati, dikatakan bahawa Cangkir itu pernah dimiliki oleh Renaud de Châtillon, seorang Kesateria Templar yang berkhidmat dalam Perang Salib Kedua dan kekal di Jerusalem selepas kekalahannya. Ini adalah berdasarkan kisah bahawa biara San Juan de la Peña, yang terletak di barat daya Jaca, di wilayah Huesca, Sepanyol, pernah ditugaskan untuk melindungi cangkir itu. Dikatakan bahawa artifak adalah bekas batu abad pertama Timur Tengah, mungkin dari Antioch, Syria (kini Turki). Cerita ini menimbulkan saranan bahawa bekas itu dihantar oleh Renaud de Chatillon yang ingin menyeludup Cangkir itu dari Antioch, Syria ke Huesca, Sepanyol.

          Selepas terselamat dalam pengepungan oleh Salahuddin Al Ayubi, cangkir itu diseludupkan dan dipindahkan secara rahsia oleh saki baki keturunan Templar. Akhirnya apabila golongan Illuminati memutuskan untuk berpusat di Amerika Syarikat, awal perubahan abad mencatatkan bahawa partisan Ireland dari Dhuir Clan (O’Dwyer, Dwyer) mengangkut Cangkir itu ke Amerika Syarikat pada abad ke-19 dan Cangkir itu disimpan oleh keturunan mereka secara rahsia di sebuah biara kecil di sebelah atas Barat Laut (kini dipercayai menjadi Minnesota Selatan).

          Lokasi cangkir tersebut kini masih menjadi rahsia yang pegang ketat oleh Perintah Tertinggi Illuminati. Walau bagaimanapun, dipercayai bahawa Cangkir Suci dan Lembing Takdir telah pun bersatu di Amerika Syarikat sekarang, menunggu untuk ditemukan dengan relik daripada Salib Asli yang akan menandakan permulaan kedatangan New World Order di bawah Anti-Christ.


          Renaud de Châtillon adalah seorang tokoh penting di belakang Perang Salib terakhir antara golongan Kristian dan tentera Salahuddin Al Ayubi. Dia merupakan ahli Kesateria Templar yang berkhidmat dalam Perang Salib Kedua dan kekal di Jerusalem selepas kekalahan. Dia kemudiannya berpindah ke Antioch, Syria yang ketika itu merupakan Negeri Salib dan memegang gelaran Lord of Kerak dan Montréal. Renaud adalah seorang pembenci Islam tegar dan membenci setiap umat Islam yang dilihatnya. Dia terkenal dengan kekejaman yang melampaui batas di Kerak, kerana sering menghumban musuh dan tebusannya (khususnya umat Islam) daripada tingkat atas istana supaya jatuh berkecai di atas batu di bawah. Pembunuhan ini sebenarnya bukan dilakukan semata-mata untuk memuaskan nafsu jahatnya, Renaud de Châtillon sebenarnya adalah pengikut Lucifer berpura-pura menjadi penganut Kristian di luar. Pembunuhan yang dilakukan itu adalah sebenarnya sebagai korban manusia kepada Lucifer.

          Pada tahun 1160, Renaud menjalankan serbuan rampasan terhadap golongan petani Islam Syria dan Armenia di kejiranan Marash. Dalam serbuan itu, dia telah ditangkap oleh orang Islam dan ditahan di Aleppo, Syria selama tujuh belas tahun. Walau bagaimanapun, sebagai bapa tiri kepada Maharani Maria anak perempuan Constance dari Antioch, dia telah ditebus dengan jumlah wang yang luar biasa banyaknya iaitu 120,000 dinar emas.

          Bukan seorang yang mengenang budi, pada November 1177, Renaud mengetuai tentera kerajaan bersama dengan Kesateria Templar telah mengalahkan Salahuddin Al-Ayubi di Pertempuran Montgisard, Jerusalem yang menyaksikan tentera Islam hampir-hampir tidak dapat melepaskan diri. Legenda Kristian mengatakan bahawa Kesateria Templar telah memanggil kuasa ketiga-tiga relik yang disimpan di Jerusalem untuk menaikkan semangat perang tentera salib untuk memenangi pertempuran itu.

          Salahuddin Al Ayubi menghabiskan tahun-tahun berikutnya untuk pulih daripada kekalahan dan membina semula tenteranya, dia memperbaharui serangan beliau pada tahun 1179 untuk membuktikan bahawa kehendak Allah tidak boleh dikalahkan oleh kuasa relik itu semata-mata. Beliau mengalahkan tentera Salib di Pertempuran Yakub Ford, Jerusalem selepas gencatan senjata telah diisytiharkan di antara Salahuddin dan Amerika Salib pada tahun 1180. Sebagai sebahagian daripada perjanjian itu dan untuk menghormati kepercayaan Kristian, Salahuddin mengambil keputusan untuk tidak merampas relik itu.

          Dalam tahun 1181, walau bagaimanapun, Renaud yang masih tidak bersyukur, kalah pada godaan untuk tidak mengapa-apakan rombongan umat Islam yang melalui Kerak, walaupun adanya gencatan senjata antara Salahuddin dan raja, Renaud mula menjarah lagi. Renaud juga secara peribadi bertanggungjawab menyerang kafilah-kafilah Islam, yang cuba meminta belas kasihan beliau dengan melafazkan perjanjian gencatan senjata antara umat Islam dan Kristian, namun usaha itu ternyata sia-sia. Renaud menghina Nabi Muhammad sebelum membunuh dan mendera sebilangan daripada mereka. Apabila mendengar berita ini, Salahuddin bersumpah untuk menghukum Raynaud dengan tangannya sendiri. Salahuddin juga menuntut ganti rugi dari Raja tetapi Raja menjawab bahawa beliau tidak dapat mengawal Renaud yang liar itu. Akibatnya, perang tercetus antara Salahuddin dan tiga Kerajaan Kristian dalam tahun 1182 selepas Salahuddin boleh memandang ringan terhadap ancaman Ranaud untuk menyerang kota suci Mekah dan Madinah. Pada bulan Julai 1187, Salahudin berjaya menawan kebanyakan Kerajaan Jerusalem. Pada 4 Julai 1187, beliau berhadapan dengan Pertempuran Hattin menentang gabungan kuasa tiga Kerajaan Kristian. Dalam pertempuran ini sahaja, sebahagian besar tentera Salib dan juga Templar telah dihapuskan oleh umat Islam dalam cara yang membawa kemusnahan besar bagi tentera Salib dan menjadi satu titik perubahan dalam sejarah Perang Salib. Salahuddin menangkap Raynald de Chatillon dan kemudian menjatuhkan hukuman terhadapnya. Pada malam itu juga, Salahuddin mengarahkan hukuman terhadap beratus-ratus Kesateria Templar.

          Salah satu barang yang disita selepas Pertempuran Hattin adalah relik Salib Asli. Salib itu telah dibawa ke Damsyik, Syria dan diarak secara terbalik oleh pemerintah Damsyik di sepanjang jalan di bandar itu. Relik Salib Asli dipercayai terus tersembunyi di Syria sehingga hari ini. Sila ambil perhatian penting bahawa, relik Salib Asli ini telah hilang daripada pemilikan Templar pada abad ke-12.



          Pada bulan April tahun ini, pemerhati Illuminati di seluruh dunia terpinga-pinga dengan berita bahawa kunci dari abad ke-12 telah dilelong oleh Sotheby pada harga 9.2 juta pound sterling (RM60 juta). Kononnya, kunci ini adalah Kunci Kaabah yang telah dicuri walaupun pada hakikatnya tiada siapa pun yang dapat mengesahkan sama ada terdapat kes kecurian kunci Kaabah sebelum ini. Percaya atau tidak, tetapi timbulnya spekulasi bahawa kunci itu adalah petunjuk seterusnya mengenai lokasi tersembunyi relik Salib Asli di Syria. Ada antara kita yang bahkan menggelar ia “Kunci Saladdin”.

          Golongan Illuminati dan anti-Illuminati percaya bahawa Sejarah akan berulang lagi dan Perang Besar Salib akan berlaku lagi untuk kali keempat dan terakhirnya di Syria. Golongan Illuminati yang berketurunan dari Kesateria Templar akan melancarkan balas dendam terhadap umat Islam. Golongan Illuminati mempunyai sifat lucu apabila berkaitan dengan nombor (sindiran disengajakan) akan melancarkan perang ini pada abad ke-21 untuk mengenang perkara yang sama berlaku pada abad ke-12 (anda perasan apa-apa yang pelik dengan nombor tersebut di sini?).

          Pada bulan April 2003, semasa Amerika Syarikat berada di tengah-tengah Perang Teluk Parsi, seorang penulis Amerika menulis sebuah buku yang akhirnya menjadi jualan terlaris New York Times “Beyond Iraq: The Next Move”. Dalam buku itu, Michael D. Evans mendakwa bahawa senjata pemusnah besar-besaran berada di Syria. Beliau seterusnya menuduh Saddam Hussien memindahkan Senjata Pemusnah Besar-besaran dan dana-dana ke Syria untuk menyalurkannya keluar dari Iraq. Dalam masa terdekat, tuduhan sebegitu akan menjadi sebahagian daripada sebab-sebab rasmi untuk melancarkan perang terhadap Syria. Sebab utama itu adalah perkembangan peristiwa yang akan dijadikan sebagai alasan untuk melancarkan perang. Persediaan untuk perang telah pun berlaku apabila Laksamana Millen membuat lawatan berpandu yang jarang berlaku di sempadan Syria pada 28 Jun. Ada sesetengah pihak berspekulasi ia sebagai persediaan serangan pada masa akan datang.

          Di kalangan anti-Illuminati, secara meluas dipercayai bahawa matlamat utama serangan itu adalah untuk merampas relik Salib Asli. Legenda menyatakan bahawa Lucifer dan Molokh sendiri telah mengarahkan Perintah Teringgi Illuminati untuk menyatukan kembali ketiga-tiga relik yang dipercayai akan mengembalikan kekebalan tentera semasa perang besar yang seterusnya terhadap umat Islam.

          Bagi mereka yang sudah terbiasa dengan banyak ramalan yang menceritakan mengenai Perang Besar, telah pun diketahui bahawa Syria adalah tempat yang perlu dielakkan dalam apa cara sekalipun (melainkan jika anda ingin menjadi syahid). Syria sebagai tempat berlakunya pertumpahan darah sudah tidak dipertikaikan dalam kalangan pemerhati anti-Illuminati Yahudi, Kristian dan Islam.

          Dalam Al kitab Yahudi, Dajal disebut sebagai dua tanduk kecil. Dalam Daniel 7:8, anti-Christ yang sebut itu dikatakan akan muncul dalam Kerajaan ke 4 Empayar Rom. Dalam Daniel 8, anti-Christ dikatakan datang daripada salah satu daripada empat komponen Empayar Yunani yang selamat bertahan berikutan kematian Alexander. Ini biasanya dianggap sebagai Kerajaan Selucid pada masa dahulu di Syria hari ini.

          Hazrat Ummu Salmah (R.A.) pernah meriwayatkan bahawa Rasulullah SAW pernah bersabda, bahawa akan datang satu masa apabila seorang warganegara Madinah akan melarikan diri daripada Madinah dan pergi ke Mekah untuk mendekati Imam Mahadi di antara Hajrul Aswad dan Makam Ibrahim, dan dengan bersungguh-bersungguh bersumpah ikrar kesetiaan mereka kepadanya. Apabila mendengarkan perkara ini, musuh-musuh Islam akan datang dari Syria dalam angkatan tentera yang besar untuk menyerang Mahadi tetapi apabila mereka akan tiba di Baida, yang terletak di antara Mekah dan Madinah, mereka akan ditelan ke dalam tanah oleh gempa bumi.

          Dalam satu lagi ramalan berdasarkan Hadith, tempoh kesedihan yang panjang akan menimpa ke atas umat Islam yang akan berada di bawah penganiayaan dan penindasan yang dahsyat daripada pemimpin zalim pada masa itu yang akan memerintah Syria. Penzalim dari tengah-tengah Damsyik, Syria dikenali sebagai Sufyaani (dari keluarga Abu Sufyan) akan memulakan kempen pertumpahan darah dan pembunuhan yang dahsyat, dan tidak ada kaum atau masyarakat akan dibiarkan selamat. Malah, wanita dan kanak-kanak akan disembelih tanpa belas kasihan. Perlu ditekankan di sini bahawa tempat asal berlakunya pertumpahan darah ini adalah di Damsyik, Syria di tempat kali terakhir Salib Asli dilihat sebelum ia hilang pada abad ke-12. Menurut beberapa pemerhati anti-Illuminati, ini menepati profil pertumpahan darah yang telah mengekori Lembing Takdir sejak zaman berzaman. Oleh itu, adalah dipercayai secara meluas bahawa kesemua relik-relik ini akan bersatu semula di Syria untuk melepaskan Perang Besar yang akan datang.

          Mengenai relik Salib Asli, kebanyakan pembaca Islam saya mungkin pernah mendengar Hadis berikut seperti diriwayatkan oleh Abu Hurairah:- “”Demi Allah, sungguh putra Maryam benar-benar akan turun sebagai hakim, lalu mematahkan salib, membunuh babi, menghapus jizyah, dan harta melimpah ruah hingga tidak ada seorang pun yang mahu menerimanya.”

          Terdapat banyak perbincangan dalam usaha untuk memahami apa yang sebenarnya dimaksudkan dengan nabi Isa “mematahkan salib”. Saya tidak akan mengulas mengenai orang lain yang telah membuat tafsiran mereka sendiri, kerana semua orang berhak mempunyai pendapat sendiri. Saya hanya menawarkan tafsiran alternatif di sini, bahawa jika hadis ini ditafsirkan secara zahir, adalah berkemungkinan bahawa “salib” dalam hadis ini merujuk kepada relik Salib Asli yang telah digunakan oleh Lucifer&Co untuk menyesatkan orang Kristian selama berabad-abad. Satu boleh membayangkan betapa berangnya putra Siti Maryam itu apabila melihat relik yang sebahagiannya telah bertanggungjawab terhadap bidaah untuk beribu-ribu tahun lamanya. Saya tidak fikir sesiapapun boleh menyalahkan baginda untuk mematahkan dan memusnahkan salib itu sebaik sahaja salib itu berada di tangan baginda.

          Ada satu lagi hadis yang di dalamnya ada menyebut tentang Salib itu seperti berikut. Walau bagaimanapun, sama ada benar atau tidak rujukan terhadap Salib itu sebagai relik Salib Asli terus kekal sebagai kemungkinan terbuka: -

          “kamu akan mengadakan perdamaian dengan bangsa Rum (Kristian) dalam keadaan aman, lalu kamu akan berperang bersama mereka melawan suatu musuh dari belakang mereka. Maka kamu akan selamat dan mendapat harta rampasan perang yang banyak, kemudian kamu akan sampai ke sebuah padang rumput yang luas dan berbukit-bukit, maka berdirilah seorang lelaki Rum. Lalu dia akan mengangkat tanda salib (tentera Kristian) dan melaungkan salib telah menang maka datanglah kepadanya seorang lelaki Muslimin dan membunuh lelaki Rum tersebut , kemudian tentera Rum mengkhianati perdamaian dan terjadilah peperangan demi peperangan, di mana mereka akan bersatu menghadapi kamu di bawah 80 bendera , di bawah setiap bendera terdapat 12 ribu tentera”- Hadis sahih riwayat Imam Ahmad, Imam Abu Daud, Ibnu Majah dari Zu Makhmar RA.

          Hadis ini di sini memberitahu kita bahawa umat Islam dan Kristian akan membentuk pakatan untuk melawan musuh yang sama. Dalam dunia yang pemerhati, tidak syak lagi bahawa musuh bersama di sini merujuk kepada tentera bidaah yang dibentuk oleh Lucifer/Illuminati. Perikatan antara umat Islam dan Kristian sebenarnya sudah wujud pada hari ini walaupun sangat rapuh. Dalam dunia gerakan bawah tanah, perang menentang Illuminati kini diperjuangkan oleh operatif dari kedua-dua pihak umat Islam dan penganut Katolik dalam usaha mereka untuk membatalkan atau menangguhkan misi kiamat dijalankan oleh Illuminati. Oleh itu, adalah sangat tidak selesa untuk membayangkan bahawa satu hari nanti keturunan kita mungkin perlu mengambil bahagian dalam Perang Besar yang akan menentang satu sama lain.

          Ia meramalkan bahawa perang yang dilancarkan oleh pakatan umat Islam/Kristian terhadap Illuminati akan didorong oleh setiap agama lain. Umat ​​Islam melancarkan perang sebagai penentangan terhadap penindasan berabad lamanya. Orang-orang Kristian pula melancarkan peperangan mereka terhadap orang-orang akhirnya mereka lihat sebagai golongan bidaah yang memiliki peninggalan suci. Apabila perang hampir dimenangi, orang-orang Kristian akan mencari dan menemui relik Salib Asli. Oleh itu, apabila memenangi perang, seorang askar akan menjulang relik tersebut dan mendakwa kemenangan itu adalah kerana campur tangan kudus daripada relik itu sendiri. Ini akan menimbulkan kemarahan orang-orang Islam yang telah berjuang dengan bersungguh-sungguh dalam peperangan. Cerita yang seterusnya adalah seperti yang telah diceritakan dalam hadis.

          KEDATANGAN 2013

          Tujuan artikel bukanlah untuk mempengaruhi pentafsiran anda terhadap hadis yang disebutkan di sini. Beberapa ulama Islam dengan kelayakan yang lebih baik juga telah menterjemahkan hadis ini. Tujuan artikel ini adalah semata-mata untuk memaklumkan kepada anda bahawa orang lain juga mempunyai tafsiran mereka sendiri terhadap ramalan ini dan mungkin berbaloi untuk dipelajari bagaimana pemerhati anti-Illuminati mentafsir ramalan itu.

          Tujuan mengkaji ramalan dan sejarah di sebaliknya adalah untuk menganggarkan berapa banyak masa yang kita ada sebelum Illuminati melaksanakan pelan tindakan mereka yang seterusnya. Golongan Illuminati dan Anti-Illuminati semuanya menggunakan ramalan sebagai pengira masa. Apabila ramalan ini menjadi nyata atau dipenuhi sendiri, pihak Illuminati akan bekerja lebih keras untuk mempercepatkan berlakunya Perang Besar, manakala golongan anti-Illuminati di sisi yang lain pula akan melakukan apa yang terdaya untuk melambatkan nya. Walau bagaimanapun berdasarkan apa yang berlaku di seluruh dunia hari ini, seolah-olah pihak Illuminati dapat melaksanakan rancangan mereka dengan jayanya setiap kali.

          Bagaimana ramalan ini akan berkaitan dengan negara kita sendiri masih menjadi tekaan pada masa ini. Tetapi semua projek Illuminati akhirnya akan seragamkan di seluruh dunia untuk berkhidmat kepada matlamat akhir. Mengenali Illuminati dan obsesi mereka terhadap nombor-nombor tertentu seperti 11, 13 dan 33, tahun 2013 yang akan datang akan mempunyai risiko ketara menjadi acara utama bagi Illuminati.

          Tidak ramai antara kita yang menyedari bahawa tahun 2013 bakal menjadi begitu penting. Negara kita akan mengadakan Pilihan Raya Umum ke-13 pada tahun 2013 yang mana ramalan RAHMAN tidak lagi membayangkan siapakah yang akan menjadi Perdana Menteri seterusnya. Pelantikan Najib sebagai Perdana Menteri ke-6 akan menandakan berakhirnya ramalan itu. Jadi mengapa tiada lagi huruf selepas “N” dalam ramalan itu? Apa yang akan berlaku selepas “N”? Sesetengah meramalkan bahawa kerajaan tidak akan wujud lagi pada tahun 2013 selepas Perang Besar. Yang lainnya pula percaya bahawa huruf itu N menunjukkan Perdana Menteri Islam terakhir untuk negara ini.

          Di Amerika Syarikat, salah satu taklimat yang dihadiri oleh Naib presiden terpilih Joe Biden selepas Obama dipilih sebagai Presiden adalah ringkasan oleh “Suruhanjaya Bipartisan Mengenai Pencegahan Pengawalan Senjata WMD dan Keganasan” yang diketuai oleh ahli Illuminati, bekas Senator Florida, Bob Graham dan dari Missouri, Jim Talent meramalkan bahawa Amerika Syarikat akan menjadi serangan oleh Al-Qaeda dengan senjata nuklear atau lebih cenderung kepada senjata biologi sebelum 2013. Ini sendiri adalah petunjuk jelas bahawa pihak Illuminati sedang melakukan persediaan untuk melepaskan Perang Besar terakhir terhadap umat Islam.

          Satu lagi petunjuk daripada Illuminati adalah melalui ahli Illumininati kanan, John McCain apabila dia secara terbuka menggunakan “2013″ sebagai teras kempen presidennya sebelum ini. Dalam iklan presiden yang terkenal bertajuk “2013″, ahli Illuminati kanan itu membuat kenyataan bahawa perang di Iraq boleh dimenangi pada tahun 2013 dan pencapaian penting dalam Keselamatan Negara akan dapat dicapai. Ham.. Saya rasa ini mungkin bererti bahawa mereka akan selesai mengerjakan Iraq pada tahun 2013 dan dengan itu bersedia untuk menyerang negara-negara Timur Tengah seterusnya seperti Syria atau Iran atau kedua-duanya secara serentak.

          Untuk mengelakkan risiko pengunjung kebosanan di laman web saya, saya tidak akan mengeluarkan lagi sebarang maklumat yang telah dikumpulkan oleh Anti-Illuminati mengenai apa yang akan berlaku pada tahun 2013. Cukup untuk mengatakan bahawa kita semua mempunyai akal untuk melakukan penyelidikan yang sama ada atau tidak ada memanfaatkan ramalan di atas. Maklumat ini tersedia, sebegitu banyak dan telanjang di depan mata kita sendiri.

          Malangnya kebanyakan daripada kita biasanya lebih suka untuk membaca tentang kejadian terbaru dalam dunia hiburan atau sampah internet lain dan bukannya memperkayakan diri dengan maklumat berpotensi yang boleh menyelamatkan nyawa kita.

          Pendapat saya pula, lebih baik menjadi paranoid daripada menjadi terlambat.

          Nota-nota: Ada sesetengah berpendapat bahawa relik masih belum ditemui adalah relik Salib Asli. Ini adalah pendapat ramai rakan koresponden saya selama ini. Saya menulis artikel di atas berdasarkan maklumat yang telah mereka e-mel kepada saya selama ini. Saya pula mempunyai pandangan peribadi yang berbeza. Saya berpendapat bahawa relik yang hilang itu bukan Salib Asli. Selepas membaca Buku Kod Illuminati yang hangat dijual “H. … P….. and the Deathly Hallows”, Saya percaya penulis di arahkan untuk menyebarkan kod tersembunyi bahawa Illuminati sebenarnya sedang mencari Lembing Takdir (yang diberi nama “the elder wand” dalam buku itu).

          Saya ingin menambah bahawa koresponden saya dalam dunia anti-Illuminati terdiri daripada orang Islam dan juga daripada agama lain termasuk mereka yang mendakwa menulis di internet untuk Gereja Katolik. Jadi saya harap ramai pembaca Kristian saya tidak akan tersinggung dengan artikel ini. Saya tidak cuba untuk menghasut kebencian terhadap Kristian di sini. Tidak ada golongan Islam mahupun Kristian berhasrat untuk melihat ramalan ini menjadi kenyataan dalam tempoh hayat mereka sendiri. Jadi, saya mengatakan bahawa kita mesti melakukan yang terbaik untuk membatalkan atau menangguhkan ramalan ini. Dengan cuba untuk membatalkan atau melambatkan ramalan itu tidak bermakna bahawa kita berusaha menentang kehendak Allah atau pesanan nabi kita. 

          Ramalan itu sendiri tidak pernah menyatakan secara khusus bilakah perang besar itu akan berlaku. Oleh itu, saya melihat tidak ada salahnya kita bertindak bersama menentang hasrat Illuminati dan tuan mereka Lucifer. Sebagai hamba Allah yang baik adalah menjadi tanggungjawab kita untuk sentiasa berharap dan melakukan yang terbaik untuk umat manusia dan anak-anak kita. Malah dalam sebenar Qada & Qadar Islam prinsip mengajar supaya kita tidak hanya berpeluk tubuh dan menonton dosa serta bencana berlaku tanpa cuba yang terbaik untuk menghentikannya terlebih dahulu.

          Source Blog


          Pagi-pagi bangun tido, dan mak saya dah start memperli..

          “Ni haaa 60 kilo beras ni siapa nak makan?”

          Maka dengan itu bermakna sohehlah BN menang dalam PRU-13.. Horraaaaaah!!

          The bad news is – tekaan dalam artikel 2008 saya iaitu “2013 ILLUMINATI BLUEPRINT” tidak menjadi kenyataan. Segan jugak ni..

          But the EXTREMELY GOOD NEWS is – tekaan dalam artikel 2008 saya iaitu “2013 ILLUMINATI BLUEPRINT” tidak menjadi kenyataan. Hoooraaaaaaaah! Boleh buat kenduri kesyukuran dalam tempoh terdekat. Lagipun lepas ni boleh tanya kat seniors kalau boleh gantung keyboard terus.

          Tahniah kepada anda semua yang saya tahu sentiasa berusaha ke arah kebaikan, terutamanya para bloggers, tweeters, facebookers dan segala bentuk kaum cybertroopers yang pada pendapat saya menyumbang kepada lebih 60% dari berjuta-juta undi yang menyebelahi UMNO/BN tahun ini. Semoga anda semua dimurahkan rezeki dan diberkati Allah kerana berjuang ‘memperlahankan’ kesan New World Order ke Malaysia.

          Saya sebagai ayah kepada dua orang anak yang masih kecil sangat-sangat berterima kasih pada anda yang memberikan kesempatan kepada anak-anak saya untuk membesar di dalam persekitaran yang “okay” untuk tempoh minimum 5 tahun lagi. Walaupun berkemungkinan kita tidak akan saling mengenali (walaupun jika berselisih bahu di jalan) namun ketahuilah saya dan isteri saya sangat-sangat terhutang budi pada anda semua.

          Berkenaan artikel ‘bidan terjun’ pada pagi ini, sebenarnya artikel ini separuh ditaip sebelum pilihanraya namun akibat sedikit perselisihan faham secara online di antara saya dengan seniors saya, maka saya pun memprotes iaitu secara merajuk tak nak menyiapkan artikel ini. Saya emo sikit pada masa itu kerana tengah pancit (penat) mem’vacuum’ 60 kilo beras di rumah emak saya, so tu pasal cepat naik darah pada waktu tu dan akibatnya saya bertindak ala-ala gaya YB Kamilia yang merajuk tak dicalonkan di Perak tu.

          Tapi saya dah kembali waras dah ni, dan maka dengan itu saya laksanakan permintaan seniors saya (yang pemalas menulis di blog sendiri tu) untuk menyiarkan RAYUAN the Watchers Group kepada UMNO sekiranya UMNO kembali memerintah.


          Jika UMNO berjaya mempertahankan Putrajaya, maka tiada sebab untuk tidak memperhebatkan usaha mengajak PAS kembali bersepakat dengan UMNO. Malahan terdapat banyak pembaharuan politik yang boleh diperkenalkan bagi memujuk PAS kembali kepada perpaduan. Antaranya ialah:-

          1. Mewujudkan dan menawarkan jawatan di Jabatan Perdana Menteri kepada tokoh-tokoh PAS yang bukan Anwarinas. Saya secara peribadi sangat bersetuju jika Dato Harun Din ditawarkan sebagai Menteri Penuh dan berhak memilih Timbalannya manakala Ustaz Nasha ditawarkan jawatan Menteri di Jabatan Perdana Menteri. Jika anda tanya saya apa jawatan yang sesuai untuk Dato Harun Din maka saya akan katakan “Menteri Dalam Negeri”! Hahaha.. At least lebih baik daripada si Kerismuddin. Malahan sebagai Menteri Dalam Negeri Dato Harun Din akan dapat access kepada segala bukti-bukti mengenai cubaan musuh Islam menguasai negara ini. Mudah-mudahan maklumat seperti ini akan kembali menyedarkan Dato Harun Din betapa merbahayanya individu-individu yang sebelum ini bermuka-muka dengan beliau.

          2. Memperkenalkan majlis penasihat kepada Majlis Tertinggi UMNO yang berfungsi seperti majlis syura di dalam UMNO. Tokoh-tokoh PAS seperti Dato Harun Din, Ustaz Nasha dan tokoh lain yang bukan Anwarinas hendaklah dipujuk menganggotai serta berdampingan dengan tokoh-tokoh seperti  Tuan Guru Abdullah Samaah, Ustaz Fathul Bahri, Ustaz Mohd Kazim Elias, Dr. Juanda dan semua mufti-mufti bagi negeri-negeri di Malaysia. Majlis ini juga hendaklah diberi kekebalan daripada undang-undang dalam menyuarakan isu-isu yang berkait dengan permasaalahan umat Islam.
          3. Sudah sampai masanya agar UMNO mengkaji semula hubungannya dengan golongan dakwah yang terbukti berjaya dalam bidang perniagaan seperti kumpulan Ikhwan dan Tabligh. Memandangkan Tun Mahathir sendiri pernah mengaku bahawa dasar DEB gagal mencapai sasaran seperti yang diharapkan, maka pendekatan yang digunakan oleh golongan Ikhwan dan Tabligh harus dikaji, diperhalusi dan cuba ditiru dengan galakan Kerajaan. Jika terdapat kemusykilan mengenai fahaman dalam kumpulan ini yang dikhuatiri sedikit off, maka saya yakin tokoh-tokoh ugama kita mampu berbincang dengan pimpinan mereka bagi tujuan saling menasihati dalam isu berkaitan akidah ahli sunnah wal jamaah. (P/S: Syiah group? No way!)
          4. Pada pendapat saya kesemua ahli politik UMNO yang dilantik semula hendaklah berbaiah taat setia kepada Raja-Raja Melayu serta bermuhabalah secara terbuka dalam janji  mereka untuk melaksanakan amal ma’ruf nahi mungkar serta menjauhi rasuah dan maksiat. Dengan cara ini maka kita menyerahkan nasib mereka kepada Allah Ta’ala sekiranya mereka melanggar sumpah mereka.
          5. Sudah sampai masanya UMNO berbincang secara terbuka mengenai ancaman musuh-musuh Islam samada Yahudi, Illuminati dan Freemason. Peduli apa dengan media antarabangsa yang bakal memperli kepimpinan kita seolah-olah negara ini dipenuhi dengan pemimpin paranoid. Yakinlah bahawa Iblis itu ada walaupun kita mungkin belum pernah melihatnya.
          6. Walaupun sebahagian mereka pernah mengkhianati kita, namun janganlah kita menghukum kesemua suku-kaum suluk beragama Islam dari Filipina. Saya yang emo dengan Suluk ini pun telah ditarbiyah oleh senior saya dan mengakui bahawa saya tidak boleh prejudis dengan mereka semua. Pendekatan baru hendaklah diambil untuk menyelesaikan kemelut warga asing beragama Islam di Sabah serta mempererat persahabatan dengan kumpulan pejuang Islam Asia Tenggara di Thailand dan Filipina. Saya akan menulis secara detail mengenai perkara ini nanti namun satu cadangan yang boleh difikirkan ialah menjemput mereka menyertai tentera Malaysia dalam misi bantuan (dan pengaman) ke negara-negara bergolak seperti di Palestin dan Myanmar. Sebenarnya masalahnya dengan bekas tentera MNLF dan PULO ni ialah apabila keamanan wujud di wilayah mereka maka mereka pun menganggur. Sepertimana penganggur-penganggur lain, maka mereka pun ditekan oleh masalah ekonomi sehingga akhirnya hilang pertimbangan dan mudah dibeli sebagai mercenary oleh pihak-pihak tidak bertanggungjawab. Tiada salahnya jika kita menjemput mereka ikut serta dalam perjuangan membantu umat islam yang tertindas di negara lain. Selain menyelesaikan masalah ekonomi mereka, perjuangan sehidup semati di muncung senjata juga pasti memperatkan ukhuwah diantara tentera kita dengan tentera mereka. Menaja mereka ke negara luar juga langsung tidak memberi risiko kepada keselamatan negara kita kerana mereka akan berada di luar negara.
          7. Kami juga mencadangkan agar yang berhormat Dato Seri melupakan persepsi lapuk bahawa kalau nak menang pilihanraya kena ada sokongan bangsa cina. PRU13 ini telah membuktikan bahawa orang melayu boleh menang pilihanraya tanpa sokongan mereka. Oleh itu semangat “Ultra Malay” hendaklah disemai secara berhemah dikalangan orang melayu Islam dimana sebarang bantuan kerajaan, perjawatan, pelaburan, bantuan pinjaman perniagaan, promosi, permohonan tanah, permohonan lesen dan lain-lain hendaklah diutamakan kepada orang melayu saja. Jumlah kuota melayu juga hendaklah dilipat kali gandakan manakala segala bentuk bantuan kerajaan yang sebelum ini diperuntukkan melalui MCA kepada kaum mereka hendaklah dipindah kepada pembangungan umat Islam terutamanya kepada penyokong PAS di Kelantan yang masih mengalami masalah mempertingkat taraf hidup mereka. Ini bagi saya bukanlah satu penganiayaan kepada orang cina kerana mereka mengundi DAP pun atas kepercayaan mereka bahawa mereka boleh terus berjaya dalam hidup tanpa secuit bantuan orang melayu. Oleh itu tak usahlah kita mengganggu mereka dan tak usahlah kita melakukan provokasi kepada mereka. Biarkanlah mereka melaksanakan hak mereka untuk hidup aman di Malaysia namun dalam masa yang sama adalah jelas mereka juga tidak mahukan bantuan extra daripada Kerajaan kita. So tak perlu layan tuntutan dan ugutan pemimpin mereka lagi. Tumpukan saja segala wang itu kepada orang Islam di Malaysia.

            Adakah para pembaca mempunyai idea yang ingin dikongsikan, jom kita berkongsi pendapat di ruangan komen di bawah.
            Source Blog


            I’ve decided to write in English again, mainly because I need to re-sharpen my English. The second reason is because I miss the old days when my readers who’d left comments had at least read ALL my articles before leaving comments. The last few articles in Malay received huge response but it was apparent that some comments came from people who clearly had never read my other articles in English. They are quick to make judgment based just a few articles in wrote in Malay and reading their comments almost made me question why I’m spending my energy doing all these.

            So from now on it’s back to my broken English. Of course an article like this will only be viewed by several hundreds people instead of thousands.. and definitely will plunge my blog’s rating into the abyss of unpopularity.. But I don’t give a crap about that :)

            This article was actually inspired by an earlier idea I posted in my Facebook. After PRU13 I posted a Facebook status stating my opinion (sort of a joke) that the best way to solve the so called “Chinese political tsunami” in this country is by converting the Chinese in this country into Islam. Let’s face it, the DAP (with PKR support) has been doing their best to convert our youths into Christianity since the 90s, so it would be fair if we (with full government support) unleash thousands upon thousands of tabligh, ustaz & ustazah to go knocking their door to start preaching about Islam..

            But such a thought reminds me one thing about the Malay. The Malays in particular are very ‘shy’ when it come to performing dakwah. We Malays are so ‘nice’ to others that most of us think it is somehow ‘inappropriate’ to promote Islam to our non-Muslim friends. There this unreasonable reluctance we have fearing it would cause ‘uneasiness’ to our non-Muslims friends if we began to speak about our religion during casual conversation with them.

            Timing is of course still important. We can’t just preach all the time. Preaching to a guy who had experienced a very bad day might not be a good timing (even though still possible). But we have to admit though that there were times when an opportunity had presented itself and yet we still hesitate.

            Take me for example, there were a lot of times when a non-Muslim lady came to me to ask my advise about how to divorce their husbands. It would be normal for these ladies to tell me about the rough marriage they’ve endured and there were times when I should have said things like “Hmm.. unfortunately you’re a non-Muslim.. if you’re Muslim your chances of getting custody of your child in the even of divorce would be 9 out of 10…”

            I guess the other reason why some of us avoid the topic of Islam during conversation with the non-Muslims is because of the feeling of inferiority amongst us namely because most of us feels that we’re not knowledgeable enough in shariah. We then decided that performing dakwah is best left only to the ‘alim’ and ‘ulama’ or ‘ustaz’ or ‘syeikh’ those with extensive knowledge on shariah. Such reasoning is of course correct, but then again I believe each of us should at least contribute a little bit.

            So my Facebook status inspired me to do some quick research about people who had converted into Islam and a friend of mine suggested that I watch Youtube videos of the white people (the Europeans and Americans) and some colored people (the African American and the Latinos) who had embraced Islam is the United States, Australia, Britain, and European Countries.

            After carefully listening to their stories and researching some good data about the rise of Islam is Europe and United States – I began to doubt if the upcoming glory days of Islam will be fueled by us Muslims South East Asia or East Asia. I began to suspect that maybe.. just maybe.. thee glory days of Islam will actually be brought by these converts.

            Now, we all have heard the following hadith :-

            “It is narrated on the authority of Abu Huraira that the Messenger of Allah (may peace be upon him) said: Islam initiated as something strange, and it would revert to its (old position) of being strange. so good tidings for the stranger. “ – (The Book of Faith (Kitab Al-Iman)’ of Sahih Muslim.

            (Malay Translation : Daripada Abu Hurairah r.a. berkata: Bersabda Rasulullah Salawatu Alai Wasalam, “Islam mula tersebar dalam keadaan dagang (asing). Dan ia akan kembali asing pula. Maka beruntunglah orang orang yang asing”.)

            The majority of Muslims I speaks to, think that this hadith refers to our situation today where most born Muslims had abandon the true teaching of Islam. This refers to the ‘typical urban Malay’ with a corrupt morale up to the point where they’re only a Muslim on paper. Yes they are born Muslim but they don’t pray, they don’t fast, they don’t conceal their aurat, they behave badly and immorally.. etcetera etcetera.. Well, you know what I mean. There is a lot of them around us.

            If we profiled this hadith to suit the deviation of born Muslims today, it sounded correct metaphorically and it suits our wishful thinking very well. There are perhaps hundreds of thousands born Muslims in Muslim countries that have been hoping that this hadith refers to them and their respective countries or regions. But if you think about it carefully from a literal (technical) point view the puzzle won’t fit so well. The moral problem faced by us as born-Muslims today is different from the sociopolitical adversities faced by the earliest generation of people who embraced Islam during prophet Muhammad (of which the first leg of this hadith refers to).

            What we have in our hands today are Muslims whom willingly deviates from the path of Islam. This is a complete opposite of what they faced in the 15th century namely people who had fought to stay on the path of Islam. It’s not the same. I will elaborate later.

            Now, it is a facts that Islam is the fastest growing religion in United Kingdom, United States and all European nations put together. From New York to Spain and even all the way to Russia, these white people are converting to Islam at the rate of thousands per day. In America alone Islam is growing at a stunning rate of 66% per year. In some area such as Florida, the growth explode by a whopping 473%! Even in UK between 2001 and 2010, the number of British converts rose from 60,000 to 100,000 and is predicted to reach a staggering 5.5 million by 2020.

            When I think about this very carefully from a literal point of view, I began to realize that the hadith is more relevant with the situation faced by the Muslims converts in the West rather than the situation with the born Muslims is the East.


            In Europe and United States, the growth of Islam in the west is heavily fueled by these converts. These are the people who once in their life were either atheists, or pagan or worshiper of statue (statue of Jesus Christ). To make is simpler, they were not privileged to be born Muslim like us. They have to seek the light, learn about it from scratch, later having to endure hardship to stay in Islam and then survived in the path of righteousness.

            Now if we study the history of Islam, we would know that the first generation of Muslims that were responsible for the rise of Islam in Mecca and Medina were actually converts too. All friends of our prophets including all five great Rashidun Caliphate were not born as Muslim. Khalifah Umar Al-Khattab once told his friends a funny story about how he used to worship a statue made from bread only to be eaten whenever he feel hungry.

            So we see here that the earliest generation that struggled and fought for the rise of Islam during the days of the prophet were technically ‘converts’ who also either worship statute, practice paganism or practice no specific religion before becoming a Muslim.

            Similar to what the ‘Arabs converts’ had to endure in the early days of Islam, these converts in the West are now living in a rather hostile environment ( and I predict it is going to be more hostile in near future ). In the US, UK and Europe, they have to stick together and look one after another in order to survive and they received absolutely no financial aid from their government. It’s the opposite situation from us in Muslim countries where our government spent million of ringgit building mosques, religious school, shariah court etcetera. One might argue though that at least there is no war in US, UK and European countries unlike in Palestine, Syria and Lebanon but I suspect that will also change in near future. The post 911 anti-Islam propaganda has been renewed with the recent beheading of the British soldier Lee Rigby and the recent Boston bombing are just a tip of the iceberg. I reckon it will won’t be easy for these converts very soon.

            Now, I’m still hoping that the hadith will eventually refers to Muslims like us whom were born in this Muslim region. I wish to explain here that I am still sticking to my theory that south east Asia shall become a spark of the black banners (read my previous article ‘Malaysia In The Eye of Dajjal’ published on January 2011). I’m also sticking to the general idea that the United States and the entire Europe is being ruled by the Illuminati and thus deserve to be called as a region controlled by Lucifer. For some people, its doesn’t sound logical that the glory days of Islam might include these nations which today are the lands of the Luciferians.

            But then again from a historical point of view, the arab world (middle east) was once the motherland of Luciferians too. We must not forget that Harut and Marut (Arabic: هاروت وماروت‎) were sent down to Babylon (Iraq) to perform deeds of magic. The Qur’an indicates that although they warned the Babylonians not to imitate them or do as they were doing, some members of their audience failed to obey and became sorcerers. This is the origin of black magic which later become a life religion of the Luciferians.

            Let us not forget also that the emblem “The All Seeing Eye” actually represents the eye of Ra which is the Egyptian solar deity, not to mention the appearance or Moloch the bull god to the Israelite and the writing of the the Necronomicon (Book of the Dead) by the mad Arab. In fact, the first generation of Luciferian were the Sumerian (Iraqis) whereas the most prominent Luciferian monument until today is still the pyramid in Egypt.

            The sociopolitical adversities faced by the first generation of Muslims during prophet Muhammad no longer exists in the Middle East. Whereas it is true that the Middle East do faces its own turbulence with wars now raging like fire there, these adversities faced by a born Muslim in Muslim countries are not similar to what the first generation of Muslims had to endure.

            Now, as I understand it the glory days of Islam actually a separate period which will occurs after Imam Mahdi finally defeats the Luciferians and bring back order to this world. This is called the period of Caliphate. The rise of the black banners and period of the great ‘fitnah’ and war is a separate period before that (according to a different hadith this is called the period of tyranny). So yes, the war will be waged and fought in the middle east. But it is also possible that the Europeans and American Muslims will contribute greatly to the period of Caliphate (after the war) perhaps in the form of knowledge and technological advancement.

            I will leave my theory at that. Whether you agree or not is not an issue. The future belong to Allah. This discussion is simply as a food of thought only.

            Let’s go back on track. What had I learn from the YouTube videos of these converts?

            The converts in US and the rest of European countries actually prefer using the word ‘reverts’ rather than `converts’. So in the West they didn’t call themselves as ‘a convert’, instead they refer themselves as ‘a revert’. I am still unable to find why they use the word ‘revert’ there and it seems to be more as a ‘slang’ rather than based on academic or technical reason. I find it interesting however that the widely adopted slang coincidentally the same with the word used in the hadith (in English translation).

            It is narrated on the authority of Abu Huraira that the Messenger of Allah (may peace be upon him) said: Islam initiated as something strange, and it would revert to its (old position) of being strange. so good tidings for the stranger.

            Now, as I told you before, as part of my research I spent a couple of days watching as much YouTube videos about the American and European who had converted to Islam. My friend who suggested me to write this article was right, all these converts had ‘nur’ on their faces. Even better ‘nur’ than Malay Muslims I’ve seen on daily basis. MasyaAllah, this is amazing and whenever I hear their stories and their conviction of their faith I somehow feel ashamed of myself.

            During my research I manage to listen to stories of other reverts. I listen to all of them but I have several favorites such as the story of Dr Jerald Dirks (former Christian Minister), Professor Jeffrey Lang (former atheist who work as professor in Mathematics), Mr. Solayman Buzbi (former atheist who works as financial consultant) and that very very funny Australian guy Mr. Reuben Abu Bakr (former atheist). I like their stories because these four guys are highly intelligence and were willing to tell their specific reason for reverting to Islam. The reason why they were able to explain their very good reasons is because each and every one of them had to endure an uphill task of reading the Qur’an, studying Islam in depth before eventually experienced the miracle that most of Muslims could only envy. In fact there’s a lot amongst them telling stories on how they meticulously studied and even embraced other religions such as Catholicism, Protestantism, Buddhism, Judaism, and even Paganism before finally opening the Qur’an and realized this the words that came from the one true God. That moment when they realized that God had ‘spoken’ to them through the Qur’an, that is the kind of miracle that most born Muslims has yet to experience.

            Their stories also made me realized that when performing dakwah, we must try to attract the non-Muslims interest by presenting Islam to them in the point of view they can easily relate to.

            Dr. Jerald Dirks for example, told his story from his point of view as a certified expert in Christianity and biblical study. This guy is amazing, he knows everything there is about Christianity, the bible and the Vatican cover up. One day he started reading the Qur’an and suddenly all his suspicion about who Jesus really is was answered by the Qur’an.

            Professor Jeffrey Lang on the other hand pronounced his atheistism at the age of 16 after watching his abusive dad beating his mom every single night. Since then he began to question why God would let bad people exist in this world. Then one day, out of boredom he opened up the Qur’an which was given to him by a friend and he came face to face with that the question posed by angels in surah Al-Baqarah 2:30 which reads

            .. when your Lord said to the angels, “Indeed, I will make upon the earth a viceroy (khalifah).” and the angels questioned, “Will You place upon the earth one who causes corruption therein and sheds blood? while we declare Your praise and sanctify You?”…”.

            He was surprised and becoming emotional. He simply couldn’t believe that the same question that he had been asking since childhood is right there in the Qur’an. It was from that moment on he began to ‘analyze’ the Qur’an words by words and sentence by sentence which finally led him to the answer he has been looking for all his life. That’s what started his journey toward Islam.

            One of the similarities I noticed about the journey of these converts to Islam is the fact that most of them had taken their journey to Islam on their own. This is in complete opposite of the strategy adopted by most christian preachers because the they usually uses ‘bait’ to lure someone to embraced Christianity be it financial assistance or even offering love and affection. But most converts I saw in YouTube performed their spiritual journey without the assistance of Muslim preacher.

            It is rather embarrassing when you think about it because this indicates our own shortcomings at performing dakwah. The thing out us is that we tend to let the dakwah to be performed only by the religious cleric amongst us. For example we tend to rely to preachers the like of Yusuf Islam, Anjem Choudary (UK), Yussef Estates (US), Zakir Naik (India) and other well known figures to preach and perform dakwah to non-Muslims. However, we should not just let them carry out the duty because because the duty to perform dakwah to the non-Muslims should be shared and performed by every Muslims. Furthermore, there were times when the best individual to perform dakwah might not even be a religious scholar. If you listens to the stories of these converts especially the professionals with higher intellect, they have to perform the journey alone because there was no Muslims around them who can explained to them about Islam from a perspective familiar for them to begin with – be it from a medical point of view, or a scientific point of view or even something as simple as a layman point of view.

            Another convert, Mr. Solayman Buzbi explained a bit about this:-

            “The example I’ve given is the analogy of a man who is standing by the river. If you’re born in one country on one side of the river and that river is wide, and its fast flowing and the water is deep, you’re not inclined to jump into that river and cross it no matter what the other country look on the other side.

            And what I found after studying more and more about Islam, I was looking from across this river to that another country (metaphorically the world of Islam). And I was attracted to it. It was beautiful. It looks interesting and look to be full of nice people.

            But they are on the other side of this river and when I shouted across to them saying how to get there, they can only say “we don’t know! We were born here. We were always here. So how come we tell you?.”

            And it went on like this.

            I know many people who managed to embrace Islam through the help of born Muslim and it was wonderful, but it didn’t work for me. I have a stupid questioning logical mind which demands lots and lots of question and lots of answers and if you’re born Muslim.. you can’t answer it.

            So to follow my analogy, I had to wait until I shouted across the river saying “how did you get there?” and a man shouted back “Oh, I crossed over a bridge just down the stream. I can show you where it is. Follow me.”

            Based on my research, the search for ‘logic’ is the main motivation that eventually droves the non-Muslims into Islam. When telling their stories on their journey to Islam, I noticed that the NUMBER ONE REASON why they embraced Islam is because what was told in the Qur’an MAKE SENSE (i.e logical) to them. So in the case of Solayman Buzbi he needed to know the logic behind some concept in the Islam but he only got his answers from another reverts who happens to be in the same field of work as him. Similarly Professor Jeffrey Lang found his version of the miracle of Qur’an based on the logic of why an fallible creature such as man was put to earth.

            This is the task of which we as Muslims should seize the opportunity to explain. If you’re a doctor then you should learn the miracles of Islam or what is Islam’s perspective about medicine. If you’re a teacher then you should tell your non-Muslims friends on how important education is in Islam. I guess for me, I need to learn more about the shariah laws especially its criminal laws. But at least I have performed a ‘mini’ dakwah countless of time to inmates in prison. Have you read my article “Tiada Musibah Dalam Islam“? I always explain to them there’s a divine reason why they have to stay in jail for many years to come :P

            Regarding faith and ‘reason’ (intellect), Dr. Jerald Dirks has pointed this out as the reason why he embraced Islam. He said..

            faith is a wonderful thing but reason and rationality are also a wonderful thing and the two should go hand in hand. The Qur’an always tells us ‘reason’.. reason about this.. reason about this.. use your observation etc. So yes, one would preferred that reason and faith co-exist and point to the same thing..

            In order to explain our religion in a way sensible to the non-Muslim, I believe we have to do two things which are:-

            1. Read the Qur’an and understand it..
            2.  Read more books and gains more knowledge which interest us in order to broaden our mind..

            These are the things that I learned from listening to the stories of the newly converts.


            All of these newly converts doesn’t know how to read the Qur’an in Arabic.

            Yet almost all of them embraced Islam after reading the Qur’an in the only way they know how.. by reading its translation..

            Professor Jeffrey Lang was so obsessed with the word ‘to slip’ in Al-Baqarah 2:36 that he bought several copies of Al-Qur’an translated to English by different authors just to see whether all of it use the same word – “to slip“. French Rapper Mélanie Georgiades AKA Diams finally found peace in her heart after reading the Qur’an translated into french. Reuben Abu Bakr from Australia was going through rough time in his life and needed ‘someone’ to just tell him flat what to do with his life without the benefit of all the bullshits and politically correct mambo jumbo he read in the bible. So he read the Qur’an and he found all the much needed directives from God with absolute authority and certainty.

            Most of these converts now reads the Qur’an on daily basis – the translated version that is – while at the same time in the process of learning alif ba ta. But as you can see, they have ‘nur’ on their faces and their faith is much stronger that most born Muslims. Their conviction are so strong that some of them promoting Islam (dakwah) to other non-Muslims around them. That is amazing, considering that they already have the guts to do things that most born Muslim are still hesitating to do.

            I believe this level of “iman” (faith) they now have is because through the readings of Qur’an they were able to understand the purpose of their existence and what God want them to do with their life. It is just like Allah has spoken to them through the Qur’an, answering their questions, guiding them to stay on the path and telling not to be afraid. This make sense when you think about it because the Qur’an is indeed the words of Allah and it is a miracle for which intended to all his servants. When Professor Jeffrey Lang reads the Al-Baqarah, it is like God had spoken to him in English. When the rapper DIAM reads the Qur’an, she also thought God has spoken to her in French. Almost all the reverts who reads the Qur’an experienced the similar feeling, as though the Qur’an were authored specifically for them and yet each and every one of them came from a different background and has different personal issues within them.

            I wish that each and everyone of us has had that experience – you know, the experience of our hearts being touched by Allah through His words as inscribed in the Holy Book of Qur’an. But unfortunately most born Muslims in Malaysia had never bother to read the translated version of Qur’an. Oh yes most Muslims here can recite it in Arabic because we have been thought muqaddam since childhood, but as beautiful as it is we can recite the Qur’an in Arabic, has any of us bothered to understand what it actually means?

            Has anyone amongst you (if you are non-Arab) had ever read the translated version of Quran in your own language? I mean, the whole book?

            I don’t think so..

            I am quite ashamed to say that I am one of you. In my previous article “PRAYING WHILE GOING THETA” (August 2011) I have shared my knowledge (what was taught to me by the Watcher Group) on how to “khusyuk” (state of mediation) during praying and dzikir, and in the follow up article “Q & A = PRAYING WHILE GOING THETA” (August 2011)” I answered my reader’s question on 3 steps into khusyuk, one of it is the need to understand in Malay what we are reciting in Arab.

            Now, I do know the meaning (in general) of several surahs mufashshal (the short surahs) I regularly recite during prayer but the only one I memorize in details (word by word) are the surahs and dzikir I used to pray for personal protection against black magic. So I can say that when I perform solat, my state of theta probably around 50-60% (I admit, that’s not good enough and I pray Allah forgive me) but while praying to reinforce my daily “fences” (to block black magic) my theta level is somewhere around 80% (still not good enough but it work so far. I don’t think I’ll ever achieved the theta state the like of Saidina Ali though who feel no pain even when an arrow penetrated him during prayer).

            But before watching the YouTube videos of these converts, I have never yet try to READ THE ENTIRE QURAN translated into English (I prefer English) in order to understand what was commanded there by God.

            So now, I have started to do so and even as I read the translated version of Al-Baqarah, it struck me (as a profiler and researcher of the Illuminati) to realize that a lot of things stated there can also relate to members of the Luciferians themselves. Now, when Jeffrey Lang read Al-Baqarah he had a feeling as though this surah was talking about him because he had issue on why God send corrupt being to earth. But now that I read the translated version of Al-Baqarah and understand its meaning, I have this different yet weird idea that the Al-Baqarah was speaking about members and servants of the Illuminati. I even believe that in several paragraphs there, God was speaking about the evil “Contract” to sell one’s soul to the devil.

            Lets see some example:

            How wretched is that for which they SOLD THEMSELVES – that they would disbelieve in what Allah has revealed through their outrage that Allah would send down His favor upon whom He will amongst His servants. So they returned having earned wrath. And for the disbelievers is a humiliating punishment” (Al Baqarah 2:91)

            Another one of good example are 2:97. Now, it is widely believed that the patriarch and monarch of the 13 Illuminati bloodline had been promised ‘immortality’ by Lucifer for serving him. It is already a matter of general knowledge that the thing they fear most is ‘death’, which is why they spent perhaps trillion of dollars on finding a way to stay young and prevent death. If you already read my previous article “Mecca, Medina and The Bermuda Triangle” (May 2011), I have explain there about their quest for the “fountain of youth” since the day of Christopher Columbus. In fact, the cryogenic facilities such as ALCOR in Arizona was established to cater the Illuminist who wish to preserve their body in cryostat stage until the emergence of the anti-Christ (Dajjal) who they believe will bring the ‘cure’ against aging.

            So let’s see what Al-Baqarah 2:97 has to say:-

            And you will surely find them the most greedy of people for life – even more than those who associate others with Allah. One of them wishes that he could be granted life a thousand years, but it would not remove him the least from the coming punishment that he should be granted life. And Allah is Seeing of what they do

            I guess the thing about the Qur’an is that it speaks about everything, everytime, and to everyone. That what I learned from listening to these converts stories. It is an amazing story that had been repeated again and again amongst the converts, the story of how they’ve opened up the Qur’an for different reason, casually peruse it, read a surah here and there and suddenly its like “wait a minute! is this book telling a story about me?“. So at the end of the day, they’re deeply faithful to God who had been merciful to guide them through His words.

            I’m sure there’s something in Qur’an “about me” too. It won’t be that long for me to discover it and I’ll be even a super duper Muslims than I’ll ever be when I find it.

            How about you, wouldn’t you like to find “yourself” in Qur’an?

            (If you wish to listen to some amazing stories of these converts/reverts in Youtube, just search using the keywords such as “convert to islam” , “reverts to Islam” , “journey to Islam” , “why I chose Islam” , “Muslim in America” , “Islam in UK” , “All American Muslim” etc )

            some links:
    (French Rap Star converted to Islam)

   (in this video she explained why it’s a ‘revert’ rather than ‘convert’) 
            Source Blog


            Nota Pembuka: Sekali lagi saya ingin mengucapkan setinggi-tinggi terima kasih kepada seorang pembaca saya iaitu saudari ‘BLACK DRAGON’ kerana menterjemahkan artikel saya ini yang sebelumnya saya tulis dalam bahasa inggeris pada 22 Januari 2011 (klik sini jika ingin membaca versi asal dalam bahasa inggeris).

            Saya ada juga menerima beberapa emel dari anda yang mencadangkan agar lebih banyak artikel ditulis dalam bahasa melayu. Saya cadangkan agar anda mencadangkan terus perkara ini kepada saudari ‘Black Dragon’. Malangnya saya tidak boleh menyiarkan alamat emel beliau namun anda bolehlah copy+paste di ruangan komen ayat berikut “U/P: Black Dragon yang cantek rupawan. Mohon translate artikel ………. (nyatakan artikel yang anda mahukan) dengan segera. Maaf sebab you kerja takde gaji but tenkew tenkew anyway. Sekian”.

            Dan kepada mana-mana pembaca yang nak hentam saya lepas ni, saya ucapkan “Selamat Hari Raya dan Lantak Kaulah. Dah terlambat pun sebab artikel di dah ada dalam blog saya 2011 haha..”

            Tulisan: Afterdark
            Terjemahan: Black Dragon

            Artikel berikutnya ini akan membincangkan tentang beberapa ramalan. Kecuali beberapa ramalan yang telah dinyatakan dalam hadis, yang selebihnya adalah tidak diketahui asal usulnya. Oleh itu, perlulah diingatkan supaya anda berasa ragu terhadap ramalan-ramalan ini. Artikel ini ditulis bukanlah untuk meyakinkan anda tentang kebenaran ramalan-ramalan berikut. Saya hanya ingin anda melihat ramalan-ramalan ini dari sudut pandangan Illuminati. Ia mungkin berguna dalam pertempuran di masa depan jika kita tahu apa yang difikirkan oleh pihak-pihak musuh.

            * * * * * * *

            Antara soalan yang paling kerap ditanya mengenai kehadiran Illuminati di Malaysia adalah “Mengapa mereka berada di sini?”. Soalan ini sering bermain-main di fikiran saya, malahan sejak saya menyatakan dalam artikel yang terdahulu bahawa Anwar Ibrahim adalah seorang Freemason; dan bahawa kita sedang bergerak ke arah Negara yang dikawal oleh Illuminati. Dalam artikel 2013 ILLUMINATI BLUEPRINT yang saya terbitkan sebelum ini, saya menyatakan bahawa kejatuhan domino telah berlaku, dan saya bimbang ia masih lagi berlaku.

            Baiklah, sebelum anda meneruskan lagi pembacaan anda, biar saya jelaskan terlebih dahulu bahawa artikel ini bukanlah sepenuhnya berkaitan politik. Malah, setiap perkataan yang terkandung selepas ini adalah sepenuhnya bersifat spekulatif. Hanya masa akan menentukan sama ada ia akan menjadi satu kenyataan atau tidak. Oleh itu dengan seikhlas hati, saya menasihati anda supaya menganggap artikel ini hanyalah sebagai bahan bacaan ringan semata-mata.

            Baiklah, mengapa Illuminati begitu tertarik kepada negara kita yang jumlah penduduknya hanya setakat 27 juta orang? Berbeza dengan negara Teluk yang kaya dengan sumber minyak, negara kita tidak dikurniakan dengan minyak atau emas atau apa-apa jenis sumber alam yang melimpah ruah cukup untuk menarik minat mereka Daru sudut politik pula, Tun Mahathir adalah satu-satunya tokoh yang berjaya meletakkan Malaysia pada sasaran Illuminati dan ia hanyalah semata-mata kerana beliau banyak menimbulkan kemarahan mereka dan Tun Mahathir dianggap satu-satunya lawan yang setanding dari rantau ini.

            Terdapat juga teori kedua yang datangnya dari golongan sekular di dalam kumpulan kami dan bagi saya ia bagaikan mimpi yang teramat ngeri…

            Oleh itu, untuk santapan bacaan anda, saya kemukakan teori pertama.

            SERANGAN MATA WANG 1997 & GEMPA BUMI 2004

            Petunjuk pertama menunjukkan bahawa kita memiliki sesuatu yang mereka mahukan (atau tidak mahu, bergantung kepada perspektif anda) adalah ketika mereka melancarkan serangan hebat ke atas Ringgit Malaysia pada tahun 1997. Hal ini telah pun saya dibincangkan dalam artikel sebelumnya PRABOWO, THAKSIN, ANWAR IBRAHIM DAN KRISIS MATA WANG PADA TAHUN 1997. Cukup jelas pada ketika itu, di samping mengaut keuntungan, mereka perlu menanam proksi-proksi mereka di dalam kerajaan untuk mengawal sistem kita. Tidak dapat dipastikan negara-negara Asia manakah yang menjadi sasaran sebenar mereka. Perlu diingatkan bahawa semua negara-negara Asia pada masa itu (sebelum serangan), Thailand, Indonesia, Brunei dan Malaysia adalah antara negara-negara yang tidak menganggap dirinya sebagai sekutu Amerika Syarikat. Thailand misalnya, walaupun bergantung kepada US Dolar melalui industri pelancongan dan seks, masih memuliakan Raja mereka sebagai orang yang suci dan menghayati sejarah negara mereka sebagai satu-satunya negara di Asia Tenggara yang masih belum dijajah. Malaysia dan Indonesia cukup dikenali sebagai anti-Uncle Sam sehingga kini, dan walaupun saya tidak mempunyai pengetahuan khusus sejauh mana hubungan diplomatik antara Negara Brunei Darussalam dan Amerika Syarikat, saya yakin umat Islam di Brunei berkongsi sentimen yang sama terhadap Amerika Syarikat.

            Jika serangan mata wang tahun 1997 adalah petunjuk bahawa mereka ‘perlu’ untuk menanam diri mereka jauh ke dalam sistem kita, gempa bumi 26 Disember 2004 merupakan petunjuk bahawa mereka begitu terdesak untuk menghapuskan ‘sesuatu’ atau ‘seseorang’ di Acheh, sehari selepas Krismas. Mengapa? Sebabnya adalah:-

            Bertentangan dengan kepercayaan umum, Isa dari Nasaret tidak dilahirkan pada 25 Disember. Gereja Kristian awal pula tidak meraikan kelahiran Isa kerana mereka tidak tahu bilakah hari keputeraan baginda dengan tepat. Sehinggalah pada tahun 440 Masihi, barulah gereja Roman secara rasmi mengisytiharkan 25 Disember sebagai hari kelahiran Nabi Isa a.s. Ini bukanlah berasaskan kepada sebarang bukti keagamaan tetapi sebaliknya ia berlandaskan pada perayaan pagan Saturnalia. 25 Disember dijadikan sebagai sambutan hari lahir Tuhan Matahari (Iblis a.k.a Lucifer), iaitu tarikh yang diperhatikan agak dekat dengan solstis musim sejuk. Jadi, bagaimanakah golongan Pagan meraikan Tuhan Matahari? Tepat sekali, melalui pengorbanan manusia. Menjelang hari ke dua puluh lima setiap bulan, kultus pagan akan melakukan korban di altar holokus. Malah, semasa Acara Pengorbanan Besar-besaran sebelum ini, paderi pagan telah membuat 25 Jenis petanda Salib (3 tanda salib untuk persembahan, 5 untuk menyediakan transubstansiasi, 1 untuk memberkati roti, 1 untuk memberkati Wain, 15 tanda salib lagi untuk baki doa yang dibaca). Apa yang berlaku di Acheh hanyalah pengorbanan manusia pada skala moden yang telah pun dilaksanakan sekian lama sejak Lucifer diturunkan ke bumi. Setahun sebelum Acheh, upacara yang serupa berlaku di Iran apabila gempa bumi berukuran 6.6 skala Richter telah meragut 26 ribu nyawa.

            Ia membawa kita kepada soalan kedua. Mengapa Acheh?

            Jawapannya adalah, alang-alang mereka memutuskan untuk menggembirakan Lucifer dengan pembunuhan besar-besaran, jadi mengapa tidak cuba membunuh orang yang paling penting? Ironinya dalam situasi ini adalah, penyembah Lucifer yang sebenar-benarnya menerima ramalan mengenai tarikh kelahiran Imam Mahdi. Oleh kerana ramalan itu menyebutkan bahawa Imam Mahdi akan lahir pada tahun berlakunya gerhana Matahari dan Bulan pada bulan Ramadan yang sama, mereka yakin bahawa Imam Mahdi telah dilahirkan pada November 2003 apabila berlaku dua gerhana pada 14 dan 28 Ramadhan tahun tersebut. Berdasarkan logik yang hanya diketahui oleh mereka, mengorbankan nyawa 226 ribu warga Acheh seolah-olah berkaitan dengan membunuh seorang bayi lelaki berusia setahun yang teramat sangat penting. Yang pasti, mereka tidak tahu bagaimana untuk mencari sebatang jarum di dalam timbunan jerami. Oleh itu, berlandaskan logik bahawa seekor lebah boleh dihapuskan dengan membakar seluruh hutan, mereka memutuskan untuk membedil peluru nuklear di dasar Jurang Sumatra menggunakan dengan sebuah kapal selam nuklear.

            Sesiapa sahaja yang membaca akhbar-akhbar perdana selepas tsunami sejak 4 tahun lalu tidak akan dapat mengaitkan bahawa masyarakat dunia telah heboh memperkatakan tuduhan mengenai penglibatan kapal selam nuklear Amerika Syarikat (USS San Francisco) dalam serangan itu. Keganjilan gempa bumi itulah yang membongkar rahsia pengeboman itu. Penemuan saintifik telah mendapati bahawa plat tektonik Indo-Australia telah bergerak selama lebih 10 minit semasa gempa bumi Acheh, sedangkan anomali dari sudut geologi menganggap bahawa gempa bumi terkuat dalam sejarah pada iaitu 9 skala Richter hanya bertahan selama satu minit atau lebih sahaja. Ahli geologi turut mengesahkan pada bulan Mei bahawa gempa bumi 26 Disember menyebabkan seluruh bumi bergetar selama beberapa minggu selepas gempa bumi awal, dan setiap titik di planet ini berpindah secara menegak sekurang-kurangnya 3 sentimeter (1/4 inci). Ini merupakan tanda-tanda bahawa peristiwa tersebut telah dicetuskan oleh senjata nuklear, menyebabkan plat tektonik yang secara teorinya harus telah mengalami gempa kecil “amaran” untuk memberi laluan pada satu gegaran besar yang mendadak.

            Hakikat bahawa manusia telah berjaya mencipta senjata yang mampu meniru kemusnahan gempa bumi bukan satu perkara baharu. Nicola Tesla pernah memperkenalkan idea mesin gempa bumi yang menurut beliau telah diuji oleh dirinya sendiri pada tahun 1897. Pada April 1997, daripada Setiausaha Pertahanan William S. Cohen, membuat kenyataan yang misteri iaitu “Pihak lain terlibat bahkan dalam eko keganasan, mereka boleh mengubah cuaca, mencetuskan gempa bumi atau gunung berapi dari jauh, melalui penggunaan gelombang elektro magnetik”. Malah, pada Jun 2000, New Zealand Herald telah mengesahkan bahawa berdasarkan pendedahan dokumen sulit bahawa tentera AS dan NZ telah melakukan beberapa siri letupan air mencetuskan pasang surut tsunami mini di Whangaparaoa pada tahun 1944 dan 1945 sebagai sebahagian daripada ‘Projek Seal’ rahsia untuk melihat bagaimana buatan manusia tsunami boleh dijadikan senjata.

            Saya pula, secara peribadi telah bertelagah dengan rakan-rakan dalam Watchers Group bahawa adalah sangat tidak mungkin Al-Mahdi akan lahir di Acheh. Menggunakan kaedah harafiah dalam pentafsiran ramalan itu, saya menegaskan bahawa Rasulullah sendiri telah menyatakan bahawa Al-Mahdi adalah cerminan imej Rasulullah. Oleh itu, jika Al-Mahdi mengikuti profil Rasulullah, maka bukankah Al-Mahdi dilahirkan di Mekah atau Madinah?

            Walau bagaimanapun, saya masih lagi memikirkan cadangan alternatif yang dinyatakan oleh saudara Muslim saya dalam Watchers Group bahawa serangan itu mungkin diarahkan untuk menghalang Kebangkitan Panji-panji Hitam.


            Jika anda pernah meluangkan sedikit masa untuk membaca mengenai Al-Mahdi, maka anda semestinya pernah mendengar bahawa tenteranya yang berasal dari Timur yang dikenali sebagai tentera panji-panji hitam. Ramalan itu telah menyatakan bahawa tentera itu bukanlah dibentuk secara peribadi dan ditubuhkan oleh Al-Mahdi. Sehingga pada hari beliau dikejar sekeliling Kaabah dan diisytiharkan sebagai Imam, beliau sendiri tidak tahu bahawa dialah Al-Mahdi yang sekian lama dinanti-nantikan itu. Oleh itu, lebih dapat diterima akal apabila seseorang dari Timur membentuk ataupun secara tidak sengaja menubuhkan tentera ini dengan harapan untuk berkhidmat kepada Al-Mahdi apabila tiba masanya kelak. Jadi, mungkin boleh dikatakan bahawa Allah turut mengutus seorang individu penting untuk melakukan persediaan awal kepada Al-Mahdi. Di kemudian hari, Al-Mahdi juga akan menyediakan tapak persediaan awal untuk Isa Al-Masih. Begitu juga, Dajjal turut meniru strategi yang sama. Apabila akhirnya Dajjal memunculkan dirinya, sebenarnya sudah ada pihak yang menunggu kedatangannya. Golongan Illuminatilah yang melakukan persediaan awal sebagai menjangkakan kedatangan Dajjal. Oleh itu apabila Dajjal akhirnya tiba, tidak perlu baginya untuk bertatih dari awal.

            Jadi siapakah ‘insan terpilih’ yang akan menjadi permulaan kebangkitan Panji Hitam?

            Setiap umat Islam di setiap daerah mungkin mendoakan supaya insan ini datang dari kalangan mereka. Rakyat Afghani memang telah diketahui akan memberitahu kepada sesiapa sahaja yang sudi mendengar bahawa perkataan “Khurasan” yang tersebut dalam ramalan sebenarnya merujuk kepada Afghanistan itu sendiri. Dakwaan itu akhirnya menarik minat Illuminati yang seterusnya mendedikasikan abad ke-20 dan ke-21 menyembelih warga Afghanistan dan membumihanguskan tanah mereka.

            Walau bagaimanapun, terdapat hujah-hujah menentang pendapat ini. Salah satu hujah yang kukuh merujuk kepada hadis “Jika kamu semua melihat Panji-panji Hitam datang dari arah Khurasan, maka pergilah kepada mereka dengan segera, walaupun kamu terpaksa merangkak di atas salji kerana sesungguhnya di kalangan mereka adalah Khalifah, Al Mahdi”. ini memerihalkan bahawa Al-Mahdi telah pun mengetuai panji-panji hitam apabila Peperangan Afghanistan bermula.

            Kesimpulannya, ramalan ini merujuk pada tempoh masa yang Al-Mahdi telah pun disertai oleh Panji-panji Hitam (iaitu selepas pengisytiharan di Kaabah). Persoalannya yang masih belum terjawab adalah mengenai identiti orang yang merintis kemunculan Panji-panji Hitam sebelum pengisytiharan di Kaabah.

            Nasib baik (atau tidak – bergantung kepada perspektif anda), beberapa ramalan juga menjurus ke arah Malaysia dan Indonesia. Adakah kita cukup beruntung untuk dirahmati dengan penghormatan tersebut? Atau adakah ia sekadar angan-angan kosong? Baiklah, oleh kerana Illuminati amat dikenali dengan sikap menyeluk pekasam biar sampai ke pangkal lengan, ramalan-ramalan ini akhirnya turut sampai ke pengetahuan mereka. Sebab itulah, kini mereka berada di Malaysia dengan Anwar Ibrahim yang mengetuai persiapan di sini, cuba untuk memastikan supaya penghormatan itu bukan milik kita.

            Pendapat saya, kisah Al-Mahdi yang didatangi oleh sembilan lelaki yang membawa baginda keluar walaupun baginda enggan dan dibai’ah di antara Rukun Yamani dan Maqam Ibrahim a. s. bukan lagi rahsia. Menurut legenda Indonesia yang disampaikan dari mulut ke mulut, seorang tokoh mistik bernama Sabdo Palon telah membuat ramalan bahawa sembilan lelaki itu akan diketuai oleh seseorang yang dikenali sebagai Syeikh Malaya. Ramalan ini begitu popular kerana ia menyebut bahawa Sabdo Palon adalah pelajar Wali Songo yang terkenal.

            Tetapi, sama ada ramalan ini benar-benar wujud atau tidak adalah di luar pengetahuan saya. Saya tidak dapat mengesahkannya kerana saya hanya mendengar mengenai ramalan ini dari rakan Watcher Group yang berasal dari Indonesia. Setakat yang dapat saya kaji sendiri, Sabdo Palon adalah tokoh mistik yang dikatakan muncul dalam abad ke-15 semasa perang antara kerajaan Hindu Majapahit melawan Islam Demak. Ia adalah peperangan keagamaan, yang amat didorong oleh faktor agama sehingga Raden Patah sebagai pemerintah Demak turut dibantu oleh pasukan legenda Wali Songo. Legenda mengatakan bahawa Sabdo Palon merupakan nujum untuk pemerintah Majapahit Prabu Brawijaya dan Raja itu membawa Sabdo Palon bersamanya semasa pertemuan dengan Sunan Kalijaga (salah seorang Wali Songo). Semasa pertemuan inilah dikatakan bahawa Prabu Brawijaya telah memeluk agama Islam manakala Sabdo Palon pula menunjukkan keengganannya malah menyumpah seluruh rakyat Jawa kerana meninggalkan agama Hindu. Sumpahan terkenal beliau disebut dalam buku lama “Serat Jangka Jayabaya Sabdo Palon”.

            Setelah mengkaji banyak cerita berkaitan Sabdo Palon, saya berasa amat ragu jika dikatakan Sabdo Palon pernah menuntut ilmu dengan Wali Songo. Malah, melihat kebenciannya terhadap Islam, hinggalah cara dia hilang di dalam kabus, dan cara dia mengumumkan bahawa dia akan muncul semula 500 tahun kemudian untuk menggantikan Islam dengan agama lain cukup meyakinkan – saya bahawa Sabdo Palon itu sendiri adalah Syaitan. Kemudian, ada cerita mengatakan bahawa Sabdo Palon pernah muncul di Bali pada 1489 di bawah nama Danghyang Nirartha dan kemudian menukar namanya sebagai Haji aji Duta Semu. Di sana, beliau terus menyesatkan dengan ajaran “Islam Telu” yang pengikut hanya boleh bersembahyang tiga kali sehari.

            Sekarang, mari kita lupakan sama ada Sabdo Palon Raja Syaitan atau tidak. Saya mungkin membincangkan lebih lanjut mengenai Sabdo Palon dalam artikel “Laluan Syaitan” yang masih lagi dalam perancangan. Saya akan cuba menerangkan jejak-jejak kehadiran syaitan di seluruh dunia (kini sepanjang 10 muka surat yang panjang dan bakal bertambah.. saya begitu letih untuk meneruskan..)

            Pada ketika ini apa yang penting adalah, entah bagaimana ramalan tentang “Syekh Malaya” ini telah tersebar di luar sana dan kini beredar di arus perdana internet. Dalam artikel terdahulu, saya telah menjelaskan bahawa Illuminati merupakan kumpulan manusia yang paling paranoid yang menganggap serius apa jenis ramalan pun. Mereka dikatakan membiayai jabatan khas hanya untuk mengawasi mana-mana ramalan di seluruh dunia. Teori “RAHMAN” yang banyak diperkatakan hanyalah semata-mata kata-kata dari mulut ke mulut tetapi terbukti benar di Malaysia walaupun tiada seorang pun yang pasti siapakah yang mula-mula mengutarakannya. Oleh itu, jika orang-orang seperti saya dan anda dan warga Indonesia boleh mendengar tentang Syeikh Malaya, maka sudah tentu sampah Illuminati juga sudah mengetahui tentang berita ini.

            Sekarang, mari kita andaikan untuk seketika bahawa Syeikh Malaya memang wujud atau akan wujud, apakah pula maknanya perkara ini kepada Illuminati? Rakan saya pula berpendapat bahawa ramalan itu hanya menunjukkan satu perkara, iaitu Panji-panji Hitam sememangnya akan mengibarkan benderanya pertama-tama di Malaysia sebelum memulakan perarakan terpanjang dalam sejarah ke Mekah. Lain-lain ramalan penting mengenai baginda Al-Mahdi telah pun menunjukkan bahawa sembilan orang yang mula-mula menghubungi Al-Mahdi di Mekah sudah mengetahui tentang tentera Panji-panji Hitam yang semakin hampir, maka adalah masuk akal bahawa beberapa ataupun sekurang-kurangnya salah seorang daripada mereka adalah ahli atau pengasas Panji-panji Hitam itu sendiri. Ramalan Sabdo Palon menyebut tentang Syeikh Malaya sebagai tokoh terkemuka di kalangan orang-orang ini. Jadi apakah maknanya perkara ini mengenai Malaysia? Mari kita lihat semula pemboleh ubah yang terkandung dalam ramalan Sabdo Palon ini.

            Syeikh Malaya sebagai pemimpin sembilan lelaki + Malaya bererti Malaysia + Panji-panji Hitam yang menghampiri = Adakah anda faham?

            Satu lagi perkara yang memberikan sedikit kredibiliti remeh kepada ramalan “Syeikh Malaya” adalah nama “Syeikh Malaya” itu sendiri. Hakikat bahawa insan ini menamakan dirinya sempena nama negaranya memberitahu kita bahawa ramalan ini telah dibuat untuk menyesuaikan teka-teki yang disebut dalam ramalan mengenai panji-panji hitam.

            “Panji-panji hitam akan datang dari Timur, diketuai oleh para lelaki yang gagah perkasa, dengan rambut panjang dan janggut, nama keluarga mereka diambil dari nama-nama bandar asal mereka dan nama-nama mereka yang pertama adalah dari “Kunya”.

            Watcher Group (dan Illuminati) telah pun mengetahui profil paling asas Tentera Panji-panji Hitam. Dengan mengguna pakai peraturan pertama teknik tafsiran ramalan Illuminati, bahawa ramalan semua mesti ditafsirkan secara literal, maka Illuminati telah membuat kesimpulan bahawa : -

            (a) setiap anggota tentera akan menggunakan negara mereka sebagai nama keluarga dan

            (b) sebab utamanya adalah kerana para anggota tentera ini bersifat multinasional, yang datangnya dari pelbagai negara-negara dan kampung halaman yang berbeza

            (c) para tentera ini akan mara menuju ke Mekah melalui jalan tanah, dan akan melalui banyak negara dan bandar-bandar, yang mana mereka akan disertai oleh umat Islam dari pelbagai tempat-tempat ini yang menyebabkan bilangan mereka semakin bertambah

            Atas sebab ini, Illuminati sudah pun meragui idea bahawa gagasan tentera Panji-panji Hitam hanya terdiri daripada orang-orang Arab atau Afghanistan sahaja.

            Bagi saya, dengan idea bahawa tentera ini boleh bermula dari Malaysia adalah mungkin tetapi masih terpencil. Selagi asal usul ramalan Sabdo Palon masih dipersoalkan pada masa ini, maka kita perlu mengambil sikap berhati-hati kerana ia mungkin juga watak palsu yang dicipta oleh orang-orang tertentu di Internet. Tetapi, terdapat 10% bahagian diri saya yang ingin melayan idea ini, terutamanya apabila menyedari makna sebenar tafsiran literal perkataan ‘Timur’. Baiklah, sebenarnya tidak ramai yang tahu tentang hal ini, tetapi jika anda menggunakan Google Earth untuk mencari Mekah, selaraskan kedudukannya dengan betul kepada ‘Utara Benar’ dan kemudian tekan butang papan kekunci anda untuk bergerak ke kanan (Timur), anda akan mendapati bahawa anda akhirnya akan berakhir di tempat yang sangat berhampiran Brunei. Anda tidak akan dapat melihat ‘kebetulan’ ini pada peta 2D biasa kerana utara yang ditunjukkan bukan ‘Utara Benar’ tetapi ‘Utara Grid’. Google Earth mengguna pakai ‘Utara Benar’ dalam pengaturcaraannya, jadi anda boleh lihat ‘kebetulan’ ini hanya dengan menekan butang yang betul di papan kekunci anda. Saya, bagaimanapun tidak akan membuat spekulasi tentang maksud kebetulan ini.

            (Google Earth dan Google Maps ( adalah tidak sama. Google Earth adalah perisian yang boleh dimuat turun di

            Walau apa pun, Asia Tenggara adalah rantau Islam yang paling jauh di timur dari Mekah. Oleh itu mungkin juga masuk akal bahawa perarakan itu boleh bermula dari sini. Jika benar, perarakan ini akan bergerak melalui Thailand, Myanmar, Bangladesh, sempadan India dan China, kemudian masuk ke Pakistan, Afghanistan, Iran, Iraq, dan terus ke Mekah sebelum membaiah kesetiaan mereka kepada Imam Mahdi. Satu perkara yang pasti, ia sememangnya deretan banyak negara untuk dilalui oleh tentera itu. Jika saya merupakan komander tentera bagi sebuah pasukan tentera multinasional seperti itu, saya mungkin akan melakukan perkara yang sama dengan memanggil semua anggota dalam pasukan tentera saya dengan nama-nama seperti Syeikh Malaya, Hussin Jakarta, Abdul Pakistan dan nama-nama yang serupa seperti itu.

            Ayuh kita berehat seketika.. Saya akan menulis bahagian kedua artikel yang tidak masuk akal untuk keseronokan membaca anda. Nasihat saya adalah supaya anda supaya menganggap ia sebagai bahan bacaan ringan. Dalam bahagian kedua, saya akan menulis tentang teori kedua dari kumpulan sekular dalam Watcher Group mengapa Illuminati berminat dengan Malaysia kita yang tercinta ini. Teori kedua yang penuh dengan perbincangan ringkas tentang bencana ramalan yang kadang-kala menyebabkan saya tidak dapat tidur. Jadi, bahagian kedua merupakan berita buruk jika kebenarannya terbukti. Tetapi, ia juga menyokong idea mengapa Panji-panji Hitam akan muncul dari rantau kita.

            Source Blog

            THE BRIDGE

            Drawing contributed by RR

            Very recently someone had sent private messages to me via Facebook, asking me how to be khusyuk in solat. Apparently she had read my previous articles PRAYING WHILE GOING THETA and Q&A = PRAYING WHILE GOING THETA back to back. So I repeated my advice that understanding in her own language what was recited in arabic during prayer is the key. She said she had done that but still wonders if there are more tips I can give her.

            I said yes, there is one other method of which I practiced for my own solat. This is one of which I have never shared except with my wife and the rest of my friends in the Watchers group. I haven’t even shared it with my parent because I have no confidence of its truthfulness. In this era when some people might scream “bida’ah!.. bida’ah” at you whenever you share your ‘personal opinion’ on religion, it make me anxious to share something which purely based on personal experience.

            I have been thinking for quite some time whether I should write this or not. Unlike the rest of my previous articles which were the accumulation of opinions by members of the Watchers Group. This things you’re about to read is basically all mine after a dream that I had two years ago. I have discussed it with my fellows friends in the group and received a mix reaction. It does ignited an interesting discussion and all of my friends agreed that my profiling on this makes sense. The only problem is that

            (a) there’s no verses to back it up,
            (b) there’s no hadiths to back it up,
            (c) there’s no kitab to back it up,
            (d) so far as I have googled, no one has spoken about it before.

            and most importantly, none of us in the Watchers group believe we are religious enough to profile one of the most important verse in Quran without the benefit of a verse or hadith to back it up.

            But I told that reader of mine about it, and since then she has been pestering me with repeated private messages urging me to write this one up. I have also spoken to my wife about it and she too encourages me to share this special experience with others. She said after listening to my story about the dream and my opinion about what “the bridge” might mean, it too has tremendously motivate her to concentrate during solat. It has also instilled a tremendous amount of fear to Allah whenever she think about what I had told her what “the bridge” might means.

            After an hour of discussion via Skype, I finally got my approval from my group to write this one down. However, there is a caveat. They wanted me to write it in a manner to invite the general public to share their opinion. Some of you out who stumbled upon this article might be able to contribute to this issue. Please tell me your opinion via the comment section of these two questions:-

            Do you believe this profiling of mine is harmful to the aqeedah of Ahli Sunnah Wal Jamaah and thus this article should be deleted?

            I will monitor all your replies for about one month time and if the majority of you says that this article should be deleted.. then I will delete it with no question asked.

            So here is my profiling of verse Al-Fateeha from a literal point of view (sort off)…

            THE DREAM

            The dream is actually very short and it occurs during the 3rd day of ramadhan 2010 when I was napping after praying zuhr. What I can remember is this -

            In the dream I was amongst a tremendous group of people in a desert and it was extremely noisy. All of us were moving slowly forward toward something but at first I don’t know what the raucous was all about.

            Then I saw it, in front of us there is a huge gorge with larva flowing and fire bursting from within it. There was a long line of people queuing toward the pointy edge of the canyon and this time I was able to hear what they were saying. They were praying and saying something about THE BRIDGE. By this time and for no apparent reason I start panicking. So I decided to pray too. I folded my arms over my chest and pray and it sounded something like this (for this article I wrote it down in English but in the dream I was praying in Malay):-

            “Dear God the ruler of the universe who owns this day of judgement. I beg you, please show mercy to me by allowing me to use the BRIDGE similar to the one used by your servants that you favored. Dear God, please I beg you not to let me use the the one that you have given to those who have angered you or the one that were used by those who have forsaken you. “

            Then I woke up.

            It was a scary nightmare for me, but it didn’t really hit the nerve until a week later when by pure coincidence I read an article in a magazine which give details on what we all shall faced during the day of judgment. Here is an excerpt from it in English.

            After all their sins has been accounted for and before entering into Paradise or Hellfire, the people will have to cross A BRIDGE laid over Hellfire. This bridge is called SIRATUL MUSTAQEEM which is constructed over the fire of Hell. Depending on one’s deeds while living, it can be broad or as thinner than a hair and sharper than a sword. This is the only road that can be taken to go to Jannat. The Prophet will be the first to cross the bridge, then All the Ambia and Mursaleen , followed by the Ummat of the Prophet and then the Ummats of all the other Prophets. One will pass over the bridge as per his deeds. Some will pass as fast as the flash of lightning. Some will pass like wind traveling at high speeds. Some will pass as fast as birds fly, whilst others will pass in the speed of a fast horse. Some will travel in the speed of a running man and some will be dragging themselves on their bottoms. There will be those who will be passing as slow as ants.

            On both ends of Pul Siraat, there are two massive iron rods with curved ends like hooksand it will seize whomsoever it is commanded to seize. Some of those seized will be severely wounded, but will manage to pass the bridge, whilst others will be plunged by it into the fire of hell. The entire nations will be struggling to pass over the bridge, but our prophet Muhammadur Rasoolullah sallal laahu alaihi wasallam will be waiting on the other end of the bridge praying for his Ummah to pass with safety.“

            When I remembered that the bridge itself is named “Siratul-Mustaqim” then suddenly several things clicked in my mind.

            First, I began to remember the prayer that I had recited in my dream and how familiar it sounded. My dua in that dream does sounded layman but then again when I think about it again and again, I began to realize that the meaning of my dua in the dream is similar to the meaning of surah Al-Fateeha. This is how I came to realize it

            Now, for quite some time there was one thing about verse Al-Fateeha which caught my interest as profiler. It is very obvious that this surah is in a form of a ‘doa’ (supplication). I however was intrigued to know what mystery might be hidden in this short surah and to what situation might this ‘doa’ literally refers to. Now, other surah in the form of dua are plain clear. For example the wordings in verse Al-Ikhlas means that we are praying to strenghten our faith and not to worship other than Allah. Similarly for verse An-Nas we are seeking protection from black magic and whereas in Al-Falaq we are seeking refuge against all harms that might come from other creatures be it day or night.

            Al-Fateeha on the other hand, has long been understood only metaphorically. It is well understood that the most meaningful portion of  Al-Fateeha is in the verse 1:6 which reads “EH’DENAS SIRAATAL MUSTAQEEM”. The Sahih International has translated this portion of the verse into “Guide us in the right path” but other scholars has translated it as follows:-

            ABDLH.YUSUF ALI: Show us the straight way,
            MUHD M.W.PICKTHALL: Show us the straight path,
            M.H.SHAKIR: Keep us on the right path.

            So you see, other scholars didn’t use the word “Guide us..”, instead they ranslated it into either “Show us..” or “Keep us..”. However, the words “Siraatal Mustaqeem” were consistently translated into “the right path” (or “the straight path”). Metaphorically, this means that we are praying so that Allah shows us the way to live in Islam. This too is another miracle of Al-Fateeha that I noticed during my research while writing my previous article “A LESSON FROM THE CONVERTS“. Apparently people who earnestly pray to be shown the way into Islam will receieved a nod from the Al-Mighty.

            A few quick examples as follows:-

            Example 1.

            I met a kind, quiet Muslim man named “Hani.” I approached the man and told him that I wanted to learn more about his religion. The first thing Hani recommended was reading the Qur’an, the revelation of Allah to His Prophet Muhammad. Hani even gave me a Qur’an (In fact, the small Arabic-English Qur’an that Brother Hani gave me is still one of my prized possessions). Hani inscribed in it the following words that continue to touch my heart: “May Allah guide us to the right path.” I began reading the Qur’an and to my surprise, it made sense to me.” (Source: An “All-American Boy”)

            Example 2.

             I heard one of my Muslim friends saying ‘I am going to pray for a while and will come back,’ so I told her that I want to pray as well.” Recalling that moment, Diam’s said she experienced feelings she had never before. “It was the first time that I touched the floor with head and I prayed for God to show me the truth, and I had a strong feeling that I have never experienced before,” Diam’s said. “I believe now that kneeling in prayer, shouldn’t be done to anyone but Allah.” (Mélanie Georgiades)

            Example 3
            God is unseen but there are clear proofs to those who care to look and listen. Partly as a result of this dream and other reflections, I recall making a little prayer for the first time in many years saying “God, if you exist then guide me.” (Lamaan Ball (M. Phys.)

            Example 4.
            Hanna was taken directly from the birthing room to the neo-natal intensive care unit. When I found out that my second daughter was blue I was very concern. I went to saw her in the ICU and saw from the level of her chest down to her toes she was in a deep dusky blue. We took a cardiac ultra sound and it showed she had a choarctasion of an aorta. I understood it at that time that my daughter is about to die. I was emotional and I left the ICU, I went down to the hallway to a prayer room nearby. I pray for the first time in my life with sincerity. I prayed “Oh God if you’re there, I need help. If you save my daughter and guide me to a religion that is most pleasing to You – I promised to follow” (Dr Lawrence  Brown – Link)

            So it is true that the prayer “Ed’denas Siraatal Mustaqeem” (Show us the straight way) is the most significant prayer that we all must perform while we’re living in this world. So significant it is that during solat we are required to repeat it 17 times a day.
            But then again, I can’t help but wonder whether Al-Fateeha has another secret within it.
            After the dream that I had, and upon knowing that the bridge in the day of resurrection is literally named “Siraatal Mustaqeem” itself, I cannot help but letting my profiling instinct to kick in. So I did and I found these verses within Al-Fateehah to be most intriguing.

            1:3 – AR RAHMAANIR RAHEEM (Most Gracious, Most Merciful“)
            الرَّحمـنِ الرَّحِيم

            I found it interesting that in Al-Fateeha we’re praying for for God’s mercy. Usually people beg for mercy when they fear of an impending punishment. I wonder what kind of situation would make humanity all trembles in fear (noticed that in Al-Fateeha it uses the word “we” instead of “I”).

            1:4 – MAALIKI YAWMID DEEN (“Master of the Day of Judgment.“)
            مَـالِكِ يَوْمِ الدِّي
            I think the answer to the question above is answered in the next verse. I now believe that the doa might refers to the day of judgment itself. This is the day when all humanity shall be in fear, begging to Allah for mercy and refer to Him as the Master of the day of Judgment.

            1:5: EYYAAKA NA`BUDU, WA EYYAAKA NASTA`EEN (“You alone we worship; You alone we ask for help)
            إِيَّاك نَعْبُدُ وإِيَّاكَ نَسْتَعِين

            I think this one is easy to figure out. This is clearly a ‘begging” in process. During a day of judgment we will all begging to Allah for help and tell Him that He alone we worship. The words is quite self explanatory.  But the question is, what it is we are begging for?
            1:6 EH’DENAS SIRAATAL MUSTAQEEM (“Show us the straight way“)
            اهدِنَــــا الصِّرَاطَ المُستَقِي

            This is where things gets interesting. If we read the verses and translated the words “siraatal mustaqeem” as “the straight path” then the meaning become a metaphor. In this world we are now living we will understand it as a doa to become a good Moslem.  

            But consider this for a second,  what if  the bridge crossing over hell itself is literally named “SIRAATUL MUSTAQEEM?” Wouldn’t  the phrase “Show us the Siraatul Mustaqeem” can also be understood as “Show us the bridge“? (because the bridge itself is literally called “Siratul Mustaqeem)

            1:7 SIRAATAL LAZINA AN`AMTA `ALAYHIM;  (“the way of those whom You blessed“)
            صِرَاطَ الَّذِينَ أَنعَمتَ عَلَيهِمْ

            This is also easy to profile. Here we are all begging to God to let us use the same bridge that had been used by those he has bestow favors. This refers to those who had perform good deeds in the world of the living. These are those who are able to cross Siraatul Mustaqeem easily. As mentioned above, some will pass like wind traveling at high speeds. Some will pass as fast as birds fly, whilst others will pass in the speed of a fast horse.
            1:8 GHAYRIL MAGHDOOBI `ALAYHIM  ALADDAALEEN. (“not of those who have deserved wrath, nor of the strayers“)
             غَيرِ المَغضُوبِ عَلَيهِمْ وَلاَ الضَّالِّين
            This verse mentioned to two categories of people whom clearly will not be able to cross the Siraatul Mustaqeem. They are those who have earned the anger of Allah (I believe it’s the Munafiqun) and those who who have gone astray (I believe these refers to those who worship others than Allah). When verse 1:7 and 1:8 are read together as a doa, it refers to a situation where we will all be begging to be included the first group of people (those mentioned in 1:7). It would be understandable why none of us would want to end up like the people in the categories mentioned in 1:8.

            * * * * * * * *
            I now think the reason why al-Fateeha is the first and the most repeated supplication I will have ever recited in my life is because it will be the last and also the most repeated doa I will supplicate right there in Mahsyar. This I believe will happened when it is my turn to cross the bridge. During solat I sometimes see this vision (I’m not sure whether I’m hallucinating while reciting Al-Fateeha) of standing there in mahsyar watching people before me trying to cross the bridge. I will see some of them being presented with a wide and beautifull bridge that is easy for them to walk or run on. Then there are people in category 2 and 3 all hanging like monkeys, screaming to keep their bleeding hand to grip on the bridge which is now as thin and razor sharp as a blade. Needless to say they eventually fall down into the fiery hell.
            So that is how I manage to focus even more during my solat for the past 2 years since the dream occured to me. Most of the times during a prayer I cannot help but thinking of the day when I shall stand there with my hands crossing my chest and  looking down  (the same way my heads are bowing down when performing solat) at the gorge full fire, fully aware that I will have no choice but to cross over it someday . No doubt when presented with such brutal view, I tremble in fear and I believe anyone in my situation no doubts will do the same as I am- which is to repeats the Al-Fateehah again and again and again and again and again and again.. begging to Allah to let me use the category 1 bridge.
            This is my secret method of keeping myself focus during solat. I am not saying that this is the way for you to follow, but reciting Al-Fateehah during solat, knowing what it means and then imagining yourself about to step on THE BRIDGE surrounded by river of fire can be extremely intimidating that you might end up crying.

            But crying during solat is a good thing though.. I think..

            Source Blog


            Sebentar tadi saya pergi ke laman web Bajet 2014 di

            Disini rakyat Malaysia diberi peluang memberi cadangan tentang beberapa isu-isu bajet yang bakal dibentang pada 2014 nanti. So saya pun mendaftar masuk dan beri cadangan juga la.

            Tapi bila saya bandingkan cadangan-cadangan saya dengan pencadang lain, saya yakin lah mesti tak ada satu pun cadangan saya tu yang akan dipertimbangkan hehe.

            Anyway, kalau ada sesiapa yang melawat laman web bajet 2014 tu, sekiranya sudi harap ‘Like’ cadangan saya supaya ada harapan sikit sampai ke mata Dato Seri Najib.

            Berikut adalah cadangan-cadangan saya (semua cadangan terpaksa diringkaskan sebab ada limit 400 huruf ja bagi setiap topik).

            KOS SARA HIDUP

            Jangan asyik tunduk dengan CUEPACS. Setiap kali gaji sektor kerajaan naik tanpa disokong oleh pertumbuhan ekonomi (yang juga membawa kenaikan gaji swasta) maka kakitangan swasta menderita akibat tidak mampu mengejar kenaikan harga barang disamping menjunamnya peluang pekerjaan. Kos sara hidup meningkat tapi hakikatnya tiada cukup duit beredar di pasaran. (p/s: ramai yang ‘dislike’ cadangan ni)


            Harap kaji penggunaan serbuk bambu untuk dijadikan papan lapis untuk tujuan pembinaan rumah. Bambu adalah tumbuhan terpantas membesar di dunia dan boleh matang dan diproses hanya dalam 4 bulan saja. Jika bambu boleh diproses menjadi papan binaan, maka kos membina rumah papan akan turun drastik. Rujuk


            Sudah sampai masanya syarat untuk mendapatkan lesen motorsikal automatik dilonggarkan bagi membolehkan golongan wanita dan berpendapatan rendah beralih kepada motorsikal sebagai pengangkutan utama ke tempat kerja. Begitu juga dengan membenarkan pemilik motorsikal memasang atap seperti di Thailand. Pengenalan teksi motorsikal seperti di Indonesia juga boleh diadaptasi.


            Setiap kali desa dimodenkan maka setiap kali itulah semakin hilang peluang ekonomi penduduknya. Sungai menjadi kotor, hutan ditebang, tanah ditarah, tanah dijual, dan kepelbagaian bio terhapus. Itu sebabnya orang muda terpaksa lari cari kerja di bandar. Desa seharusnya diperindahkan dan dipelihara supaya mengekalkan peluang ekonomi sektor desa serta pelancongan (cth: homestay. kraftangan dan IKS kecil-kecilan)


            Ekonomi domestik hanya berkembang jika semua orang berkerja dan ada duit untuk dibelanja. Syarikat besar yang pekerja hanya 10-20 orang tapi untung berjuta hanya tau simpan duit di bank. Duit itu tidak masuk pasaran. Oleh itu syarikat-syarikat hi-tech yang kedekut menggaji pekerja harus dicukai semaksimumnya. Semakin banyak jumlah pekerja maka makin sedikit cukai dikenakan. Dengan cara ini semua syarikat berebut tambah bilangan pekerja. 


            Semakin hari beg sekolah anak saya semakin berat. Mengalahkan kampit beras sedangkan dia baru Darjah 1. Memandangkan harga Tablet 10 inci hari ini sangat murah (sekitar RM400 kalau yang made in China) maka saya merayu agar semua buku teks dan buku latihan diprogram dalam bentuk App Android saja. Bagi mengelakkan syarikat penerbit buku gulung tikar, bolehlah diberi kontrak pada mereka untuk membina dan menjual App itu di Google Store.


            Kembalikan ISA dan Ordinan Darurat!

            BELIA DAN SUKAN

            Merujuk kepada senario bola sepak negara, adalah dicadangkan agar pasukan negeri yang menjuarai Piala Malaysia adalah secara automatik akan menjadi Harimau Malaya untuk tahun tersebut disamping mendapat peruntukan besar. Tak kisahlah kalau 70% pemainnya mungkin orang kelantan tahun itu.


            Perkenalkan sektor tanaman padi, penternakan dan perikanan secara besar-besaran di Sabah dan Sarawak. Kita tidak seharusnya bergantung kepada Negara luar seperti Thailand sebagai sumber beras dan makanan. Ini kerana kebergantungan sebegitu akan dipengaruhi oleh bekalan minyak untuk tujuan pengangkutan. Jika ditakdirkan berlaku keruntuhan dollar Amerika dan putusnya bekalan minyak, maka sekurang-kurangnya kita masih ada sumber makanan sendiri.


            Lantik Tun Mahathir sebagai KSU


            Generasi baru Malaysia semua memilih kerja yang berhawa dingin. Kerja jaga kaunter yang gaji seciput pun tak apa asalkan air cond. Minta mana-mana jurutera di Proton cipta jaket dengan internal air cond. Lepas tu agaknya baru ramai yang sanggup nak kerja di ladang dan di pembinaan. Ini juga menggalakkan ramai pemandu kereta beralih kepada motorsikal dan basikal yang kurang mengguna minyak.


            Program pelancongan menari-nari, menyanyi-nyanyi dan bercampur lelaki wanita adalah membuang masa kerana pelancong asing tidak berminat hendak melihat budaya barat di Malaysia. Jika Kuala Lumpur secara tiba-tiba berubah dipenuhi wanita bertudung, lelaki-lelaki yang solat di masjid, acara agama dan ayat Quran atau nasyid yang berkumandang di semua shopping complex, maka akan lebih menarik perhatian pelancong asing untuk datang ke Malaysia.


            Merujuk kepada ‘Golongan Kurang Bernasib Baik Lain’, pelarian wanita dan kanak-kanak Syria pun adalah golongan ini. Oleh itu mohon bawa mereka untuk ditempatkan di kawasan pelindungan khas dan berikan mereka peluang 12 bulan untuk berdikari. Jika selepas 12 bulan masih tak berdikari bolehlah dihantar pulang semula ke Syria. Pasti mereka akan bersyukur walaupun terpaksa berkerja sebagai penyapu sampah. Ini juga sebagai pengajaran pada rakyat kita yang tak tahu bersyukur.

            Source Blog


            Caution: This is an extremely long article. Your discretion is advised.

            I am please to announce that my August’s article “The Bridge” will stay for your reading pleasure of my blog. After a month being published, no one had objected to my profiling of the verse Al-Fatiha ( سورة الفاتحة) and that means the article shall forever be part of my blog ( at least until this entire blog is deleted by the owner of )

            Thanks ya’ll !!

            So would you mind if I profile yet another favorite surah of mine from Al-Quran??

            But before I began, here’s my disclaimer for this article. Please read it.

            First and foremost, please always consider the possibility that I am an idiot and that things I said here is a complete rubbish. It is Allah who owns the knowledge that no creature shall ever comprehends. Therefore I urge you not to take my opinions herein seriously. Just take it as food of thought for your leisure readings.

            P/S: Also, I apologize to Homer Simpsons for using his picture as my alter ego. Do’h!

            Actually, surah ‘Al-Fateeha’ is not the only surah that I had profiled so far (for those who have yet to read my previous article ‘the Bridge‘, please do so). Very recently, thanks to the lesson I’ve learned after watching the videos of converts (again, for those who have yet to read my previous article ‘A Lesson From The Converts‘, please do so), I have spent a lot of time studying the translated texts of my most favorite surah in Al-Quran which is surah Yaseen.

            I am proud to say that Surah Yaseen is my most recited surah in Al-Quran. The first time I recited this surah wholeheartedly was when I was hospitalized a few years ago. This was at the moment in my life when I had just joined the legal fraternities but yet to join the Watchers Group. This was a brief period in my life when I was a bit ‘naughty’ due to bad influences from no good friends ( however, I don’t drink and I had never done drugs. I was naughty but I was not bad ).

            I was in extreme pain back then and I spent a lot of time reciting this surah – praying that God would ease my pain and heal me. At one time the pain was so severe that I think I had passed out on bed without anyone around me noticing. Nearby patients probably thought I was sleeping. It was during this episode I heard a voice of a man telling me that there’s a reason why I need to be in the hospital. This may sound comedic but merely three days after I was admitted to the ward, I was stunned to receive a very ‘naughty’ SMS from an ex-girlfriend (whom was already a married woman by that time) asking me out to a ‘date’. Weirder yet, an hour later I received another SMS from a friend telling me that there’s a new karaoke lounge  in town and its owner had offered him ‘two new goods from Phillipine’ (meaning ‘girls’) for ‘pinoy test drive’ (go figure).

            Had I not been imprisoned in hospital that whole week, my life probably had changed into one which is morally corrupted and far from the straight path. That was the day when I began to believe that there is no “musibah” in Islam. That was also the day when the same voice had also told me that my numbers will be up when my age reached ‘………’ (censored). Luckily though for me, I still have enough time to ‘invest for my retirement scheme” and in the meanwhile enjoy the correct way life should be enjoyed with family and kids. Unfortunately I won’t be blowing candles on my 75th birthday. But then again, I still can see my kids grows up and if I’m lucky I might even see them get married.. Haha..

            So now you know where’s the idea to write my past articles namely “How To Make Money Online” and “Tiada Musibah Dalam Islam” really came from.

            I hope by telling this story, you will also understand why in many of my articles I repeatedly emphasis the need for my readers not to take my writings seriously. I have this fear {called it phobia if you will) of inadvertently leaving behind harmful information in this world. The last thing I want to do is going to the grave with people performing sins in the world of living no thanks to my stupid blog. When JayaNegara went loco I was horrified to learn that my blog was listed amongst his favorites. I was relief however upon learning that this guy wasn’t even learned enough to understand English. This is my primary reason for writing my articles in a language foreign to the majority of Malaysian idiots / lunatics.

            But I feel that there were things which were worth telling.. provided that readers are cautioned not to take it seriously. The things I about to tell you is something which I don’t think will bring any danger to your aqeedah. This is the story that may be used to warn future generation of what shall befall unto them if they stray from the straight path. This is my profiling of surah Yaseen which I believe tells the story of a lost civilization that sounds eerily similar to a well known legend from the west.

            Another Caveat : I am not 100% sure the story in Yaseen refers to that legend I’m gonna speak about. I only say that to me, it sounds eerily similar. Got it?

            If you got it that by all means you may proceed to read the rest of this article. If you unable to comprehend the meaning of my caveat, then kindly stop reading and click HERE to exit this blog.


            • Ya, Seen.
            • By the wise Qur’an.
            • Indeed you, [O Muhammad], are from among the messengers, 
            • On a straight path.
            • [This is] a revelation of the Exalted in Might, the Merciful,
            • That you may warn a people whose forefathers were not warned, so they are unaware.
            • Surely (because of their persistent disbelief and hatred) the word (decree) Has been proved against most of them that they will not believe.
            • Surely we have placed on their necks shackles reaching right up to their chins so that their heads are raised up.
            • And we have set a barrier before them and a barrier behind them and cast a veil over their eyes, so they see nothing.
            • And it is the same for them whether you warn them or you warn them not they will not believe.
            • You can but warn only him who follows the Qur’an and fears the most-kind (Lord) without seeing. So give him the glad tidings of forgiveness and a generous reward.
            • Surely we shall raise the dead to life, and we shall write down the deeds which they send before, and their traces which they leave behind. And we have kept count of everything in the preserved tablet.

            Above are the translation of surah Yaseen from ayat 1-12 (Sahih International). However, those who’re familiar with the meaning of surah Yaseen will know that this surah tells a story of a city being destroyed by a cataclysmic event.

            It is generally believed that God had left out the details and focus is solely of the lessons to be learned. The people involved in the story are not named – and so does the name of the city, the type of cataclysmic event that occurred and when it occurs. Because of this – and due to the lack of knowledge on modern science in the past – scholars had been known to come out with different suggestions on where this event occurred. Some suggests that the event occurred in Antioch, Syria. Others suggests that the verses actually refers to the story of Noah (the story of the great flood). Then there were others who suggested that this story refers to the destruction of Pompeii.

            I would like to say in clear words to my readers that these opinions as voiced out by these scholars out to be considered and respected more than mine. As stated earlier in the earlier disclaimer, you should always consider the possibility that I am just an idiot who write rubbish. Compared to these scholars I am a moron with  no credentials whatsoever to offer. The things I write here is just a matter of personal opinion and hence should always be doubted and rejected if you began to think about it too seriously.

            Personally, I believes that each and every words uttered in Al-Quran is a set of miracles by itself. So powerful each words are that different individuals can experienced its miracle  in a different way and through different perspectives. Therefore whereas the message conveyed by the words of God is easy and plain enough to be understood metaphorically by many, my friend and I in the Watchers group tried to apply our crazy idea and our so-called ‘literal rule’ to decode surah Yaseen as a whole.

            I have to say though, applying the ‘literal rule’ approach when decoding Yaseen has yielded an ‘interesting’ results.

            To make its easier for me to relay my opinion in this article, I will use the following words to refers to the destruction of this unnamed city, its unnamed city and unnamed population.

            1. The Yaseen Incident = The events that lead to the destruction of the city by God.
            2. The City of Yaseen = The unnamed city refers in Surah Yaseen.
            3. The Yaseenites  =  The population of Yaseen of whom was wiped out in the Yaseen Incident.
            YASEEN : 13 – 27

            • And relate to them (for their understanding) the parable of the people of a town when there came to them our sent ones.
            • When (at first) we sent to them two, they denied them, so we strengthened them with a third, then the three of them said to them “verily we have been sent to you (as messengers)”
            • The people of the town said “you are not but human beings like ourselves. And the most-kind lord has not sent down anything – you are only lying”.
            • The apostles said “our Lord knows that without doubt we have necessarily been sent to you”.
            • “and on us is nothing but to convey (the message of truth) in clear terms”.
            • The people said “surely we see only an evil augury in you. If you do not desist, we shall certainly stone you to death, and you will receive from us a painful torment”.
            • The apostles said “your evil augury is with you! (strange!) when you are admonished (for your own good you start threatening). Nay, you are a people transressing the limits”.
            • (In the meantime) from the farthest end of the city there came a man running, he said “O my people! Follow the sent ones…”
            • “Follow these (apostles) who do not ask for any wage from you, And are on the right course as well”.
            • ”And how can i be justified in not worshiping Him who created me, and it is to Him that you shall be returned?
            • (Is it proper for me that) i (should) take other gods beside Him? (by no means!) if ever the most gracious intends me any harm, their intercession will not avail me in the least, nor could they rescue me.
            • “(if i were to associate anything with Him), then verily i too would be in manifest error.”
            • “surely i (have now come to) believe in your lord, so listen to me (with open ears)!”
            • (This person was killed by his people, in death) It was said to him (by the angels): “enter the garden”. He said “if only that my people also had knowledge”.
            • “That my Lord has forgiven me and has made me join the honored ones”.

            The story of the Yaseen Incident begins at ayat 13 when God commanded prophet Muhammad to tell the story of an unnamed city. Neither the city was named nor the people who was involved. The story goes that God sent two of His messengers to the Yaseenites but when the Yaseenites did not believe them, Allah sent a third messenger and together these three messenger told the Yaseenites that they had been sent by God.Yet still the Yaseenites persisted in their disbelief, except for one man, who urgently and passionately warned his people to obey the messengers and follow the true religion (sadly, that man was stoned to death by the Yaseenites).

            The narrative of stories from ayat 13-27 tells us (“us” here refers to me and my group only. I am not representing you because I’m not telling my opinion herewith for you to spread to others) that the story does not refers to the same people in the story of Lut or Noah. This is because:-

            1. Whenever the story of Lut and Noah are mentioned in Quran, their identities are always specifically disclosed (eg: Al-Araf 7:59 and Al-Anbiyaa 21:74). One of the miracles of Quran is its consistency. Therefore from our literal perspective, whomever these three messenger are (as mentioned in Yaseen but their identities undisclosed), Lut or Noah are not one of them.
            2. There are three messengers who appeared to the Yaseenites. In the story of Lut and Noah, there is only one messenger namely Lut and Noah being sent to warn each of the local population.
            3. The narrative of stories between that being told in Yaseen and the stories of Lut and Noah is completely different. For example, in Yaseen ayat 14, it reads “When (at first) we sent to them two, they denied them, so we strengthened them with a third, then the three of them said to them “verily we have been sent to you (as messengers)“. From this ayat we know that at first there were only two messengers appearing to the Yaseenites and then later God sent the third messenger. This is different with the the story of Lut where three angels came together to the city of Soddom. Also in Yaseen, the Yaseenites vehemently rejected the three messengers and even threatened to stone them to death. In the story of Lut however, the homosexuals desperately wanted to kidnap the three angels in order to rape them.

            It is true that the city was not named in Yaseen but that doesn’t means that God Al-Mighty did not leave a clue. One might wonder why didn’t God simply give out the details in Yaseen. Well, I think it is perhaps because the mega disaster that had befallen to the citizen of Yaseen had never been heard nor known by the arabs before the coming of prophet Muhammad.

            Scholars who relied on Yusuf Ali’s translation of Quran had opined that the Yaseen‘s incident occurred before Isa (Jesus). They based their opinion on Yusuf Ali’s translation of ayat 41 which stated that the ‘Ark’ mentioned therewith refers to the famous Noah’s Ark. According to them because the story of Noah Ark also appeared in the Christian Bible and the Jew’s Book of Talmud, then it means that the Yaseen Incident happened sometimes after Noah and yet before Moses ( and Jesus).

            The literal translation of ayat 41 reads “And still another sign for them is that we bore their offspring in a laden ark” which means that it is very often (or perhaps their tradition) the citizen in Yaseen gave birth of their offspring in an ark. However, Yusuf Ali was of opinion that the laden ark here refers to the same Noah’s ark and thus Yusuf Ali’s translated ayat 42 as “And a Sign for them is that We bore their race (through the Flood) in the loaded Ark“. But then again, technically speaking there was no mention of a ‘flood’ in ayat 41. The translation of ayat 41 as as follows from three other different perspectives:-
            • Sahih International – And a sign for them is that We carried their forefathers in a laden ship.
            • Pickthall – And a token unto them is that We bear their offspring in the laden ship,
            • Shakir – And a sign to them is that We bear their offspring in the laden ship.
            • Dr.Ghali – And a sign for them is that We carried their offspring in the laden ships

            Therefore, the opinion that perhaps the Yaseen‘s incident occured after Noah is based solely on Yusuf Ali’s version of translation. That being said, no one can really be sure  when the when the Yaseen incidents occured. The only thing that is certain is that it happened long time before the birth of prophet Muhammad.

            I have to point out a bit here that it does make sense that the Yaseen Incident long before the day of Moses. But that doesn’t necessarily means that the “laden ship” or “laden ark” mentioned in ayat 41 refers to the same Noah’s ark that had landed on Mount Judi (believed to be Mount Ararat in Turkey). Furthemore there are other reasons for me to believe that the city of Yaseen was not located near Mount Ararat of the Middle East Gulf for that matter. Wait.. I will explain that…


            Usually when you want to tell others about a city but you didn’t know its name, then you will describe the most significant characteristic of that city. For example if you have visited KL and you want to describe it to Tarzan who had been living in a jungle for his whole life, then it will be useless to tell him that you have been to ‘Kuala Lumpur’ because he wouldn’t be able to visualize where KL is and how it looks like. So, you will instead tell Tarzan about the most significant characteristic of Kuala Lumpur. It may sounded something like this:-

            “Long time ago I’ve travelled to this place far far away from here. It was a magnificent place where I saw this huge twin tower made from metal and glass. There were streets made from small black rocks and vehicles moving on it on four round rubbers each. Oh yes in this city there’s a a bunch of monkeys too like in your jungle in this city they look like humans and they were called Pakatan Rakyat”.

            That being said, I believe that the Yaseen Incident had probably occurred such a long time ago before the birth of Muhammad, and in a place far far away  that it would serve no purpose to reveal the details to the more recent generation. But thanks to the accumulation of information via today’s technology, we now have enough information gathered from multiple resources and culture to make an intelligent guess.

            The first of the Yaseen City’s characteristic that caught my eyes in the characteristic of three plants that was mentioned in Ayat 34 and later in Ayat 80 which reads as follows:-

            • And we grew therein orchards of date palms and vines, and therein we caused springs to gush forth. (ayat 34)
            • Who (in His wisdom) produced fire for you in the Green Tree – Then you kindle more fires there with (ayat 80)

            The logic is is simple. The Yaseen City was once a beautiful city known by its palm trees, grapevines and green trees at every corner. For palm trees, grapes and green trees to be able to flourished in the city, the most suitable climate would be a moderate Mediterranean climate be it either 30th degree North or 30th degree south.

            However, it is fair to say that it is most unlikely that the Yaseen City was located somewhere in the 30th degree south (the lower part of the globe where there is only a potion of Argentina and Australia). It would make better sense that the Yaseen City is located somewhere within or near the 30th degree north. (highlighted pink in picture below).

            There are also others clues within Surah Yaseen which indicates the possibility that the Yaseen City is located not on any continent but on an Island. Consider these three ayats for a while:-

            For any profiler, these three clues provided by ayat 41, 42 1nd 43 of Surah Yaseen are enough to shows that the Yaseen Incident actually happened on an Island. Below are the reason:-

            At ayat 41, it is said that the Yaseenites bore their offspring on a laden ark. For those of you who didn’t know, the words “laden ark” or “laden ship” actually refers to a large ship. You know, the kind of large one which were used to navigate deep water. Now read that information with Ayat 42 and the words “LIKE THAT” therein actually indicates that the Yaseenites do own large ships and vessel as big as a “laden ark”. The words “OTHER THINGS ON WHICH THEY RIDE” basically indicates that the Yaseenites main mode of transportation are their ships and vessels.

            Now, what kind of civilization would depends heavily on large ships? And what kind of people would would relied on ships as their main ‘ride’? The answer is – People who live on an Island of course.

            Now, ayat 72 did mentioned that the Yasenites also rides domestic animals but ayat 43 provides an ever stronger clue about these islanders. Ayat 43 actually refers to the what happened after the mighty blast that had completely destroyed the City of Yaseen (the blast was mentioned in earlier ayat 29). It seems that there were survivors of the blast and in Ayat 44 its is said God had showed mercy to these survivors by letting them getting away. In Ayat 44 Go said that if He pleased He can simply drown these survivors and there would be nothing that can stop Him.

            Now, consider this argument with an open mind. Lets say for example you live in Syria when mighty blast occurred, where would you run to? Well, of course you would get into your car and drove to neighboring countries like Turkey, Iraq or Saudi Arabia which is reachable by land. But what if you are living on a an Island? Where can you go and type of transportation would you use?

            As you have no where else to go, then you have to board yous ships to escape the blast.

            See how easy it is to become a profiler? :)

            Upon hypothesizing that the Yaseenites might actually be islanders, my mind naturally took me to all those information in books and television documentaries that spoke about the western legend we all knew well – The Legend of Atlantis


            Contrary to mainstream belief, Plato did not come up with the story of Atlantis. The story was first told to the Greeks by a guy named Critias who told it to his son also named Critias. Then Critias the grandson told this to Socrates (Plato’s mentor) during a dialogue of which Plato was also participating. The four persons dialogues between Plato, Critias, Socrates, and another guy named Hermocrates were later written by Plato into his book Critias and Timaeus (which means “Dialogue”).

            Plato’s story in Critias and Timaeus centers on Solon, a great Greek legislator and poet who journeyed to Egypt some 150 years earlier. While in the Egyptian city of Sais Solon received the story of Atlantis from priests. The priests respected Solon’s reputation and cordially welcomed him. They also respected the Athenians, whom they regarded as kinsmen, because they believed their deity Neith to be the same deity as the Greeks called Athena.

            Crantor, a student of Plato’s student Xenocrates, later on claimed that the story of Atlantis is a matter of historical fact. Crantor’s book which was a commentary on Plato’s Timaeus, was later missing but another writer by the name of Proclus had reports on it. Proclus said that Crantor had actually visited Egypt and had conversations with priests, and saw hieroglyphs confirming the story. Proclus wrote:

            “that this is testified by the prophets of the Egyptians, who assert that these particulars [which are narrated by Plato] are written on pillars which are still preserved.”

            According to Plato in his book Critias, the Egyptians described Atlantis as an island larger than Ancient Libya and Asia Minor combined, comprising mostly mountains in the northern portions and along the shore, and encompassing a great plain of an oblong shape in the south. The Egyptians also described Atlantis as A NAVAL POWER (I repeat.. NAVAL POWER) lying across the “Pillars of Hercules” (Straits of Gibraltar in today’s Spain) that conquered many parts of Western Europe and Africa 9,000 years before the time of the legendary Athenian lawgiver Solon, i.e. in the 10th millennium BC.

            Below are the size and location of Atlantis as described by Egyptians to Critias and later Critias to Plato. Compared that with the clues hinted out by ayat 34 & 80 of Yaseen and tells me whether or not you’re getting warm.


            So what does the Quran say about why God completely wipe out the city of Yaseen and its inhabitants?

            Well, there are three reasons. The first reason . Here is reason number one as explained by ayat 21-24 (read carefully the highlighted lines in yellow):-

            Ayat 21-24 make it clear that apparently, the Yassenites ( in Surah Yaseen ) were no longer worshiping Allah. Yes they knew about Allah (as indicated by ayat 47) but they have chosen to turn their on Allah and instead “other Gods” beside Allah. So who is this “other Gods” that the Yaseenites were worshiping? Jesus? Buddha? Ganesha? the Monkey God?

            Here is reason number one as explained by ayat 60-62:-

            Yep, not only the Yaseenites had abandoned the one true God ‘Allah’ (eventhough they were well aware about Him), they even worship the Devil himself.

            You might be wondering by now, how come in ayat 21-24 it is said that the Yaseenites were worshiping ‘other Gods’ (indicating many) and yet in ayat 60-62 it is said they were worshiping the Devil (indicating singularity)?

            Well, if you have read enough articles about the Gods of the ancient Greek, then you will understand what these ayats means.

            The ancient Greek basically has several Gods and several other demi-Gods. For a start, there were the top three brothers Zeus who ruled the earth, Poseidon who ruled the sea and Haden who ruled the underworld.

            In Plato’s book, he said that the Atlanteans ( the people of Atlantis) were worshiping Poseidon (the greek’s God of the Sea). The Atlantean even believed that Poseidon had married their woman named Cleito who then give birth to 5 twins who later the Atlantis territories.

            It is a law amongst the Atlantean that they must performed ancient ceremony held in the temple of Poseidon. Here the royals and the priests drank blood which has been mixed with wine in golden cups. This was followed by a dinner that preceded the rulers putting on magnificent blue robes in which they judged matters concerning the kingdom according to Poseidon’s laws.

            According to Plato, these blood were taken from a bull which was sacrificed as offering to Poseidon. However, it has also been documented in Greek’s literature whenever there was storms and earthquakes, it was believed to be signs of Poseidon’s anger, and people would do whatever they thought was necessary to appease his anger, which usually took the form of human sacrifice.

            There were also some arguments by scholars whether the Atlantean were indeed worshiped the same deities as the ancient Geeks. Bearing in mind that the story of Atlantis is actually a hearsay which was passed by the ancient Egyptians to Solon 150 years before it was again told by Critias to Plato. It is a matter of great possibility that the only reason why Plato think the Egyptians and the Athenians (the Greeks) share same deities was because the Egyptian thought their deity Neith to be the same deity as the Greeks called Athena. Hence because of that, it is possible that Plato merely assumed the sea God worshiped by the Antlantean was the Greek’s god Poseidon.

            Whatever it is, it has emerged several evidences which now led researchers to believe that the Atlanteans were indeed performing human sacrifice.

            The first opinion of such came from researchers who believe that the Minoans (Europe’s first great civilization, flourished on the island of Crete 5000 years ago) were in fact Atlantis itself. The Minoans were excellent ship builders and sailors, and their maritime empire was so vast, it rivaled that of the ancient Egyptians. However, as enigmatic people as they may seem, the Minoans worships snake priestesses and were engaging in human sacrifice.

            Another group of so called Atlantis researchers are relying instead on the famous Edgar Cayce, a psychic who claimed to have made a psychic readings of Atlantis.

            According to Cayce, The early Atlanteans were worshiping ONE GOD. They were peaceful and so made rapid advances in the application of natural laws. The Atlantean were so advanced that they have utilized natural gas to make large balloons from the skins of animals to transport building materials. Electricity was also discovered and set to work for man, thus paving the way for remarkable developments in this field.

            However, turmoils later arose with contempt, hatred, and bloodshed resulting from the magnification of desires without regard for the rights of others. So an effort was made to draw the people back to the worship of one God, by establishing the first altars upon which animals were sacrificed as a means of cleansing for all.

            However, the later generation of Atlanteans uses the altars to perform human sacrifice, thus turning more and more of them away from the original understanding of the Creative Force. Strife, rather than peace, became the common state, and the fact that great understanding of nature’s forces had been attained made the destruction all the more terrible.

            There is another group of researchers who also believe that human sacrifice was carried out by the Atlantean. In the book entitled “Atlantis: The Antediluvian World” by Ignatius Donnelly, it is claimed that the Druids of Gaul in Britain were descendants of the Atlantean and they too performed human sacrifices. Similar to the claim by Adgar Cayce the physcic, it is claimed that before the destruction of Atlantis the Atlantean were worshiping the sun God named Bel or Baal (which is a demon also worshiped by the Illuminati).

            Regardless of which views could be accepted as correct, there’s a similar consensus amongst Atlantis researchers that the people of Atlantis indeed performed human sacrifice to appease their God and Deities.

            When these information is taken into account to my group’s hypothesis, then that would explain what was said in surah Yaseen about the Yaseenites turned their back to Allah to worship the Devil. Whether it is Poseidon or Baal or what God/Deities the Yaseenites were worshiping, the performing of human sacrifice proves that they were indeed worshiping the devil.

            Several other ayats in Yaseen which make me thinks that the Yaseenites had indeed performed human sacrifice is 65-67.

            Now, it might be true that ayat 65 refers to what shall happened in the day of judgment.In ayat 65 Allah said that the Yaseenites had earn their living in wrong or evil way. This is true if the Yaseenites indeed had made a deal with the devil to sacrifice a living person in return for their kingdom’s wealth and properity.

            It is interesting that in ayat 66 and 67 Allah uses the sentence “AND IF WE PLEASE WE WOULD..”. Clearly Allah is saying here that if He wishes to, He could do some very terrible thing to the Yaseenites such as cancelling their eyesight or mutilating them, but the Al-Mighty choose not to do so. I no longer think these two ayats refers to the day of judgment because why would God refrain Himself in the days of judgment?

            Furthermore, people like me who had read about what Hell has to offers knows that losing an eyesight or being mutilated is actually rather ‘tame’ compared to the rest of punishment in hell such as having boiled lead poured into one’s brain or having a giant snake ripping apart your organs.

            Therefore, I think what God is saying here is that if he wishes to, he can do these things to the Yaseenites while they were living but He had chosen not to.

            Now, if you think about this very carefully, this type of statement actually refers to a desire to revenge someone. For example, if you had just arrested a murderer who had just stabbed someone’s head, you might say something like this to him before handing him to the police.

            You know what, luckily for you we have police in this country or otherwise I would stabbed your head like what you had done to that victim.

            It is interesting to note briefly here that it has been documented by historians that the past civilizations who performed human sacrifice has been known for stitching the eyelids and mouths of the condemned prisoner to prevent him/her from escaping. The sacrifice itself was carried out by mutilation namely by slicing the throat (or chest) to draw out blood, cutting open the chest to harvest the heart and later cutting the victim into several pieces.


            It is true as said in Quran that when citizens had corrupted themselves beyond repair, they are simply inviting the wrath of God beyond their own comprehension.

            Listen and understand what the Al-Mighty had said in ayat 31 of Yaseen.

            And listen and understand what the Al-Mighty had said in ayat 59 of Al-Kahfi.

            Thanks to the cyber-highway of information nowadays, From the east to the west our modern generation had learned about past cities and civilizations that had been wiped out from the face of the earth. The story of Noah’s Ark, Soddom & Gomorrah (Luth), Pompeii, and the Legend of Atlantis has become a matter of mainstream interests with research carried out by archaeologist, movies made by Hollywood producers and books written by academicians.

            Therefore, you might be asking what made us (the Watchers Group) think that the City of Yaseen in in fact the lost civilization of Atlantis?

            What information contained in surah Yaseen that eliminate the possibility the story is about the people of Noah or the people of Luth?

            Well, other than the hints that the City of Yaseen was located on an Island somewhere in the region of 30 degrees North, there were two other clues hinted out by surah Yaseen.

            Lets start with the third clue, the advance civilization of the Yaseenites itself.

            What separates Atlantis with other cities destroyed by God is its advance civilization. Such quality (albeit unproven) has captured the world’s imagination about the legendary Atlantis which resulted with Atlantis being the most beloved story which had spawned hundreds of book, television series and movies.

            So how advance is Atlantis according to western perspectives?


            According to Plato the Atlanteans were so advance that they were able to build an 8.8 kilometers long, 300′ wide, 100′ deep canal from sea. The also had built a horse track, a walled bridges 100 feet wide with guard towers and gates on it, an a ditch 17770 kilometers long. Their military forces are awesome. They have war chariot, horseman and a charioteer, slingers, stone shooters, and javelin men. The most awesome characteristic of their military forced are their naval forces. They have 1200.. I repeat.. 1200 laden war ships ready for sailing.

            The Atlantean also mined a metal called “Orichalc” which is 2nd in value to gold and they have abundant timber, elephants, marshes, swamps, rivers, mountains, plains. Their main source of water is a twin spring gushing out hot and cold water (which reminds me here of the meaning in ayat 34 “And we grew therein orchards of date palms and vines, and therein we caused springs to gush forth“).

            EDGAR CAYCE

            Between 1923 and 1944, Edgar Cayce performed a total of 700 of psychic readings on Atlantis. Thus, of Cayce’s 14,256 documented readings, 4.9 percent contained some Atlantis material.

            Edgar Cayce’s chronology of Atlantis actually varies little from the Plato account. Both of them placed Atlantis in the Atlantic Ocean and they both tell of an advanced civilization existing in ancient Atlantis, but Cayce’s description of the civilization is far more technologically advanced. Between the timeframe of 50,000 B.C. to 28,000 B.C., Cayce describes a civilization that had developed power sources, hot-air balloons (made from skins), flying “ships,” advanced forms of communication and electronic transmission, and a mysterious laser-like “firestone” that could be tuned to various levels to produce power. A

            THE MINOANS

            The Minoan civilization was a Bronze Age civilization that arose on the island of Crete and flourished from approximately the 27th century BC to the 15th century BC. It was rediscovered at the beginning of the 20th century through the work of British archaeologist Arthur Evans.

            Scholars who proposed the Minoans Civilization as Atlantis believe that the Minoans were the first Europeans to use a written language, known as Linear A, and the first to construct paved roads. They were an advanced society of highly-cultivated artisans and extremely skilled civic engineers who built excellent ships.


            To tell you the truth I don’t know squat of how advance was the Atlantis Civilization, especially Edgar Cayce’s description about flying vehicles and the mysterious laser thingy which sounds too good to be true.

            But, I do can say that the Yaseenites described by the Koran were much much advance than the rest of the world. That by itself is proof that the Yaseenites referred in ‘Yaseen‘ are not Noah’s people or the Sodomites (from the story of Luth).

            How advance was the Yaseenites?

            Well, if my group’s profiling is correct, then it seems that Copernicus was not the first to discover that planets orbited the sun, and Johannes Kepler from German is not the first person who knew how the rest of the planets move in the universe. Thousands of years before the arrival of 21st century, the Yaseenites had already discovered that the planets move in elliptical orbits.

            Let’s see what Yaseen ayat 40 has to say about this:-

            Now, you perhaps questioning me right now how the Watchers Group came up with the idea about the Yaseenites advance civilization based on this ayat. There is nothing in this ayat which directly saying that the Yaseenites possessed such knowledge.

            You see, in order to understand how we came to such conclusion, you have to read surah Yaseen as a whole and understand a little bit about God’s wrath.

            The thing is, God will not punish the fools for their ignorance. In An-Nisa ayat 17 Allah said “The repentance accepted by Allah is only for those who do wrong in ignorance [or carelessness] and then repent soon after. It is those to whom Allah will turn in forgiveness, and Allah is ever Knowing and Wise.” Also Ibn Taymiyah gave example of this in a hadith: This man was ignorant of Allah’s ability to bring him back together after death. He had hoped that Allah would not resurrect him because he was ignorant of what had been revealed regarding the resurrection. Nevertheless, since he believed in Allah, His commands and prohibitions, and His promises and warnings, and since he feared His punishment, and since his ignorance was in a matter about which the proof that would have made him an unbeliever had never reached him, Allah forgave him.

            Applying this basic principles of justice, the Yaseenites would not be punished so severely by God if they were plain stupid people.

            Another way to explain this hypothetically is by using that funny character Xi from the movie “Gods Must Be Crazy” ( I hope you have seen it or at least knew what the movie is about ). In the movie the character ‘Xi’ was a bushmen with absolutely no knowledge of the world beyond. One day, a glass bottle is thrown out of an aeroplane and falls to earth unbroken. Xi thought that the bottle was dropped from the sky by God and hence the title “Gods Must Be Crazy”.

            Now, if the Yaseenites were like Xi who in his entire life didn’t had the opportunity to witness the signs of God (or miracle) then surely God will either forgave them or grants temporary respite as mentioned in Koran : “I granted temporary respite to the unbelievers (so that they would repent, but they did not). At last I seized them with a terrible retribution. (Surah ar-Ra’d, 13:32)“. “We destroyed the inhabitants of certain towns only when they transgressed and did not repent before our deadline. (Surah al-Kahf, 18 59)”

            On the other hand, Ignorance is no longer an excuse when a society has been bestown with intellect high enough to discover the miracles in God’s creation. I think we all are in agreement here that there is no better way to see God’s miracles than through an advancement of science.

            An example of that is how nowadays the world has discover the miracle of Quran (Surah 23:12-14) regarding Embryological development. By the same token, people who studied astronomy would know that such a vast universe must has it’s Creator. Hence regardless whether we see it through the science of human anatomy, astronomy or even the science of botany, it is absurd to think that this world is simply formed by pure chance.

            I wish to use another example to deliver my point befor we go further. Imagine that you’re a parent and your teenage son came to you one day and said “Dad, I am not going to listen to you because I haven’t seen any sign of your love to me!“. What would you say?

            Naturally before slapping him you would say things like “You ungrateful dumb ass boy! Look at the clothes you’re wearing, food that you eat, and your education I work my ass 24/7 to pay for?! Is that signs good enough for you huh!? or perhaps a few rounds of belting should be order??

            What I’m trying to say here is that the boy knew that you as his parent do care for him. The evidence is there right before his eyes. He was wearing it, eating it and enjoying life that you had provided for him and your family. Yet still he acted out like a dumb-ass.

            Make sense?

            If it does make sense, then let’s read several ayats from surah Yaseen and applies the same sense to decode its clues about the Yaseenites:-

            Here God said “AND A SIGN OF OUR MIGHT TO THEM IS…” and applying the same rule of logic then this literally means that the Yaseenites had been shown the ‘SIGN OF GOD’ and they understand it. Otherwise if they didn’t understand what the signs means then why would God mentioned it this way in Koran? Certainly God would never deliver such severe punishment without prior notice or advance warning, right?

            The hypothesis that they did understood ‘God Signs’ the consequently lead to subsequent hypothesis that the Yassenites had acquired a technology which was advance enough to study the soil of thier Island (epadology = the study of soils in their natural environment). The Yaseenites knew that the island they were living on used to be so unhabitable that it was thought impossible for anything to grow on it. But when God let plants like vines, palm and other plants grow on the soil, that alone is nothing less than a miracle.

            In this ayat is is also said that the Yaseenites had made discovery of something which the earth had grown ‘IN PAIRS‘ (whatever that was.. Wallahualam). Then, referring to the sentence ‘AND OF THEMSELVES AS WELL..” it is hinted that they had also discovered something about themselves (human) which God had also created in pairs. Does this means that thousands of years ago, the Yaseenites has already discovered the ‘base pairs’ in human DNA double helix?? That certainly a possibility because ayat 77 also gave out clue that the Yaseenites knew about “sperm” in semen (human reproductive system).

            Whatever it was, these were the scientific proofs and sign of the Al-Mighty that the Yaseenites were fully aware of. However, instead of using their advancement in science to strengthen thier faith, they choose to turn away from Him.

            Here’s another mind blowing clues of the Yaseenites mind blowing advancement in astronomy.

            Yaseen 37-40

            Like I said earlier, from our profiling, my group now believe that Johannes Kepler is not the first to come up with knowledge on planetary motion. Thousands of years before Kepler’s book was first published in 1609, the Yaseenites had discovered that That the stars also move on its own orbits.

            When it is said in the ayat that “the Sun.. keeps moving to its appointed resting place“, the sun here isn’t just referring to our Sun per se. We now know that unlike the moon, our Sun doesn’t moves orbiting planet earth. Instead, it is planet earth that move orbiting our Sun. HOWEVER, our Sun as a plantery system, does moves around the center of the Milky Way galaxy.

            It takes the Sun 226 million years to completely orbit around the center of the Milky Way. In other words, that last time that the Sun was in its current position in space around the Milky Way, dinosaurs ruled the Earth. in fact, this Sun orbit has only happened 20.4 times since the Sun itself formed 4.6 billion years ago. Since the Sun is 26,000 light-years from the center of the Milky Way, it has to travel at an astonishing speed of 782,000 km/hour in a circular orbit around the Milky Way center. Just for comparison, the Earth is rotating at a speed of 1,770 km/h, and it’s moving at a speed of 108,000 km/h around the Sun.

            Thus it is fair to assume that a civilization that knew about our sun orbital movement also knows about the Milky Way.

            (Our group already have our own theory on what is in the center of Milky Way. But I wouldn’t want to boring you with that)

            Now, what level of civilization do you think we are talking about here? You have to bear in mind even up the time of Greek Empire, their best astronomers only manage to speculate that the moon and the sun was orbiting earth. For many thousands of years civilizations generally did not recognize the existence of the Solar System. It was believed the Earth to be stationary at the center of the universe and categorically different from the divine or ethereal objects that moved through the sky. It was only after 17th-century that Galileo Galilei, Johannes Kepler, and Isaac Newton developed an understanding of physics which led to the gradual acceptance of the idea that the Earth moves round the Sun.

            It was only in 1992 that the first real evidence of a planetary system other than our own was discovered, orbiting the pulsar PSR B1257+12. And whereas the Persian astronomer Abū Rayhān al-Bīrūnī (973–1048) did proposed the concept of Milky Way, actual proof of the Milky Way consisting of many stars only came in 1610 when Galileo Galilei used a telescope to study the Milky Way and discovered that it was composed of a huge number distant Suns.

            Whomever the Yaseenites are, they have known about the Milky Way, our own solar system and how everything works in deep space.

            So what do you think? What level of civilization do you think we are talking about here?


            As I said earlier, there are two clues hinted in Surah Yaseen indicating that the Yaseenites were not Noah’s people or the Sodomites from PKR.. err.. sorry typo error.. I meant to say the Sodomites from the story of Luth.

            The first I had explained – the technology and mind blowing scientific knowledge.

            The second I will now explain – the destruction of the city itself.

            Ayat 28 - 29

            There are two variables given by ayat 29 – ‘ONE MIGHTY BLAST‘ and ‘REDUCED TO CHARRED COALS INSTANTLY‘. Simply based on this two variables we can rule out the possibility that the Yaseen Incident refers to the ‘Noah’s Ark’ or ‘Soddom & Gommorrah’. Here is my explanation in brief:-

              Noah’s Ark – In Noah’s Ark the destruction was caused by mega flood. Flood don’t caused people to burn into coal

              Soddom & Gomorrah – the story of Soddom & Gomorrah actually happened during the lifetime of prophet Ibrahim and in this story, the homosexuals were destroyed when their cities were turned upside down followed by a rain of stones covered by clay. There are different description of ‘stones’ between Yusuf Ali and other translators because Yusuf Ali translated it into ‘brimstone’ whereas the rest only said ‘stone’. If we rely on Yusuf Ali translation to ‘brimstone’, then what happened to Soddom sounded like something which were portrayed in the movie ‘Volcano’ starring Tommy Lee Jones where the phenomenon did not involve any volcano mountain at all (because there is no volcano mountain in Palestine). In the movie Los Angeles was struck by earthquake, subsequently causing the earth surface to open up letting the earth larva to exit up unto earth’s surface. Then the pressure from within earth itself caused the larva to be ejected flying crashing into the town and hence the ‘rain of brimstone’. However, for such freak incident to occur there has to be at least ‘TWO MIGHTY BLASTS’ – the first blast is when the earthquake occurs and the second is when the volcano erupted. Therefore I don’t think the destruction in Yaseen refers to the Sodomites. It would be different if in Palestine there used to be a mountain volcano like in the story of Pompeii. A single blast from a volcano mountain in Palestine would cause both earthquake and flying brimstone raining down on the homosexuals. Santorini EruptionThe simple ‘stone covered by clay’ version by other translators is a better fit with the recent archeological discovery. Egyptian archaeologists had announced in 2007 that they have unearthed traces of solidified lava on the northern coast of Sinai that date to around 1500 B.C.—supporting accounts that ancient Egyptian settlements were once buried by a massive volcanic eruption. However, the volcanic eruption here did not occurred in the Palestine itself. Instead the volcano was located far in the Mediterranean (the Santorini Eruption). So what happened was the Palestinian was killed by blizzard of ash from Santorini. The archaeologists also theorize that the volcano created a giant tsunami that swept all the way to Egypt. If this is true (albeit doubted by experts that lava from the volcano could have reached Sinai that way) that would explain how the city of Soddom was turned upside down. Be it may, the Santorini eruption still doesn’t fit with the variable stated by surah Yaseen. The single blast referred in Yaseen is so sudden that in another ayats 49-50 it said “THESE (WRETCHES) AWAIT NOT BUT A SINGLE BLAST WHICH SHALL SEIZE THEM (OF A SUDDEN) WHILE THEY WILL BE CONTENDING AMONG THEMSELVES. THEN THEY WILL NOT BE ABLE TO MAKE A WILL, NOR WILL THEY BE ABLE TO RETURN TO THEIR FAMILIES“. By contrast, the Santorini eruption occurred far away from Palestine that it doesn’t really make sense that even a blizzard of ashes can reduced the homosexuals into ‘CHARRED COALS INSTANTLY‘ (Yaseen Ayat 29)

            The two variables provided by ayat 29 of surah Yaseen can only fit into one of the two events. My fellow colleges in the Watchers Group think it has to be a volcanic eruption the like of the Santorini eruption. That would explain a single blast that turned the Yaseenites into charred coal instantly. Western scholars such as Galanopoulos and Bacon (1969) did argue that the date for the destruction of Atlantis Plato gives as 9000 years before his time should be read as 900 years and that there was an erroneous translation by Solon from the old Egyptian number system. Plato lived ca. 300 BC and Solon’s journey to Egypt had taken place about 300 years earlier. Adding the figures, the Atlantis event should have taken place around 1500 BC, in good agreement to the recent datings of the the Santorini eruption 1640BC. My colleges said that there is no ‘single blast’ that is more instant than a mega volcanic eruption.

            I however said that there is one natural disaster that is more instant than volcanic eruption – an asteroid impact. This is because deep in North Atlantic Ocean floor there are two impact craters which are adjacent and are similar in size and shape. Both are roughly oval, and in both, the major axes of the ellipses run from northwest to southeast. This would suggest that the objects that struck like cosmic shells and gouged out these deep sea-holes came either from the southeast or the northwest. An American anthropologist, Dr. Alan H. Kelso de Montigny, after studying depth charts showing another massive depression in the eastern Caribbean seafloor, concluded that an asteroid must have struck that area around 10,000 or so years ago. The site is not a great distance from the North Atlantic craters, although this hole is much smaller and shallower than the other two. The importance of this is that there is at least a suggestion of a cosmic impact with our planet within the time-frame of the demise of Atlantis (9000 years ago as stated by Plato).

            However, my colleges does has point to exclude asteroid impact, namely:-

            (a) In Koran, some of the Yaseenites were able to escape the destruction of their Island. They wouldn’t have time to do that if the Island was hit by asteroid.

            (b) Surat 29 clearly stated that the Yaseenites had been turned into charred coal instantly. An asteroid impact would instead turned them all to dust.

            So okay.. I now think it’s a volcanic eruption too.. :)


            It is now 01:03 am on September 19, 2013 and I had been writing this ridiculous article for three days. I don’t want to write any longer anymore. I am sleepy and the laziness is really creeping over. If I have anything else to add, I will add it later.

            All I wish to say as conclusion is that it doesn’t really matters whether our group is right or wrong in our profiling of surah Yaseen. Whether the City of Yaseen and the Lost Kingdom of Atlantis is one and the same is not important. It’s the lesson drawn from it that should be taken seriously.

            For me, profiling Surah Yaseens reminds me of the life and opportunity we have nowadays. Like the Yaseenites we now have the science and technology to discover the signs of God. Science, mathematics and technology is in fact the best method to strengthen our faith. This would explain past scholars during the glory days of the Ummayids and Abbasids who were ‘ulamak’ in the real sense because not only they were religious, they’re also scientist of their time.

            It is interesting to note that metaphorically speaking, the Yaseenites has returned in this modern day. I’m referring here to two groups of people here:-

              1. The athiests whom nowadays uses science to deny the existence of God.

              2. The Luciferians (the Illuminati) who in fact know the truth because they own the technology of which they have used to witness the signs of Al-Mighty. These are the kind of people who wanders the globe studying and collecting evidence of God Almighty for the sole purpose of concealing it from the public. To make matter worse, they also worship Lucifer and performed human sacrifice to demons such as Baal or Moloch.

            My dear brothers and sister in religion, strengthen your faith not only by praying but also by reading Al-Quran regularly and understand its meaning. May we all be protected from the fitna of the devil.

            Note: There’s an ayat in Yaseen indicating that the Yaseenites knew about extra terrestrial being. However, I purposely leave it out from my article because I don’t think it’s important. The main purpose of writing this article is to attract your interest to read Quran yourself and not to cause you to dwell to much on discovering the identities of the Yaseenites. Yes, the Yaseenites were once an advance civilization, so advance they were that perhaps Allah has allow them to acquire the knowledge of the universe and to discover the existence of His creation from other planet. But that doesn’t change the fact that the Yaseenites are human being who had abandoned the true path and is destined to burn in hell. Lets not repeat their mistake.

            (P/S: I would like to thanks those who keep pestering me to finish this article be it via facebook and emails).
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