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Wanita ini melalui detik yang cukup memilukan gara-gara ketiadaan bekalan air.

5 hari lepas, saat mendukacitakan dalam hidup Holifah Siman apabila dia keguguran bayi kembar dalam kandungannya.

Dia yg sebelum itu dalam perjalanan pulang membawa baldi berisi air ke tingkat tiga rumahnya merasa sesuatu mengalir sebelum menyedari dia mengalami pendarahan.

Segera ke klinik berhampiran, doktor mengesahkan dia keguguran kedua-dua bayi yg sudah berusia 3 bulan.

Menurutnya dia terpaksa mengggunakan kudrat sendiri berikutan suaminya tiada pergi bekerja.

KUALA LUMPUR: Five days ago, Holifah Siman lost her twins during early pregnancy.

It happened when she and residents of Taman Impian Ehsan had to carry water to their homes during the prolonged water crisis.

The mother of two, who was three months’ pregnant with the twins, had almost reached home on the third floor of her apartment block when she felt the trickle of blood down her thighs.

“I immediately went to a nearby clinic and the doctor confirmed that my babies were gone,” she said, tears welling in her eyes, when interviewed at the Apartment Rakyat yesterday.

Holifah, 30, was among the women who had to carry pails of water from a tank delivered by Syabas trucks to the area in the absence of their husbands who were at work.

“I had to do it (carrying the water). Otherwise, the supply would finish by the time he gets home,” she said, adding that she was able to handle chores on her own before the miscarriage.

Another resident, Norashikin Abdul Hadi, who is six months’ pregnant, said the family could not wait for her husband to return home to fetch the water.

“Life has been so hard. When are we going to have our taps running again?” she asked.

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